Many years ago when I started this blog I also joined the budding blogger community in setting up referral links. In fact when we originally began,  Pixie and I would spend countless hours helping out other blogs by teaching them how to also set up their referral links. Many of these blogs have now called it quits while others went on to turn their blogs into nothing but referral links,  and we hardly heard from them again once we help set them up.

There was a time when I also posted referral links but once the market became saturated I removed them from this site. Don’t get me wrong,  they are still on here,  but now,  as opposed to posting them on the home page I have a separate page where they are all hidden. There is one referral site that I kept however which you will see on the right over there ———-> and that is HOT MOVIES.

The reason for keeping the one referral link noticeable on the site is pretty simple,  it is the one link that has been and remains the most popular link. I have said it many times and I will say it again,  not only is it popular but I am also a subscriber myself,  the site is awesome for watching clips. For $19.95 you get 200 minutes to spend wherever you want. As an example,  each film is broken down by clips or by the whole film,  if you choose to watch a clip and decide that you don’t like it,  the only time taken from your lot is the time you have spent watching it. So if you watched 2 minutes you now have 198 minutes left. Now for me,  that works more than you can imagine. I’m pretty picky when it comes to movies so for my 200 minutes I can generally watch clips from around 50 or 60 movies.

This website has also become a great source for bloggers who use referral links,  and I have the data to back it up. A good number of bloggers,  and they might not even be spanking bloggers,  have come to this site,  seen the rotating box to the right there and they set up their own accounts through my set up. How do I know this? That is simple,  any blogger who used my site to set up their own took part in a pay it forward program. Not a lot of referral companies provide this,  but some of them provide a WEBMASTER REFERRAL code. After having Hot Movies for so long now I have so many webmaster referrals that I now earn more money from other websites than I do from my own.

Now a lot of websites look at the referral link and see that it only pays 20%,  whereas most others pay between 40-50%,  and decide that it isn’t worth it to them. Those of us who were on board early get 25% so our loyalty is rewarded as well. For the webmaster referral program you get 5% of whatever other bloggers make,  so if someone makes $50 a month then I would get $2.50 for referring them. As I stated,  I make more now from other websites selling hot movies than I do my own,  so that should give you some idea as to how many websites have taken the link from this site.

Now I know that this isn’t my regular type of posting,  but because I use the site so much I also want to make sure that it is available to everyone. So if this is something that you think that you might like,  before you click on any picture below,  click THIS LINK for 20 free minutes. Tomorrow I will return with my normal Windsor Wednesday Classics posts and then on Thursday it will be the free video.

These are the latest releases from Shadowlane that appear on Hot Movies.

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