The Best Of 2014

It is that annual time of year again where I present to you the top ten posts on this site from the last 12 months. These results are based on one simple criteria,  how many page views each particular post gets in the last year. None of these are a personal choice as I am sure my favorites didn’t even make the top ten. There is no inflation of stats either,  these are the posts that made the top ten as they are.

I certainly hope that you have enjoyed the last 12 months and the entirety of fresh spanking pics that I bring to you. It is something that I have mentioned before,  this is a hobby of mine and I take great delight bringing you new material through the many hours of my searches. There is some cost involved,  which at this point runs around $100 a year,  but occasionally I do get a little recognition for my efforts which makes it worth it,  and I know from the feedback that I do have a handful of readers who are always courteous enough to let me know that they appreciate my work. I’ve never been one to beg for comments,  people are free to do what they please,  but as Chross mentioned in his Love Our Lurkers post,  there are times when one finds something amazingly good and it receives not a single comment,  which as he stated can be quite frustrating and disappointing at times. We could all do with a little recognition for our efforts from time to time.

That said though,  I will persevere with my efforts to bring you unique and rare material every week. Mine isn’t the biggest blog out there,  not by a long shot,  but if the numbers are anything to go by then I think that this blog has a place in the spanking community. It is now eight years old and I think that I have enough material to keep going for another eight years. Just keep in mind that no matter what I post,  I generally find more pics each week than I actually post,  so I have quite the archive of pics yet to be seen.

So on to the top ten posts of 2014. If you are only a semi regular reader then you might find something new here,  and if something is new to you then there will be a link contained within each post where you will be able to find my archive of pics for that particular category. So here we go…


The most viewed post on this site this year was,  and it kind of sucks because unfortunately Youtube pulled the video,  but the most viewed post was this one,  my finding of a spanking scene in the movie INTA HABIBI. Now while it is no longer on my site,  Chross took the video and added it to his database so you can go and VIEW IT HERE (just search down the list) if you want to watch it. It is a good one so it is worth watching. Obviously you can also watch a whole bunch of movies on that link,  a portion of which I have either contributed or supplied the movie stills for. This particular post was number 1 by a long shot! Every year there always seems to be one post that blows everything else away.


This was the most viewed picture on this site in the last year,  though only just. This post had only 48 more views than the 3rd most viewed post on this site in the last year,  5,324 to 5,278. You can read the WHOLE POST HERE,  but I have a little treat for you,  I found a copy of the pic of Anne Shirley being spanked by James Craig on the set of The Devil And Daniel Webster without the horrible watermark at the bottom,  which I present to you now. So while you can view the original post,  this copy of the pic is bigger and doesn’t have a watermark on it. Just click the pic for the full sized version.

$_57 (14)


This was a most pleasant surprise this year and I was delighted that it became the third most viewed post on this site for 2014. In 2012 I wrote THE CHI OMEGA STORY which became the third most viewed post of 2012. If there was ever a post on this site that I devoted the most work to it was that post in 2012,  and I was thrilled that it was enjoyed by as many people as it was. That particular story was the one that was sent to me by Mr. P and pretty much started my journey in collecting SORORITY SPANKING PICS for your enjoyment. So you all have Mr. P to thank for steering my in this direction. Well anyway,  earlier this year I managed to find a copy of the original magazine from 1941 that featured The Chi Omega Story,  and I purchased it so that I was able to scan the best quality I could of the famous spanking pic that is shown below. Just one of my purchased gifts for you. I no longer have the magazine anymore though!! Thanks to Mr. P’s kindness in sending me a photocopy of the paddling pic,  I thought why not return the kindness. So I packaged the 1941 magazine up in an envelope and sent it off to Mr. P so that he could have it for his personal collection. If you want to read about the magazine along with pictures you can do so RIGHT HERE…

20140727_083732 a


There is much debate about this picture online,  which I believe is why it is the 4th most viewed post on this site for the year. When I found it in a yearbook it does say that the paddling is taking place,  but you don’t always have to believe what you read. Just because something is presented as being real doesn’t make it so. However,  I just reported what was said and there is a lot of discussion as to whether or not it is a real paddling. I created a new folder for all of my PADDLING PICS,  but if you want to read about this post alone,  you can do so RIGHT HERE…

Roc 66


My WEDNESDAY CLASSICS POSTS are a very popular feature and they are represented throughout the top ten this year,  and this entry from DAMSELS IN DISTRESS was a very worthy entry in the top ten. This is one of those plays where there are only a few spanking pics available to view. So far I have posted 5 of them,  but with the discovery of two new ones this week I still have three left to post. To read all of this entry you can click RIGHT HERE…



