How Great Were The 1950s?

It is a 1950s day today. While I have a main spanking photo for you, I have also added a couple more that would otherwise never be posted as they aren’t good enough as individual pics. With that said mind you, you just never know what captures someone’s attention, so what would otherwise be a throwaway spanking picture for me, for someone else it may well trigger a deep emotion. That is why I keep an archive of spanking pics that are never good enough for an individual post, however they are always good to throw in as fillers.

After the spanking photos I will also share with you a 1950s themed event that I will be going to in November. You probably all know by now that I love Roots/Rockabilly music, well there is a 4 day rockabilly weekender in Spain that I am going to on the Costa del Sol. In fact one of my favorite artists from Sweden is on the bill as well as this crazy French guy who I would love to see live.

All three of the following spanking pics are playful in nature and the first one obviously is the main image of the day. I wonder if the young lady gave him the apple? 🙂

As I mentioned above, I am heading to Spain at the end of November for a great rocking weekend. I’m actually going to go for a couple of weeks to tour Spain a little bit before the festival, but I intend to get to Benalmádena for the 21st as the World Cup starts that day and I wanted to sit in a bar on the beach watching football all day long 🙂 Initially I was trying to get to Switzerland in August for a different festival, but that festival is camping only so it kind of rules me out. So Spain it is!! The two main acts that I am looking forward to, but I expect to be surprised by other bands, are Wildfire Willie and from France, Jake Calypso.

2 thoughts on “How Great Were The 1950s?

  1. The fifties were awesome. The hairbrush reigned supreme in most American households, and rock was in its infancy only to blossom in the sixties.

    Loved all three pics equally! Wonderful finds. True treasures.

    Rockabilly in Spain, featuring a Swede and a Frenchman, what more can one ask? You truly are a man of the world. Throw in a little spanking, well for you a lot of spanking, and you have one hell-uv-a-life! Enjoy that concert. It looks rockin!

    On a personal note, I know you never spank and tell, but is Amber Pixie Wells as cute of a person as she appears in her films? You don’t have to answer, but I’d like to believe it is so!

  2. FatherJim,

    The hairbrush does seem rather synonymous with the 1950s, doesn’t it? I also very much like pictures like this so I try to save as many as I can. Even if they don’t ring a bell with me, you can never judge what another person enjoys. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    I have spent pretty much all of the last 16 years attending spanking parties and nothing but spanking parties. As I have now enforced a self imposed stoppage on attending spanking parties, that frees me up to travel to Rock and Rock weekenders around the world. You can pretty much find a 1950s festival every single month of the year, which will also allow me to visit a whole variety of countries.

    As for your final question, the answer is yes. While our friendship has drifted apart a little bit since she left the scene, Pixie is one of the kindest people that I have come across in this world of ours. A true sweetheart of a girl and someone who I was so very lucky to meet before she became a big name in the scene. She was always humble and ever so mischievous, lol. Take it from me, she is truly one of the best out there, a wonderful human being.


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