Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 28

And so a new year begins and yet another year will be spent bringing you the rarest spanking finds on the Internet. I know that the new year started because a lot of annual subscriptions were renewed to the library’s that I use to find these rarities for you. In fact I found myself saying on new year’s day “Come on now,  slow down a bit,  eh”? 🙂

Now don’t worry,  I’m not complaining about the fact that I personally pay money from my own pocket to bring this material to the spanking community. If you look to the right there I have a pay link and the money that I generate from that more than covers what I pay out to get the material for your enjoyment. That link doesn’t cover the time that I spend finding these pics though,  if it did I would certainly need a lot more money,  lol.

Thankfully this is something that is a passionate hobby of mine,  and I don’t think that anyone can understand the joy that I get when I find something new. In fact head over to my VINTAGE SPANKING BLOG for an awesome Sorority spanking find this week.

The whole premise of this hobby I trace back to my origins when I first started to realize who I was. Back in the 1970’s we didn’t have the Internet at our disposal,  and spanking parties were a thing of the future. All we had were film references to go by,  and those ultra rare spanking pics that one would find in a newspaper or a magazine. For those of us who appreciate pictures I don’t think that the younger generation can appreciate what I mean by this. There could be times where you would stumble across one mainstream spanking picture in a three year span,  and that was all you had in your collection. Just one item,  think about that for a minute in today’s day and age.

Perhaps that is the main reason why I am so grateful for anything that I have had in my later spanking life. There was once a time where I had nothing for decades,  so the simplest things in the spanking world can make me a very happy man. I’ve probably received ten times more than I could have ever possibly dreamed of at one point in my life.

Going backwards a bit and focusing my energies on finding rare material is something that I have made a concentrated effort on this last year. In terms of real life activity I have scaled way back,  which can be seen from my top ten of 2014 as there wasn’t a single personal spanking picture or video of mine that made the list. In fact I’m not even sure if I took any spanking pics or videos in 2014,  certainly none that I remember posting anyway. There is one small set of pics that I took with ellee back at the BBW party but I didn’t post any of those as I haven’t sought her permission to share any of them as of yet. There was a few pics and a video that I did with Pixie and Lily Anna that I posted this year but that was shot in 2013.

In regards to 2015 I think that there will be much of the same as there was in 2014,  most of the upcoming year will be spent providing you with rare pics. Right now I just have one party planned and that is the annual Boardwalk Badness Weekend party. Now I do have some exciting things planned for that party,  in fact I will be spending some time planning those events with my good friend,  Kor-E,  as we have something special in store,  but other than that it is pretty doubtful that I will be at any other parties. It is a planned break that I am doing,  and the reasons why are pretty much two fold. As I said to Jules earlier in the year,  everything that I ever wanted in the spanking scene I got,  and I’m forever grateful that I got the opportunity to enact the things that were really important to me. Like Martin Luther King,  I’ve been to the mountaintop! The other reason was self induced,  and it is a pretty simple reason,  I stopped having fun. It is strange to say that based on my first statement,  but I actually think that they are tied to each other. Because I have reached the pinnacle of what I always wanted,  I know even more now what it is that makes me happy. To me the spanking lifestyle is supposed to be fun,  and I’ve been blessed with more enjoyment that I could have ever wished for.

Now with that said,  there are still a lot of ambitions that I have and I do hope that I will be able to work towards some of them this year. While I am pretty much retired from making movies,  unless I do some free ones with willing participants,  there is just one more that I would love to do as a swansong. Given the chance I would love to do the film with one of three girls,  and I’m pretty sure that one of them will be at BBW. My number one choice I don’t think does spanking movies anymore,  but if she was local (which I think she is) I would definitely pay extra to hire her. Then of course I will be doing my annual interview with Dana Specht and finally,  I want to direct a photo shoot. Or should I say that I basically want to be super finicky in getting the shots that I want. So I’m not out of the active scene totally,  I will just maintain the scaled back version for another year.

Anyway,  I should stop blathering and give you what you have come here for this week,  a rare spanking pic. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,  well I most be the most flattered man in America right now 🙂

This weeks pic will be added to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS folder and it is from 1961. Let’s start the year with something awesome,  eh?


4 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 28

  • Vfrat25000

    His expression sort of says: “My little soldier just decided to salute. What am I supposed to do now?”

  • NJSpank

    Happy new year. Your vid with Pixie and Lily is just classic one of my favorites. Unknown I think to most but just wonderful true spanking vid.

  • obedient_hubby

    Dear Rich,

    I am older than you, and grew up in the U.S. I spent many hours at the public library with the periodical index finding Life and Look and other magazine pieces even marginally related to spanking. I located paddling pics in old college yearbooks of my parents and at my friends’ houses if their parents had attended college. The internet is certainly easy compared with that effort. Thanks for your good work.


  • Tim

    Hello Richard yes plenty of spankings you find ,best from ,Tim .


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