Richmond Lady Lions Birthday Spanking

Trying my best to stick to my word and deliver as many spanking pics as I can in a row. Today we go back to 1967 where the Richmond Lady Lions Club had its 16th birthday, and the President of the club took the honorary birthday spanking on behalf of the club. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album where you will find a plethora of rare and unique spanking pics, most of which were new to the spanking community at the time that I originally posted them. I still have dozens more that I have yet to post.

*Update* I had a feeling that I had posted this pic before, which I had RIGHT HERE amongst a whole bunch of newspaper spanking articles. However, the quality of the image that I am posting today is far superior to the copy that I posted two years ago.

And for a little extra fun, here is a birthday spanking cartoon from 1922.

2 thoughts on “Richmond Lady Lions Birthday Spanking

  1. Oh, those crazy Lady Lions. Across town their husbands were probably spanking the strippers instead. 🙂

    As for Felix, he should have realized that longer birthday spankings are one of the benefits of getting older.

  2. Warmhand,

    Or the women may be saying “Well this is the only spanking action we are going to get, who goes next”? 🙂 I threw the cartoon in as a throw in because it made me chuckle, lol.


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