Windsor Wednesday Classic – 252

Just ten days to go before this blog turns 16 years old, can you believe that, 16 full years providing spanking content. I’m planning on doing some writing for that event, mainly covering how blogging has changed over the years, how the audience for a spanking blog has dwindled year by year, and dare I say that it has dwindled for pay sites as well. Plus I also want to talk about my upcoming 60th birthday and how I have changed over the years. I’m pretty certain that I am already in the last quarter of my life cycle and I still have so much more that I want to do.

I’m not sure if it is ever likely to happen at this stage, mainly because I don’t go to parties anymore, but I would still love to make one final spanking movie. I have this idea in my mind, but because I am no longer active I barely know any of the performers anymore. Fingers crossed though that something will occur where I can put my ideas onto film.

Today I am diving into the PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder on my PC for a couple have a bit of slap and tickle. I will say this, for the 1950s those are indeed “Short shorts”, but she doesn’t seem to mind the attention that she is getting. I don’t suppose that she whacked him with the newspaper to get this thing started, it does appear that she might have 😉

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 252

  1. What a fantastic picture, of a couple having a great time together!

    They are very short shorts for the period!

    Congratulations on 16years of high quality blogging, Rich!

  2. Theo,

    Thanks a lot my friend, it has been a long journey so far. I wonder if the guy was cruel and gave her a couple of legs slaps for everyone to see 😉


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