Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 97

My vanilla Youtube channel now has 532 subscribers, which means that I am halfway towards starting to earn money. Well, in theory anyway, I still need to get 4,000 viewing hours on my channel as well and that is only at about 16% right now. Still, the signs are very positive.

This week I am going to dish out a SENIOR SUPERLATIVES picture for you, and not only that but I will also provide a colorized version of the same photo, as I have done in the past for several photos. Now then, I do want to be clear about this. The colorized version is NOT a color version of the original picture. I used an online tool to colorize the image. I’m not going to lie by omission and mislead you into thinking that a color version of this image exists, it doesn’t. There are plenty of online tools where you can colorize an image, and I consider it standard practice to let my audience know that.

In fact I remember several years ago where I did an unbelievable job is colorizing a regular adult image and making it look like the girl had just been spanked, but I was very clear that I faked the image. Not that it mattered, it wasn’t long before a spanking blog was claiming that they had an exclusive spanking image from a real life scene that had been emailed to them ? Yes, they were using the image that I faked to make that claim, lol. If I can find it I will put that pic at the bottom of this post, it really was a good one, but remember, it is fake.

And remember, I can’t stress enough, this image was enhanced by me to make it look like a spanking had just happened, IT HADN’T!!

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