Windsor Wednesday Classic – 61

Now that I am back from the Boardwalk Badness Party I should be able to post more. This weekend I am planning on writing an awesome role play scene that I did at the party which pretty much made my whole weekend. Someone who I have never spanked before but after reading her Fetlife profile I had a feeling that we could do something awesome,  and it turned out ten times better than I hoped it would. I even used the elaborate schoolgirl roleplay that was an organized activity to start my own personal roleplay,  the poor girl looked petrified. Look for that story this weekend.

Anyway,  I also have a task that I want to do this weekend to bring something new to the spanking world. If it works as I expect it to then it should be something unique and might start a trend where other bloggers might jump on the bandwagon. I don’t know of one yet so I am hoping to set a precedent.

This weeks pic goes back to 1966 and an authentic school paddling. Nothing made up,  no manipulation of the pic nor any ambiguous statements designed to deceive,  you get what it is 🙂 During my searches this week I stumbled across a pic using a search term that had nothing to do with the pic that I found. Well when you are a collector you get a certain radar so I abandoned the search and instead focused on that particular school. Going through the yearbooks I was able to find eight new spanking pics that I haven’t seen anywhere before. Of course I have hundreds of them already that I share with you each week,  but so far this week I have added about 20 more.

This genuine school paddling will be added to my WINDSORS SUNDAY CANDIDS folder where you will find a host of awesome pics.

 Roc 66

3 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 61

  • obedient_hubby

    Good work, Rich. We are all looking forward to your generous sharing of your new pics.

    Thanks, as always.


  • Great capture, where you get this old stuff? – cheers

  • Jack

    I love these photos! I just wish the teacher had made the young lady bend over. With that shift she had on, and in that position, I’d say her fanny caught a real break!

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