Top Ten Stories Of 2016

For whatever reason,  the spanking stories that I write are one of the most popular features on this site,  and I rarely get the chance to write anymore. I really should because every day the stories are read dozens of times. Maybe you have an idea for a story that will give me inspiration? Feel free to leave a comment if you do.

My blog has been running for ten years now,  and every year the story of the first spanking that I ever gave was the most read story by a country mile. That changed this year though,  and not only changed,  but the story didn’t even hold onto 2nd place. I’m guessing by now that everyone has read it. So here are the top ten most read stories of 2016,  based on how many times each story was clicked on.


Number of times read:  6968

Three girls are about to celebrate the birthday of one of them,  but before they leave the house a girl hints that he father should spank her friend. He duly obliges,  but it is the other friend who isn’t getting spanked that is turned on the most by this. How long will it be before she gets a spanking?

It’s amazing when you think about it that she dressed so modestly,  because there was nothing modest about it when she was over his lap and her panty clad bottom was sticking in the air,  knowing that her friends,  neighbors and cousins were all being treated to a wonderful sight as they all laughed while she lay there red faced and praying for things to be over. It was never that simple though,  he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago,  her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start,  and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start. Read more…..


Number of times read: 6621

This story details how ellee and I got to become friends after meeting at a party. There is a review of the first spanking that I gave to ellee and then a much more detailed account of an elaborate roleplay that the pair of us did. During this account ellee gets spanked,  then gets the hairbrush and finally she is caned. There are 12 super hot pics in this story so be sure not to miss this one. Read More…


Number of times read:  4932

We all had to start somewhere,  and my first experience took place in 1979. The spanking may not have been a classic,  but it is very memorable and resonates with me to this day. My girlfriend was wearing white nylon panties that day and it is an image that has proved everlasting,  even though I have probably spanked another 100 girls the same way,  it never gets old and is a big trigger for me. Read more…..


Number of times read:  4799

Another real life spanking tale,  this time done at a spanking party. The title is slightly misleading,  however,  it did take place in the middle of a room,  albeit a room of spankos. Another first time spanking between friends. Read more….


Number of times read:  3734

Living with a summer camp director and his wife for the summer,  Jane playfully teases when the director suggests a birthday spanking for her. It is a little more than she bargained for,  but she didn’t mind,  in fact the following morning she was getting a repeat performance. It was probably a long summer. Read more…..


Number of times read:  3601

I’m just a playful guy who loves to spank the bottoms of naughty little girls. Sometimes though,  albeit very rarely,  things take a darker side. In this story I spanked three girls back to back,  and circumstances being what they were and the planets aligning correctly,  each one of the three girls cried their way through the spankings. There was nothing really harsh,  and I have rarely if ever spanked a girl to tears,  but this was one Saturday where emotions were running high. ellee and I have a private recording of her spanking and she sobbed throughout the entire event. On playback,  it is just about the hottest thing ever,  especially as it rook place in a library room. Read more….


Number of times read:  3489

Coming of age birthday spankings are something that I very much enjoy writing about,  a hint of playful innocence combined with an exploration of the spanking lifestyle. The formula to this story is the same as the others,  but of course with a twist. A girl walks in on her mom and the neighbor having coffee,  but being the brat that she is she makes all types of innuendos to embarrass the neighbor. When she makes a sassy comment about what he will give her for her birthday,  he suggests a spanking. Unfortunately for Laura,  her mom only encourages it. Once the spanking is over and the two adults are talking on the phone,  it would appear that the neighbor just threatened to spank Laura’s mom as well. Read more….


Number of times read:  3349

A different type of story to those that I normally write. In this one a young man knows that the girl next door gets spanked. When they are alone he playfully agrees to let her spank him. It is during their game they are interrupted and now it is the woman next door gets to dish out the spankings. His curiosity is now more than satisfied as he leaves with a well spanked behind listening to the sound of the girl next door having a hairbrush applied liberally to her bottom. Read more….


