If You Go Out In The Woods Today

Yesterday was quite a frustrating day, I was trying so hard to write a story but I couldn’t draw any inspiration from anywhere. In a way it is self inflicted, I have next to know communication in the spanking world anymore outside of this blog, save for a smattering of emails that I get each week. In fact I rarely, if ever, visit spanking blogs anymore, which is quite ironic being that I have my own spanking blog. Now even though the blog numbers aren’t what they used to be, my blog still gets 600 visitors a day, so blogs do still have a purpose.

For some reason though I just couldn’t put pen to paper, there was nothing inspiring that grabbed me, not even in my photo archives. Every year I try to write at least one new story, but I wasn’t sure what to do. The main idea that I had in my head was a magical spanking, one where a grown woman was transported back in time. In fact it was a story idea that I had already started many years ago, like literally about ten years ago, and the premise of the story was inspired by the film “Pleasantville”. The story in my mind of course is of a modern day woman being transported back to the 1950s for some good old Male spanks Female spanking fun, but it just wasn’t there guys.

There was once a time where ideas flew through my head every hour of the day, and I remember having a weekly chat with a spanking producer where her and I would bash out idea after idea for a spanking website. There are still moments where that happens, and I do still want to make one final film with the ideas in my head, but that is probably going to be hard to do nowadays because I don’t see myself going back to any spanking parties anytime soon. Perhaps one day I will rent a beach house in Jersey, fly in a female top for the movie and hope to hire a couple of local women for the spanking film. This idea that I have for a M/FF and F/FF spanking film is still strong in my mind, but will it happen before I get too old?

My image today is one of those pictures that can inspire a spanking story, a spanking out in the woods. While the image is grainy and we don’t see the lady’s face, there is still so much to enjoy in the image. First of all, an actual tree stump!! You often hear about them in spanking stories, but you rarely see them. Then we have a hand clearly in motion, but perhaps the biggest ‘trigger’ that I see here is the way that he is holding her free arm. Just that simple act tells me that this is not the first time, and likely won’t be the last time that these two people engaged in some type of spanking.

6 thoughts on “If You Go Out In The Woods Today

  1. Hi,writers block happens to the best of them as you know.
    Dennis Norden and Frank Muir once said that comegy writing consisted of 99% staring out of the window and occaisionaly scribbling a word or two.
    Inspiration required? How about Goldilocks and the three spankings?

  2. Colin,

    Dennis Norden and Frank Muir, man that takes me back a few years!! Even though he appeared in programmes that were way above my intelligence level, I always enjoyed watching and listening to Frank Muir. In regards to stories, I have this project in mind called “1950’s Case Studies”. I want to write four of them but all done in the style of Will Henry. So shorter stories, but made into a compendium type collection.


  3. A great picture, Rich, for all the reasons you outlined. I also like his demeanour, he’s got a job to do,and he’s getting on with it!

  4. Nice post sir.

    Your stories are always and I mean always outstanding. So if it takes longer so be it as they are worth the wait. Something will trigger your mind no question.

    As for the NJ shore house. Wow sounds amazing.

    Take care of yourself

  5. Theo,

    I love finding little pictures like this, they all tell a story. Not every photo has to be a double leg spreadie with snatch cam 🙂


  6. Ron,

    I used to really enjoy writing stories but I soured on the scene a bit so they are harder to create now. Hopefully one day I will be able to put together that shoot, it should be a lot of fun.


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