Stopped Short Of The Woodshed

Imagine being so bad that you get taken to the woodshed, but you don’t even get there before your tanning begins πŸ™‚

This is one of those images that has been sat on my hard drive for years that I have never posted, and even though it is of relatively poor quality there is a reason that I am posting it. Obviously in the modern day full gymnastic spreadies are the popular choice of image, but for us old timers every pic has a story to tell.

In fact it is funny, as you are probably aware I deleted my Twitter account because I found behavior on there to be appalling. Following that I created a new private account with a captain generic name. The reason for the new account was to simply follow spanking producer accounts to keep in the loop. Plus I like to give them free promotion on my website whenever I can so I wanted to keep my eye open, even if it is from a mile away.

This week one pic was posted by a lady known as Miss Iceni and it was one of those pics that grabbed my attention right away. For most people it may be a normal run of the mill spanking image, but for me it was an absolute classic. The pic is on the second floor (a flat maybe?) and we can see the street outside, and she has her fellow video performer, Matilda, over her lap. The story has something to do with a borrowed car and Matilda is wearing high heels and silky black panties.

Oh my lord, I may be 60 years old now and I left England back in 1987, but memories of England came rushing back as it has that classic domestic English feel to it and it reminded me of some happy memories, a real gem of a pic, in my eyes anyway. I might shoot Miss Iceni an email and see if I can use the pic on my site next week. Because Clips4sale is having a Valentine’s day sale it would be something that I could tie in to the post, being that the image that I talk about is actually taken from a video that Miss Iceni has recently put up. Whenever I see a spanking pic of Matilda I immediately think of Paula Meadows, there seems to be some visual connection between the two.

If I decide not to go that route, because to be honest with you I’m not sure how much distance I want to keep from the active scene, then you will at least have some information to check out the image for yourselves on Twitter based on the information that I just provided above.

I mention the Miss Iceni image because it leads me into this image. While this image might not be a classic, the fact that someone was on the way to the woodshed but they didn’t even make it there, likely because their mouth was running at 100mph, lol, has a great feel to it. For many people the image will just be a decent pic, but there will be someone out there who can appreciate this image from an entirely different perspective, much like I did for the image I spoke about above by Miss Iceni and Matilda. Click on the image below itself for a larger view, and even that view is smaller than the copy that I have on my hard drive, lol.

P.S. For the nitpickers out there, that may not actually be a woodshed and there is no indication the young woman was being taken to it. The above is my interpretation of what we see in the image.

5 thoughts on “Stopped Short Of The Woodshed

  1. What a wonderful pic. Seeing the smile, I think he either really enjoys his task, or this is being done for laughs. Either way, a true gem! Thanks for sharing. I’m not on twitter, so I hope you show the mentioned pic. Ed Lee, in the old days, used to talk about pics he had in private that he would possibly show some day, but alas, hardly ever did. I always felt like I had missed out on something. The very same from D.J. Black, from ‘The Spanking Corner’ would mention private pics sent to him that were either too explicit or too poor of quality to ever post. It was like someone talking about food to a starving man. I always felt it cruel to even mention them. No, I won’t think you cruel for not posting, but I will salivate like Pavlov’s dog hoping you do! Have a great day!

  2. Fatherjim,

    It certainly looks like the environment that they are in would be ripe for some roughhousing, doesn’t it? I’m not saying right, wrong or indifferent, but in many areas around both America and the UK you grow up tough, and girls are no different when it comes to having to fend for themselves. Based on my life experience these are often some of the best people you could encounter. This image kind of reminds me of a John Cougar Mellencamp song πŸ™‚ “Little ditty about Jack and Diane”


  3. Fatherjim,

    I have often imagined what hit the cutting room floor of Nuwest and Shadowlane, I bet there some truly amazing pictures out there that have never been seen before outside of the studios. I remember when Tony Elka found some old footage from the late 80s that he made a digital download from. I bought it but couldn’t get the download, so he burnt me a copy for when I travelled to Vegas for a party. We often spoke about his amazement that I primarily only preferred the older material over the newer stuff they produced. The Internet is the Internet, I don’t always believe what someone tells me πŸ˜‰


  4. Theo,

    Like I said, it might not even be a woodshed, but a little bit of literary license never killed anyone πŸ˜‰


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