Number of times read:  2766

Nothing but a sexy spanking here between two neighbors. Things get so hot that he carries her upstairs after where you get to let your imagine run wild. This story is very short,  but hot. Read more….


Number of times read:  2226 

The weeks of contact had seemed like an eternity,  each email or phone call just increasing the desire to be spanked,  each one feeling like additional torture. She had even practiced placing pillows on a chair and laying over them like she was OTK,  looking at his picture on her computer screen as she lifted her skirt,  blushing as she imagined how it would feel for real. Then inserting her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them all the way down to her knees. My God is this going to be embarrassing,  she thought to herself,  as she tried to clench her cheeks to protect her modesty. Emily laid there for ten minutes trying to imagine the scene unfolding,  looking behind her to try and see what view he would have.


Part 2…..

Part 3…..



Windsor Wednesday Classic – 109

It is 6am and I’m getting ready for work,  but as I noted earlier I want to find the time to keep the blog updated as much as I can. So please pardon the shortness of the post,  but I do want to get you something today.

As you can see from this post from the 1970’s,  it takes three bullies to pin this girl down,  though to be honest,  she doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a struggle.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.


And here is just a random image of a big baby crying his little eyes out.


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 57

I’m a bit of a weird one,  and this picture would explain exactly why. There is a definite touch of  ‘Happy birthday to you’  going on here,  but as to whether it is really a birthday spanking,  nobody really knows.

Now why am I weird? It is because my vision goes far beyond what is a pretty average spanking pic to be honest with you. Let’s start with the biggest eye catcher of all,  the dude’s shirt is frigging awesome man. Dollar signs that would no doubt merge into a small two color pattern via the Western piping. A dash of piping on the pocket,  that is one seriously good looking shirt. I can see some head scratching going on here,  but you have to remember that I am a big fan of the 1950’s and I know a good shirt when I see one.

The year is 1959,  but I would have pretty much known that even if the date wasn’t on there. Why is that? It is because of the pencil skirt. As a spanko a pencil skirt always detracts from a spanking pic for me,  because the imagination stops there. There is no chance in hell that you can picture that skirt coming up. I think that this is the reason that I dislike Kiss Me Kate spanking pics so much. First of all I’m not a big fan of period clothing to start with,  but then you throw in a spanking and I can’t get my head around that it is nothing more than symbolic because the girl wouldn’t even feel a thing. That’s why I like the earlier 1950’s photos where there is at least a puncher’s chance that the skirt could come up. In my world even a birthday spanking should at least be given over the panties.

Anyway,  here is the photo. I also happened to notice that he is wearing Argyle socks,  a nameplate bracelet and the time is 7 minutes past 11,  I’m just a tad obsessive  🙂

While it is not a definite birthday spanking,  this will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.


Now if there are any FIFA 17 fans out there,  I just started playing in online competitions. If you want a laugh,  here is my record going into the 4th season.

Division 10 – W1 D1 L8

Division 10 – W3 D1 L6

Division 9 – W0 D6 L4

Division 9 – W0 D2 L0

As you can see,  I’m not doing so well in the win column,  but I at least held on to division 9 by the skin of my teeth,  and if I can pull a win somewhere in the next 8 games I should do so again.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 100

I’m being a bit smug here,  but it is hard to come up with something that is extra special for the one hundredth post in this series. Virtually everything that I post is going to be new to almost the entire spanking community,  which is what I want to be known for. I don’t claim anything that I post,  I only claim to have put the effort in to bring it to you rather than rely on the artistic creativity of someone else’s work.

So as every Wednesday post is unique anyway,  what I will do as a special treat is post three pics for you this week that hopefully you will enjoy.

First up is a pic that has already been added to the database that Chross collects. He already has a copy of  this spanking pic,  though the version he garnered has more of a sepia tone to it and it is slightly distorted. What I have is a black and white version which is a much clearer copy. This is Olive Borden in the 1927 film,  Pajamas.

olive borden pajamas

Next up we go back to 1954 and an older couple have some spanking fun. Of course there is no description as to what is going on,  that is for you,  the viewer to decide.

s-l1600 (3)

And finally,  back to 1941 and what appears to be a nurse or a maid getting some playful spanks. If you look closely it appears she might be getting her own licks in as well.



