I’m Back

So I took a couple of weeks off for some me time and now I am back ready to post. Tomorrow I will resume my regular weekly features and as I have kept you waiting I will be sure to share with you one of the better pics that I have saved. As I need to put something together I will just dish up a plate of spam right now. These ones always make me really happy because more often than you can imagine,  a lot of people have come here to pilfer my paid links,  only this one is special. Every time someone comes here and takes these ones,  I get a cut of whatever they earn. In fact right now I earn more from other people than I do from my own links. Life can be good at times 🙂

1 comment to I’m Back

  • Dan Rivera

    Lemme get this straight. This guy (in pic posted October 12) is trying to spank a girl with a… a BOOK? I can’t see how that can be effective OR pleasurable.


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