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My luck continued yesterday with my spanking searches, I found yet another awesome SENIOR SUPERLATIVE photo. The funny part was that yesterday the image I found was actually found using the search term that I used. Many times I will stumble across photos when looking for something else, but yesterday I narrowed the field to search by decade and I found the image on page 49 out of 50. Had it have been on page 51 then I would have never found it. That means that yesterday alone I went through 500 books and found one image between books 481 to 490, actually, along the way I found a few D- rated spanking pics, but the prize was right at the end. Today I will be back at it, putting in the graft for the benefit of others.

The picture today actually looks like it might well be from a school play, but it isn’t. Trust me, I went through every page of the 1952 yearbook to make sure that there wasn’t a tidbit of information tucked away somewhere. All I know is that the girl being spanked is a school reporter, and unfortunately I don’t know who the guy is because it only gives his first name. What is also interesting is that the girl who is standing in the striped shirt, she was also a school reporter. Do you think that they are out on an assignment somewhere? As I can’t think of a better place to put this image, I will add this to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder, even though the image notes that the girl getting spanked was getting ‘her punishment’.

Come back tomorrow for a spanking good find. The Wednesday classic tomorrow was an instant hit with me the moment that I found it. It’s not going to win any photography awards anytime soon, but it checked all of my personal boxes.

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  1. I had to piece the story together, I would actually love to know what the real reason was for her supposed punishment.


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