53 Today

So it is that time of year again where one year gets added to the age and one less fuck is given. Those of you who are around my age will understand,  the older that you get the less you worry about things that are not that important. It is a wonderful place to be,  however,  I will say that there is a little of me that says  “Yikes,  53”!!

Anyway,  I am pre-posting this at 10pm on Sunday as I have to be up at 4am on Monday for work,  so by the time that you guys get to see this I would have already done a full days work 🙂  Which also means that I have to get to bed,  so enough of the jibber-jabber,  to celebrate my 53rd birthday,  here are 53 pics of me spanking 53 different girls,  and you wonder why there is no hate in my heart?

Double YOUR Fun


This naughty babysitter finds herself getting a birthday spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties,  but that is just the start of her troubles. Clearly curious about the threat of a further spanking she dons her silky nightie,  and gets spanked once more,  this time on the bare bottom after her panties are soundly warmed. Will she be curious about the belt though? A third spanking ensues which is followed by a dose of the belt…. Lot’s of otk action,  cute white nylon panties,  and red bottoms all around. 34 minutes
vlcsnap-2011-10-29-09h44m58s42 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-09h46m11s14


Here is the complete 25 minute movie. Naughty Amber Grey has returned to see Richard Windsor. In this film Amber is given a long otk spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties by hand and hairbrush. She then receives an otk spanking on her panties and bare bottom before finally getting a dose of the leather belt on her bare bottom. Lots of scolding from an Englishman to a sweet Texas cutie. This is a traditional form of spanking,  an old fashioned over the knee spanking given by hand and hairbrush and then finally the belt. The type of spankings that naughty girls across the country get. If you like your spankings the old fashioned way then you will love this,  Amber is a little squirmer with the cutest bubble butt. 24 minutes
vlcsnap-2011-10-29-11h16m47s0 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-11h17m48s226


Mr. Windsor has a business trip planned and he has brought his petulant personal assistant with him. While attempting to get Ten’s attention through their intial meeting,  Mr. Windsor has to resort to the method that he knows best,  a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. The lesson didn’t seem to work though as Ten consumes far too much alcohol,  so she gets a second over the knee spanking that includes the hairbrush this time.24 minutes
vlcsnap-2011-10-29-14h50m39s204 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-14h51m41s74


Sarah is being very difficult as her Uncle Richard tries to make a business call. She pushes her luck too far and he leads her into the room by her ear,  and then proceeds to put her over his knee for a long,  firm over the knee spanking,  first on her bikini clad bubble butt and then on her bare bottom. Watch as Sarah’s lily white butt gets turned into the color of a ripe tomato. Her attitude doesn’t change from the hand spanking though,  and very soon she finds herself laying on the bed for 68 strokes of the belt. Watch the camera film this strapping from various angles. By the time the spanking is finished,  Sarah dutifully complies with her Uncle’s request to clean the hotel room they are staying in. This video features a long over the knee spanking and finishes with a nice firm strapping.
vlcsnap-2011-01-06-10h21m44s207 vlcsnap-2011-01-06-10h25m42s232

Around The Spanking World

Yesterday I tried my hardest to write my latest article but through one thing or another I just couldn’t get the time to do so. I live just around the corner to my landlord’s 89 year old father and they needed my help. Not to worry though,  I am in a writing mood so I will try and get something up with my regular Sunday post. It is great to have this forum with 1000’s of visitors each week where I can share my personal journey with you. The pen is mightier than the sword,  as you will all see one day,  stay tuned,  I’m ruthless 🙂

So while I will write in depth tomorrow,  today I am going to catch up with my spam. If you ask how this is spam I am quite open about it,  what I am about to post I make money off of,  and in turn I use that money to pay for my sites each year,  a bit of a win/win really.

