Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 19

Before I start this week,  also head over to Spank Statement today for a very informative piece on the play “Friendly Relations” with a nice set of pics. In fact you would be wise to go through their database as a lot of rare pics that you may have seen originated on this site and there is great background information on each pic.

This week I am going to a television spanking pic which is something that I don’t do enough of. Like most collectors I have a large collection of these,  but for the most part nothing is new as the pics have circulated for years. This week however,  I hope to bring you something new. Now I looked around the blogs likely to have this pic and I wasn’t able to see it so I believe that it is a new find. Certainly proponents of M/F spanking are going to love this one,  none more so I doubt than Dan Rivera.

I first saw this spanking on Dan Rivera’s collection of Cinema Swats tapes,  and on my hard drive somewhere I have a copy of it. This is from the television show “Wagon Train – The Nancy Styles Story” and this is the synopsis on IMDB…

“Spoiled Nancy Styles,  who claims to be the daughter of the owner of the company that owns the wagon train,  is determined to get to Denver even though Hale has made it clear he plans to bypass the city. After paying back the young couple she was riding with by trying to steal the husband,  she sets her sights on gullible young Barnaby,  who is falling for her,  and talks him into running away with her”

Now I have removed the EBAY tag at the bottom of the pic and I have reduced it in size to present on my blog. I do have a much larger copy on file though should anyone want it. So here we have John McIntire spanking Deborah Walley in what I am sure you will agree is an excellent pic.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder. In case you don’t know,  I create folders for all of my work which you can see in the pages listed above under the header. The reason for this is that many times people will see my work elsewhere and not know where the pics came from. By creating folders it allows visitors to see the entire collection of my contributions and therefore not be denied the opportunity to miss out on something. As you will see,  the collection is vast and I have only scratched the surface,  there are still hundreds more to come 🙂

John McIntire spanks Deborah Walley Wagon Train Nancy Styles Storya

5 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 19

  • jimc

    Thank you Richard for the great finds and sharing with us (the spanko community) I really enjoy your finds and the narrative on all of them This is one of the better scans that I have seen of this spanking and I am glad that you are putting tv spanking up as well as all of the other finds. I wish I could comment on all your finds, but that would be impossible given your amount and my time as well. Thank you again for all the work you do in searching for them, storing them and sharing them. Have a great day.

  • I love the look on her pretty face……. perfect! xoxo

  • jack

    excellent pic. Keep ’em coming 🙂

    I can’t find the video in the usual places – are you able to share the video (you mention that you have it)?

  • Richard Windsor


    A long time ago I used to put up many spankings from TV and film, and I still have quite a collection that is yet to be on the Internet. Obviously though I decided to do something unique and focus on Sorority spankings and Stage spankings, knowing that 99% of what I post isn’t on the Internet. Of course once I put them up they circulate in the spanking world and occasionally I get a little nugget of credit where people can come here and see what I have to offer to the community.


    I wonder what her face will look like when those skirt and petticoats come up 🙂


    Having checked the Cinema Swats listings I may have been mistaken that I saw it on that collection. I could have sworn that I saw it so it might have been on Eugene Bernard’s collection that I owned 15 or so years ago. There was a clip online that featured a M/M spanking, and Deborah Walley was in the shot, so it was either cut before she gets spanked OR, I confused this with a scene that looked like it. The position the guy is sat in, and the clothing that Deborah is wearing is definitely similar to a spanking I saw, and there were witnesses as well, but it may be a different scene. Perhaps Dan Rivera will come on and enlighten us.

  • Dan Rivera

    Hi Richard… Dan Rivera here.

    As you said yesterday, this scene from “Wagon Train” was NOT in the first Cinema Swats video. That video did, though, have the far superior “Wagon Train” video where the beautiful Susan Oliver is spanked by Robert Horton.

    Don’t worry that your memory is failing. There IS a clip from “Wagon Train” that has an M/M scene. The point of the story is that the guy spankee (dunno his name) gets spanked by the wagonmaster, then immediately after, McIntyre puts Deborah Walley over his knee and spanks HER, too.



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