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While this entry is a Sorority Spanking entry,  because of the detail that I am going to go in,  this will be Windsor’s Wednesday Classic – 10. Keep reading because there are 13 pics in all and click on each pic for the full sized version. All thoughts are more than welcome so if you feel like leaving a comment I would love to hear from you regarding this story.

Now I have already posted the now famous sorority paddling pic from Chi Omega that appeared in Life magazine in 1941,  and now I am going to go one stage further and present to you the entire photo story along with additional information. There are purists out there who like the whole story behind a pic and if I’m really honest,  I borrowed the concept from Valdor who posts really in depth stories to the rare pics that he comes across. Valdor seems to be a little bit like me in that he posts some of the most unique spanking material out there. If you haven’t been there before I would highly recommend visiting his site,  Spank Statement. Not only do you get to see rare spanking pics but you also get the story behind them.

A while back Mr. P sent me photocopies of the Life article,  now these copies are great for my personal collection,  but they wouldn’t have posted well. Fear not though,  because after many hours of research I can piece together a complete work surrounding the famous paddling pic,  though unfortunately I will be debunking some of what Life said.

The first pic that appeared was this one,  featuring Mary Fister calling a council of war against leg showing sorority girls.


Now Mary Fister was indeed the President of Chi Omega in 1941.

This is where the story turns though. Now it isn’t explicitly stated in the article that all of the girls are from Chi Omega,  but the story leads you to believe that they are. The first leg picture shows Ruth Gleave,  a freshman showing her stocking tops to three men walking by. As you will see from my research though,  Ruth wasn’t a freshman,  she was in fact a senior,  and as you will see from another of my findings,  she wasn’t a Chi Omega,  she was in fact a Delta Delta Delta. In the second pic she is in the middle of the bottom row.


No names or details were provided for the next three girls,  so it may be assumed that they are indeed Chi Omega girls. Though I think it is safe to say that Ruth Gleave is on the right and quite possibly Tony Ryberg on the left.

Miss Gleave seems to be very comfortable showing off her assets to the boys.

Unfortunately we do not find out the name of the next girl,  however I want to show the pictures in sequence.

And now we get down to the paddling. The girl is the pic is Evelyn “Tony”  Ryberg. The story is based on the Chi Omega sorority,  however,  Windsor is a tenacious old fool with an eye for detail. As you will read in the next picture,  it states that Tony will be reported at the next Chi Omega meeting.

Here’s the rub though,  Tony wasn’t in Chi Omega,  nor was she a freshman. She was in fact in a different sorority,  Kappa Kappa Gamma.


Despite it all though,  Tony was 22 years old when this picture of her getting a paddling was taken. Now I have already posted this pic as I said,  but I am hoping that right now I can present to you the clearest picture yet of the famous paddling scene of Tony Ryberg. Click on the picture for the full sized version,  this is my gift to the spanking world. You may even be able to identify the other girls from the other pictures I have posted. As an example,  I believe that Mary Fister is standing in the middle of the group on the stairs,  holding the clipboard.

Now what do I think happened here?  It is pretty safe to say that Life magazine were in touch with them and crafted a recreation of a typical sorority paddling,  regardless of the sororities that each belonged to. Here is some extra information for you though provided by Mr. P. Tony stated that the paddling was indeed real and was a little embarrassing,  though not for what you may think. Her father was so delighted to see his daughter in Life magazine that he bought a dozen copies for family and friends. That information was provided with authority over the circumstances of the picture,  and I will leave that there. So I hope that you enjoyed the story behind the famous paddling picture,  it is always good to know all of the details behind a story. Lord knows it took me a long time to piece together not only the Life magazine article,  but also the additional sorority pics that I used to enhance the story.

10 comments to The Chi Omega Story

  • Bobbie Jo

    Thanks for all the work you did on this, Richard. It was interesting to learn the story of the picture. Something that seems to amaze me about pictures of coeds and even high school girls is that they look older than we did at the same age. I wonder why that is and I wonder if the kids today think the same thing about us.

  • NJSpank


    One of the best postings and thanks for the research, just amazing sir, thank you.

  • Lea

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting the whole story here. I never realized that well known picture was linked to the University of Utah and as a Utahn I feel the need to comment. This may have been in the 40’s, but there STILL are more girls than boys. Stockings never stay in place so I don’t blame poor Ruth Gleave for needing to adjust. Heels with a gym outfit? Thank God for evolution.

  • Theo

    Hi Richard – truly outstanding work. Theo

  • Tremendous work went into this, I can tell. Thank you for that. Of course the tri-delts are naughtier than the Chi-Os! (at least where I went to school!) kudos on this post.

  • js666

    Neat! Thanks for the research.

    A couple of comments:

    The sorority prez in the Pi Phi pic doesn’t really look like the spankee in the money shot, but the girl in the upper right corner, also named Ryberg, does. Could she have been a younger sister who was drafted for these purposes?

    Also interesting that the Pi Phi girls are referred to as “bimbos.” I don’t remember hearing the word used for young women until the 80’s.

  • Richard Windsor

    Thank you all for the comments guys, glad you all liked it.

    js666, I understand what you mean, but in that one pic you don’t see the top row of people. Tony Ryberg’s picture was the same as her President one, but I cut the top row out to make the picture even, but it was indeed her in the top corner. I will post the full sized pic on Sunday when I post the new Sorority spanking pic. If you count the rows you will see there are 6 sets of names but only 5 rows of girls, the top row is missing.

  • js666

    Point taken.

    A couple more observations about the money shot:

    That girl second from the left in the paddle line looks like she’s starting to regret having agreed to this.

    Years ago, the Nu-West people speculated that the girls on the steps are all smiling because they’re glad they’re not on the receiving end. A couple, however, aren’t smiling. Are they more compassionate … or aroused?

    The girl on the steps in front, wearing the long coat, is gesturing with her left hand to ward off the evil eye; she’s superstitious about cameras. These girls are probably all Mormons, and you have to wonder what kind of child-“rearing” they were subjected to.

  • I commend you for taking the time to research this sequence so thoroughly, and to prove what many of us had strongly suspected, namely, that these pictures couldn’t be taken at face value. They looked rather conveniently staged for narrative purposes, particularly Misdemeanor #4 and the money shot. I think this is the best scan of that paddling I’ve seen yet, and one thing does seem genuine – the paddling itself. Tony takes a real swat, as she later claimed, and I have no doubt she had it coming even if she was the president of a different sorority!

    Now a brief note for younger people who may wonder what all the fuss is about, or why this photo is considered famous. Back in the pre-internet days, it was very hard for us spankos to find real-life spanking material, especially in picture form. One tool that I and others used was the multi-volume Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature, which indexed magazine articles by subject. A search for “spanking” or “paddling” (I forget which I used) turned up this issue of Life magazine, but it wasn’t until around 1990 that I found a University Library with bound copies of Life going back that far.

    It seemed a rather exciting find at the time, even though young spankos today used to pictures and videos of good-looking young women getting paddle swats on the bare bottom might wonder why we spent so much time trying to find these rather tame photos.

  • Web=Ed,

    I am going to do a post on that subject this week I think, why pics like these can be so exciting to many of us.


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