How To Make Money On Your Blog

Recently I have had several requests to assist people in setting up affiliate referral programs for their websites. There will be no spanking content in this post today but I need to post it so that the post is in the archives. This is something that I have done a lot for people over the years,  starting with Amber Grey back at the Texas party many years ago. I am going to walk you through step by step for one program and hopefully from there you will learn how to do the others.

The program that I am going to take you through is the biggest seller that I promote. In fact I make as much from this program as I do all the other programs combined. Part of the reason for that is tons of bloggers have snaffled this one from me and whatever they earn then I get 20% of their monthly take. So if they earn $100 I get $20 for doing nothing 🙂 It doesn’t sound a lot,  but when you start to multiply it then it really adds up. The check that arrived at my house today for January was $218

So here we go,  step by step instructions for the best referral program on my website. First of all,  right click the picture below and select “Open on new tab” or window.

Do this so that you can flip between the set up page and my instructions. Trust me,  setting up is easy. Under select Webmasters and click ‘learn more’. Then select ‘Sign up now’.

1  Clipboard02

From here it is easy,  just fill out the form and be sure to submit your tax information,  you will get a 1099 at the end of the year if you are based in the USA as required by law. Once done,  log in with your account number and your password and now you can start earning money,  it is as easy as that.

Now,  it gets a little trickier here,  but it really isn’t that hard. Take the rotating box that I have to the right here under “Watch full movies“. To me this is the easiest method of all and is the easiest box to add. Once you get the hang of it then you will pick it up in no time.

Firstly,  from the top menu select ‘Webmasters‘. Clipboard03

Then you need to select ‘Boxometer’ underneath iframe tools.


Now you have to configure the box. You can be as glamorous as you like or you can choose pre selected options. Here is one easy example. Select ‘Fetish‘ from the content drop down menu. Then select S and highlight Shadowlane and be sure to ‘Add selected‘ at the bottom. Click ‘Preview‘ and you will see what you have created so far.


Now you want to configure it to look like you want to. As an example I use ‘Vertical‘ for the box shape. Once you have messed around with the colors and options,  make sure you select ‘preview‘ to see all of your changes.


And finally,  once you have configured your options,  copy the final code in the box at the bottom.


If you have a ‘Blogger’ blog,  go to your layout page and ‘Add a gadget’. The gadget that you want to add is ‘HTML/JAVASCRIPT‘. In ‘content‘ just paste your code that you copied above and hit ‘Save‘. That’s it,  you now have a referral program on your blog. If you are using WordPress what you want to add is a widget and the widget that you want to select is ‘Text

If you have any questions or need some help then please feel free to email me at

Here are examples of the finished product. Firstly a horizontal Boxometer.

And here is the vertical one that I use in my sidebars.