Windsor Wednesday Classic – 58

This has been a much better week for me,  I’m fully booked and ready for a trip to Vegas next month and after a five month hiatus I have started to post to Fetlife again. The difference this time is that I won’t engage myself too much in philosophical debates,  I’m going there to have fun. In fact that is my 2014 mantra,  to go out there and have fun with the people who want to have fun with me. I’m truly blessed with the people who want to play with me and the people who want to enjoy my company,  so I will be doing an awful lot of smiling this year.

This weeks Wednesday classic is from 1964,  and it has a pretty cool caption with it. I will be darned if I know what exactly is going on,  but enjoy it all the same.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS folder.

Minot 1964

3 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 58

  • NJSpank

    That is amazing, so glad you are back in the game and doing well. Enjoy Vegas, happy for you. That is an amazing and very realistic picture, love her position and legs.

  • Yes, a classic spanking photo indeed. An ‘over the knee’ spanking for a naughty daughter. I hope her bottom was bared, by taking down her knickers. For if a spanking is to be effective. I have always believed, that it must be given on a female’s bare bottom.

  • Good for you, Rich! That’s absolutley the best attitude, and may all joy be yours! Thank you for this very entertaining photo, and all the wonderful pictures from the past you’ve posted!!



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