Sorority Spanking Sundays – 78

A while ago I switched the Sorority Spanking Sunday’s post over to my vintage blog and used this blog for my Sunday classics. Well this week I am going to reverse that for one week as I need to add to a special article that I did a while ago.

Almost two years ago now I wrote The Chi Omega story which has since become one of the most read articles on this site. In this article I put some meat and bones into it and if you click the link above you can read the article for yourself. The article took forever because I searched yearbooks to get face pictures of the girl being paddled (quite a task being that ‘Tony’ was her nickname) and I was also able to correct the literary licence that the magazine used and I was able to place the girls in their correct sorority. It is an interesting article and I urge you to check it out by CLICKING HERE.

So it was a mission of mine to try and secure a copy of the magazine (wouldn’t want someone claiming it to be from a local paper, eh? ;)) even if it might cost a pretty penny. The article appeared in the January the 20th,  1941 edition of Life magazine.


I managed to find a copy of the magazine on Ebay and set about asking questions. A copy of this magazine is available to view on Google so I know that this was the correct edition that carried the photo,  what I needed to make sure of was that THIS was the copy that was going to be sent to me.

Yesterday that magazine arrived and as I fully expected,  inside of the magazine is the famous spanking pic of Tony Ryberg getting paddled.


So my goal all along was to provide the spanking community with the best picture that I could get from this historical article. This morning I have been messing around with my scanner and I am running into a small issue,  the larger the picture gets the less clear it becomes. So what I have done is I have scanned just Tony Ryberg and the girl paddling her,  and in a while I will do my best to improve the picture quality. Regardless,  a thumbnail version of this pic existed on the Internet for many years until two years ago when I found a full sized version on Google’s archives. But now,  I will try to present to you the best picture yet of a sorority girl getting a paddling.

This main pic will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder.


2 comments to Sorority Spanking Sundays – 78

  • steve

    FAB many tanks always loved this pic , even more now

  • It’s fun, although often difficult and expensive, to obtain original source spanking material. Good job! I found a bound copy of this issue in a University library more than 20 years ago, but of course there weren’t any scanners then, just photocopiers, and I didn’t bother trying that (the bound volume would have made it difficult anyway). But I never ran across an unbound copy of this issue, and they must be pretty scarce by now as many magazines were lost in the World War II paper drives. (That is why pre-war comic books are so scarce).


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