One Of Them Is Happy

Today I have a little spare time so I am rifling through a few hundred books looking for some unique spanking pics. So far I have only come up with two, but they are both fairly decent.

As I am online then why not throw up a quick OTK spanking pic from the 1950s. Normally this would possibly be a birthday spanking, but there are no indicators that it is so. Therefore it is more than likely just a bit of playful fun, at least for him anyway 🙂

Come back tomorrow for the Sunday Classic.

6 thoughts on “One Of Them Is Happy

  1. Women be like that! I can remember a female employee complaining about a guy pinching all the girl’s asses at the bar. Her complaint, he didn’t choose to pinch her! Another once complained her sister’s boyfriend saw fit to painfully humiliate her sister by wedgieing the poor lass. My employee’s complaint, he didn’t wedgie her as well! These were adult women complaining, WHY NOT ME? So, yeah, I’m certain some sibling rivalry is afoot here! Another cute gem! Thanks!

  2. I think they’re both enjoying themselves, but what is the third person in the background doing? Initially I thought they were knitting, or something like it!

  3. Fatherjim,

    I can’t say that I have ever encountered that, mind you, I remember growing up in England and seeing some rather dodgy things when I was a young man. Once I got older I could think back and remember how creepy some men were, lol.


  4. Theo,

    I have no earthly idea, nor do I know what gender the person is. I do get the vibe that there is some sadness that they are not taking part, whatever gender they are, perhaps a smidge of jealousy?


  5. I know I would be smiling if I had a pretty woman over my lap and spanking her.great finds thanks for sharing and all your research to find these gems.have a great day and enjoy your day.

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