Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 21

So the company that I work for ceases operations on Tuesday leaving me in limbo a little bit. At the moment I have been taken on as a temp with a splinter company which will last at least a couple of months,  but who knows what the future holds. With that in mind I have decided to go to the Crimson Moon spanking party in Chicago for Halloween,  pretty much because I don’t know when I will be able to go to another one. At the very least I will still be going to the SSNY parties so I won’t actually disappear,  but as this could be my last party for a while then I am going all out to have a blast.

I’ve been MIA for a while now,  leaving Fetlife months ago and not having been to a party since the BBW party in April. It was deliberate on my part,  which perhaps I will write about later in the week. In 2013 I had the best time I could ever imagine,  virtually everything I ever wanted in the spanking scene I got that year. This I believe contributed to the way that I have felt this past year,  having had it so good it allowed me to understand what it is that I wanted,  and probably just as importantly what I didn’t want. There were a couple of  ‘Jump the shark’  moments that stepped over the line in the last year or so,  but I have the best memories from 2013 which actually had me saying at that point,  if I never spanked another girl I would be happy. The bottom line is that I am very content which is why I think the Crimson Moon party will be a blast. Who knows when I will get to another one so I will treat it exactly that way,  like it is going to be my last party for a while.

There are no plans that I have made,  other than a play date with a friend on Facebook who I have yet to play with,  and of course the diamond that is Naughty Freckles. I will be very disappointed if I can’t find some time to get the Malaysian cane out when I meet up with my naughty niece. Of course part of the reason that I haven’t made any plans is that I am not on Fetlife anymore,  so other than the few Facebook friends who have told me they are going,   I’m pretty clueless as to who will be in attendance.

Anyway,  onto this weeks free spanking pic,  I know that there are people waiting for it. Instead of Men Are Like Streetcars this week,  I am going to post a pic from the spanking scene in the play  ‘Act Your Age’. This one was originally sent to me by Will@Gotham56 but I have since found my own copy. Of course as he led me to it then I have to be sure to give him the credit for discovering it for the spanking community to enjoy.

This will be added to my ACT YOUR AGE spanking folder,  and just as an aside,  that skirt sure looks flippy. You think it would kill him to just whip it up? 🙂


2 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 21

  • Alex and I are very much looking forward to seeing you, my friend.


  • Dan Rivera

    You wrote:

    and just as an aside, that skirt sure looks flippy. You think it would kill him to just whip it up?

    You’re right. The lady getting spanked in this photo from “Act Your Age” is wearing a nice, loose A-line skirt, the kind we used to flip up whenever we got a girl over our knee back in the 1960s. But this is a “mainstream” play, so no raised skirts, I guess.



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