Top Ten Posts Of 2012

Today I had planned to post the story of Ellee and her Uncle Richard,  but I don’t like how the story has turned out so far so I need to do a bit of a rewrite. It will come later on in the week though,  probably Thursday or Friday.

One thing that I do each year is the top ten posts of the past year. Now these results are based on one thing only,  number of pageviews that each post got for the year,  in other words the ten most popular posts of 2012.

1:  Vintage Spanking Photos

This post features four vintage spanking photos and a newspaper article. One of the pics I won on Ebay and I now own,  and another (the one shown here) I was outbid on. Read full story.


2:  Spanking On The Lawn

While the title of this post was for the first picture of an outdoor spanking,  I think this post was popular for the newspaper clippings that it features. Read more here.


3:  The Chi Omega Story

I really wanted this one to be the top post of 2012,  because to be really honest with you it was the one post that I spent the most work on this year. Still,  in only 6 weeks of blog time it managed to become the third most viewed page and had it have been posted a month earlier I have no doubt it would have been the most viewed. This post has not only the famous spanking pic shown here,  but every other pic from that magazine article along with yearbook photos of the girls involved. Read full story.


4:  On Stage in Finland

I don’t really need to post an extra link to this page as this picture was the only thing seen on it. There is a brief back story about how I found the pic but because of how unique it was at the time I found it,  the picture itself was what made it popular.


5:  Clean Up Hitter

Surprisingly this post is just a collection of 5 random pics,  though 2 of them were new finds. It does feature me spanking Kat St. James though 🙂 Read more.


6:  Sorority Pledge Paddles Sorority Mom

This was shortly before I started Sorority Spanking Sunday’s,  and perhaps one of the reasons that I started the feature. Two girls playing with paddles,  who wouldn’t be interested? Read more.


7:  Look Magazine

There was some dispute over the origin of this pic,  so I went out and purchased the original 1963 magazine and scanned the photo from it. 1963 was the year I was born by the way,  yes,  I will be 50 this year 🙂


8:  Wednesday Classic 2

One of the early Wednesday classic posts featuring a school production of That Glorified Brat.

phoenix hs 1954

9:  Sorority Spanking Sunday’s 4

This wasn’t just popular because of the sorority pic,  but I also had one of Judy Garland giving a swat to Liza Minnelli. Read more.

Judy Garland spanking Liza

10:  Wednesday Classic 12

And to round out the top ten most popular pics of 2012,  how about one of Little Bo Peep getting a spanking in 1954.


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