If I am really honest,  this pic from my STAGE SPANKINGS collection would never have made my own personal top ten of the year,  but,  like I said,  I don’t manipulate or inflate numbers on this website,  this was the 6th most viewed pic so number 6 it is. This was a promo pic for The Girl From U.N.C.L.E and features Stefanie Powers getting a spanking,  and I’m sure that you have heard of her getting a spanking in a more famous movie,  eh? To read the whole post go RIGHT HERE…



Yet another of my WEDNESDAY CLASSICS comes in at number 7,  and this is a much better spanking pic (click on the pic for the full sized version). One of my better finds that is now circulating around spanking blogs and Tumblr sites. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is a genuine spanking,  and I dare say quite a painful one at that. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…

Minot 1964


Finally,  A BIRTHDAY SPANKING!! On a personal note,  this was one of my favorite pics of the year. Of course it can be a whole lot better,  but the angle is my favorite and there is a lot to like about it. Lying over a table while being held down by three people,  and the spanker wielding a yardstick. It even appears that she might be pleading for him not to spank her too hard…. silly girl 🙂 You can read the whole post RIGHT HERE…



Here is a delightful entry that just makes the top ten,  a classic SCREEN SPANKING featuring John McIntire spanking Deborah Walley in Wagon Train –  The Nancy Styles Story. Without a doubt a classic spanking picture and due to my post,  Chross set out to find the actual clip containing the spanking which you can watch here. To read about the find simply CLICK HERE…

John McIntire spanks Deborah Walley Wagon Train Nancy Styles Storya


Now am I cheating with the last entry into the top ten most viewed posts of 2014? What actually came in tenth was my real life story of THE FIRST SPANKING I EVER GAVE. The thing is though,  I posted that story in 2006,  lol. Yes,  even today,  eight years later,  the story is constantly read (3,254 times in 2014) as it has been for eight years. As it wasn’t posted in 2014 though,  I will stick to the tenth most popular post of 2014,  and it just so happens to be one of the best. From the school play ACT YOUR AGE,  this pic just snuck into the top ten of the year. To read the whole post CLICK HERE…


So there you have it,  yet another year in the books and yet another collection of the most viewed posts on this site for the previous calender year,  I hope that you like them. For my previous top ten lists you can click the links below to view each one,  starting in 2011.





6 comments to The Best Of 2014

  • Thanks for sharing such wonderful material with us… happy 2015… xoxo

  • Dan Rivera

    Great pics, Richard. Thank you, again and again, for sending these beauties our way.

    Of the current Top Ten photos, I really like the one from the play “Act Your Age.” The OTK position is just perfect here. Either this couple are really “into” spanking, or the director gave them precise directions on how to pose.

    And: Is the spankee older than her spanker? It kind of looks that way, and of course that feature would be catnip to an audience. I read in your writeup that the spankee is playing the aunt of some rebellious girls, so maybe the actress is actually older than the guy in the sailor suit.

    After that, I love the photo featuring Anne Shirley. Of course I’m sure it is posed publicity still, for there is no real spanking in “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” But the spankee — Anne Shirley — seems to be really enjoying herself.

    My next favorite from these ten would be the spanking of Deborah Walley by John McIntyre. Here again, the perfect OTK position sells the pic. I’ve never downloaded this scene from the show, because I know that, IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the Wagon Master puts Deborah over his knee, he spanks a MALE! So that sequence is not one of my favorites. But McIntyre and Miss Walley certainly look good in this photo.

    And your photo from the play “Damsels in Distress” is a winner, too. Wow, a man and a woman both spank two ladies, at the same time! This must be the highlight of any performance!


  • jim

    Great Pictures for your top ten. I do have to say none of them would have been in my top ten either. I am an otk fan first and foremost and while I did indeed enjoy the Wagon Train spanking I thought the picture was very good and when you can just see the
    spanking to Deborah Walley it is great to a m/f spanker and the previous one like Dan has commented on had 0 interest for me. I do enjoy all your stage spankings finds and any that are otk are really my favorites. Thank you for all your great finds and also thank you for the time that you spend looking for them. I would love to be a collector like you and did have several that you have, but my collection was destroyed in a move several years ago and I no longer have the private space that held my collection. Thanks for all your sites and work in the spanko community. Have a great year.

  • Great stuff, Richard!
    I´ve snatched the two movie-related ones and updated my databases accordingly 🙂


  • Richard Windsor

    Veronica, and a happy new year to you as well. I hope that you have resolved to behave a little 😉

    Dan, the Anne Shirley pic is definitely a winner. As for the Act Your Age pic, while the story is correct that the girl plays an older character, I believe that the actors are probably the same age. I can look it up as I have the link to the publication that it was from. This also happens to be my favorite spanking pic from Act Your Age.

    Jim, thank you for your support throughout the year, your frequent comments have always been well appreciated and it is support like yours that increases my desire to continue with this route.

    Chross, just two? Are you sure about that? 😀

  • Tim

    Well done Richard with your interesting spanky finds ,best ,Tim.


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