Silky Knickers From The Top Drawer

Readers of this blog have known for many years that old Richard Windsor loves nothing more than to see a pair of silky knickers getting a good old fashioned spanking. It all started way back in the late 1970’s with the VERY FIRST SPANKING that I gave to my girlfriend at the time. If you think of your favorite combinations in life then you will know what this means to me, a perfect spanking is one where a sexy pair of knickers are also involved.

It’s funny really because cotton, or those awful school knickers, have the compete opposite effect on me, I generally find them to be a bit of a turn off. Occasionally there will be an exceptional image where everything surrounding it is perfect, and then I can ignore clothing choice and appreciate the image for what it is.

So today I was going through my folders and I realized that some of these images (14 in total) have been in my archive for nearly 20 years, and I have never posted them!! As the likelihood is high that they will never get posted unless I do something soon, I have decided to bundle 14 spanking images together for today for your enjoyment. Of course, you will probably only enjoy them if like me, you enjoy seeing a pair of sexy panties on the woman being spanked.

The first image has been posted before and was sent to me by JANUS WORLDWIDE. The reason that I am reposting it is because it is the closest example to what my girlfriend was wearing the day that I gave my first ever spanking. It is also from roughly the same time period and it stirs really fond memories in my mind.

Another image that has been posted before but is also worth a second look is this image from THE UPS AND DOWNS OF A HANDYMAN. I created a video that features all of the spankings from that film in the post that I linked. Just click on the film name to watch the video. Yes, despite the romance of gym knickers, this was actually the type of silky knickers girls were wearing under their skirts back in my day.

The images that I am posting come from all years, and some I don’t even know how old they are. If you read spanking stories though, like I do, you will quite often hear of the full bottomed ‘Olga’ style panties. Just like these ones that are just about to be strapped into oblivion.

This is a bit before my time, in fact this is probably from the time where old fashioned school knickers were the in thing. So these knickers here would have most definitely have been inappropriate for school way back then.

And now the rest of the images in no particular order. Chances are some of these photos you have never seen before, but from the 1950’s to the 1980’s you could always count on a silky pair of knickers getting a good walloping!!

8 thoughts on “Silky Knickers From The Top Drawer

  1. Back when my wife married me she wore lovepats for me they were strechy nylon and shiny Loved huw the made her firm arse look Thanks for the reminder

  2. Theo,

    Just for the record, the first image was never in the magazine. After I started talking to Janus I brought up that picture set and they were kind enough to send me images that had never been published, including the one that I have included here. I was so stoked when they did that for me, and the image included here is by far my favorite. Actually, let me correct that, I just checked the post, the image in this post was in the magazine and is still my favorite, but they did send me three unseen pics which can be seen here


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