First of all,  here are the latest spanking films from ShadowLane. If you sign up to Hot Movies after clicking on one of the pics below,  you get 20 minutes of viewing for free.


From Sarah Gregory:


The principal teaches and shows this new teacher how effective corporal punishment can be when used on naughty, bratty schoolgirls. The girls are spanked over the knee of both of them as well as given the wooden ruler on their bare behinds. CLICK HERE


Amelia protests and complains, but she still wants to keep her job. In order to keep her job she must take a spanking and agree to do what her boss says. CLICK HERE

From Momma Spankings:


What a bad girl! Now Mommy is going to cancel her naughty little girl’s birthday party and give her a spanking she won’t forget. Mommy takes Alice over her knee for a hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush CLICK HERE

From Dana Specht:


To show her what’s in store for her, her Mom turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed. When she comes in to check on her, Sarah sasses Mom and gets her mouth washed out with soap. Next morning she is hauled out of the bathtub and given another spanking on her wet behind. CLICK HERE

Big Batch Of Birthday Spankings

This is where I normally post my Wednesday classic,  and this week is no different,  only you get 10 for the price of one this week. Now all of these pictures have been posted to my vintage site over the years,  but I understand that not everyone goes there,  I just happened to notice that I haven’t added these TEN ENTRIES until now to my birthday spanking folder.

Now before I begin,  there will be some satire in this post. This won’t be done to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes,  you will clearly see that the majority of these pics are clear birthday spankings,  while a couple of them could also be debated as to whether they are a birthday spanking or not. I will add some commentary,  but please remember that it is satirical and not some grandiose claim of something that it isn’t. All of these pics were first run pics when I found them,  and by first run I mean that I found them all through mainstream sources as opposed to spanking sources.  I just brought them into the spanking world,  and in one case I BOUGHT it into the spanking world.

All pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder where you will find an array of dozens of spanking pics of which virtually all will be new to you. Of course over the years these have all be taken and re-posted,  but you can find the entire collection here as one group.

First up is a bonafide birthday spanking. This is the one pic in the group that I actually purchased and it features a girl getting her birthday spanking by a bunch of Navy men with what appears to be a belt of some kind. I’m not sure who she is to them,  quite possibly a cook or a secretary. If you want proof of the authenticity of this pic then click on THIS POST. In the link you will see the girl posing with the sailors with her birthday cake,  then one of her cutting the cake,  and finally the spanking pic. Like I said,  this pic is from my personal collection and this is my scan of that pic,  the link just contains the pre-purchased pics.

Scan (1)

Now you know me,  I don’t normally post smut. However,  with that said I can’t help myself with this next one. Obviously there is no spanking going on at the present,  but is there a reason for that? The guy on the left is holding her down and presenting her bottom,  so why isn’t the guy on the right spanking? Could it be because the lass is biting his leg whilst holding a handful of testicle? 🙂  It could also be that she is giving him a quick tug in the hopes of taking his mind off of spanking her.


Ah,  sisterly love. Who would hurt their own sister? Nope,  nothing but some playful pats her,  we will leave the real spanking up to  ‘Pops’. Of course,  you have to remember that EVERYONE has a birthday,  and paybacks really can be a bitch,  so I will just stick to the love pats.


Now it is time for a genuine sorority birthday spanking,  as noted by the caption and the cake waiting on the table. No frivolous claims of authenticity here 🙂



There is no clear indication that this is a birthday spanking,  neither from the pic or the description of the pic. Could be from a wedding,  a picnic or a hike. One thing is for sure though,  the guy has taken the position of  ‘Horsing’  the girl (that is a spanking technique) in an over the shoulder position. One thing is for sure,  her ass is way up high.


