F/M Friday 48

Here is a spanking implement that you don’t see too often, a laundry paddle/washing bat!! There is one mainstream movie that I remember watching where the laundry paddle was used as a spanking implement, which involved two women having a fight and then one of them using the paddle to spank with before clocking her opponent over the head with it. I forget the name of it but I am sure some of you out there remember it.

While we are looking at a 3 on 1 spanking here, there are a few things wrong with what we are seeing. Firstly of course is the OTK position. I mean seriously, that barely even qualifies as OTK, lol. It does look like the lady holding the paddle though can get some good torque going with her swing 🙂

This will be added to my F/M COLLECTION spanking folder.