Horsing position


Back in 1985 I witnessed my first ever birthday spanking. Up until that day I had never even heard of this tradition,  and I would guess that 99.9% of Brits had never heard of it as well. Ironically,  and purely by coincidence,  the girl who got the birthday spanking became my romantic partner for that summer. The spanking was given at summer camp,  the counselor stood upon a chair,  and the camp director symbolically swatted her with a broom exactly like is seen here. I saw several that summer where a camper or a counselor received the same,  maybe half a dozen or so. There were probably a lot more but most of which I didn’t see. Again,  no exaggerated claims,  it was purely symbolic and you could have breathed on someone harder and it would have hurt them more.


Your guess will be as good as mine on this next one. A pretty reasonable guess I think would be that this is the sister receiving her birthday spanking from the family. She is over dads knee,  one of her brothers is seen clearly delivering a healthy smack,  with pretty good technique I might add,  all the while mom supervises almost out of picture. It is also probably a good assumption that it wasn’t her first trip over that lap 😉


Now for the last three there is no definitive proof that any of them are an actual birthday spanking,  in all likelihood they are not. They do however have the  ‘FEEL’  of a birthday spanking. The first of these three denotes a completely different day and age. A time where it was reasonable to put an MMA choke hold on the girl you are spanking.


The next one is also from my private collection of spankings pics that I have purchased over the years. It is actually a sorority pic and in one of the pics from this set there was a picture of all of the new pledges to that house along with the woman shown. (I only own the spanking pic)  I can’t remember who she is,  she seems too young to be the housemother so I believe that this is one of the sorority alumni girls,  I just plain forget who she was. I’m sure I am right in saying that she was an alumni though.


And finally,  the last pic that is also more likely than not to be nothing more than an ambiguous playful spanking. It isn’t a clear shot,  you can’t even tell if he has his legs locked around her. What you can see though is that her sit spots are in for a terrible time,  and the one thing that is a major favorite of Richard Windsor,  her legs kicking wildly in vain.


I hope that you enjoyed this vast selection that I have presented to you today. Feel free to take them and make them your own,  only if you take pics 1 and 9 could you at least drop me a courtesy mention as those are ones that I paid for the physical copy of 🙂

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 49

Quite apt that this is the 49th Sunday Candid as the picture states to be glad it isn’t your 50th. Can you imagine the lass in question starting her first year as a teacher,  not realizing that she still isn’t too old to be spanked?

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

I also have several stories with a birthday spanking theme.


3 GIRLS  –  PART 1



As I am off work tomorrow I might write part 2 of the story,  Three Girls. I can already see Nicole finding her way to Becky’s house when she is not there. I enjoy writing stories where a girl is curious about a spanking and the awkward exchange that she can have with the person she wants to spank her.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 92

It has been a bit of a late one at work today and while I love to write,  I will have to keep it a bit short today as a brother has things to do. The best news is that I was doing some window shopping online today for a new digital voice recorder. It is going to run me about $60 but with a spanking party coming up it is going to be totally worth it.

Now I will be totally frank with you,  I have no cotton picking idea just who is going to be going to this spanking party so I am taking a pot shot that I will be able to get any audio recordings done. In years past there has always been a host of website owners and models attend,  but like I said,  this year I am clueless as to who will be there. Now,  I’m like a kid at Christmas,  I could probably get the item cheaper online,  but I want it now so I will pick it up before the weekend. And the reason for that of course is? Because I want to give it a trial run this weekend and record a podcast.

There is going to be one other slight problem that I run into,  and that is the podcast host that I use only has a small amount of free bandwidth to use. So I will probably end up having to buy a subscription somewhere as well. Now don’t worry,  every podcast that I do or every interview will be totally free and will be my gift to you. If the financial cost is steep then I might record some stories and sell them for a few pennies,  but the interviews will ALWAYS be totally free one way or another. I might even create a Google account specifically for this purpose as I am sure that I can host them in Google Drive.

Anyway,  more on that soon,  now it is time for the Windsor Wednesday classic,  and this week we have a genuine birthday spanking for you. Now okay,  it isn’t the best shot,  position or photograph,  but it is real,  so that has to count for something,  right?

This will be added to my WINDSORS BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.



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