Spam On Saturday

What is spam on Saturday you may ask, well I shall tell you. Ever wonder how spanking websites get members? One of the methods is through people like me with their referral programs. Most spanking websites provide a weekly promotional pack for webmasters to use that they feel best describes their product. In fact, from what I know, every single spanking website provides this pack to Webmasters. As a Webmaster the spanking website owner emails me directly each week with the promotional packs that they want us to use to advertise their site.

Over the years I stopped using these promotional packs but lately I have started to use them again. What do I get out of it? I’ll be quite frank with you, I earn money by using the promotional material that the websites send me. You will see very little on this site as I like to keep the sidebars clean, but you will see that rotating banner advertising Shadowlane spanking videos to the right there. The reason that I keep that one on the home page is simple, it has always been my biggest money earner by a country mile. Also, because many other website owners saw me using it, and then swiped it directly from this site, I now earn more money per month for what other webmasters earn than I earn myself. In a nutshell, I get 20% on sales, but I also get 5% of what other websites earn because they took the link from my site. So if you imagine that 20 sites grabbed my promotional tool, I get 5% of what 20 sites earn each month. It’s pretty cool. If you ever want to know how to make money using your blog, I wrote this entire article on the process. CLICK HERE for the article. If you sign up by clicking either of the two videos below you can get 20 minutes free time to watch what you want.

So what that said, here are the latest two videos added to Hot Movies from Shadowlane. You click on each picture and it takes you to the video page. The first video is one of the few that I have yet to watch from Tony and Eve, so I also might have to renew my own membership on Hot Movies. For $19.95 you get 200 minutes which is pretty damn good considering the 100’s of spanking titles they have on offer.

Now we have some spanking galleries from Sarah Gregory. Sarah sent these to me yesterday to promote her site.

Daddy Spanks Alex

Daddy is not happy when he receives a phone call from hotel security that his 18 year old daughter has been at the bar drinking. When confronted, Alex lies to his face. Now, she will not only be spanked for the underage drinking, but also for the lying. Daddy takes his naughty daughter, Alex, over his knee for a hard spanking over her cute dress, panties, and then on the bare bottom. Her punishment ends after daddy takes the belt to her. She is one sorry little girl. CLICK HERE for the 16 picture gallery


Mommy spanks Bianca

This is a short scene from a long play 1950s discipline film to be released late in the summer on Sarah Gregory Spanking. This is a very hot mommy daughter scene and I was so excited to give everyone a sneak peak into the huge project I am working on. Bianca plays Jennifer and Tasha plays her strict mother. Jennifer has been breaking many rules at school and now mommy must deal with her naughty behavior. Jennifer was made to change into a  “punishment” outfit and go over mommy’s knee for some hard spanking. She kicked and cried out in pain until her bottom was sore,hot,and red. CLICK HERE for the 16 pic promotional gallery.


Double YOUR Fun


This naughty babysitter finds herself getting a birthday spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties, but that is just the start of her troubles. Clearly curious about the threat of a further spanking she dons her silky nightie, and gets spanked once more, this time on the bare bottom after her panties are soundly warmed. Will she be curious about the belt though? A third spanking ensues which is followed by a dose of the belt…. Lot’s of otk action, cute white nylon panties, and red bottoms all around. 34 minutes
vlcsnap-2011-10-29-09h44m58s42 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-09h46m11s14


Here is the complete 25 minute movie. Naughty Amber Grey has returned to see Richard Windsor. In this film Amber is given a long otk spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties by hand and hairbrush. She then receives an otk spanking on her panties and bare bottom before finally getting a dose of the leather belt on her bare bottom. Lots of scolding from an Englishman to a sweet Texas cutie. This is a traditional form of spanking, an old fashioned over the knee spanking given by hand and hairbrush and then finally the belt. The type of spankings that naughty girls across the country get. If you like your spankings the old fashioned way then you will love this, Amber is a little squirmer with the cutest bubble butt. 24 minutes
vlcsnap-2011-10-29-11h16m47s0 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-11h17m48s226


Mr. Windsor has a business trip planned and he has brought his petulant personal assistant with him. While attempting to get Ten’s attention through their intial meeting, Mr. Windsor has to resort to the method that he knows best, a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. The lesson didn’t seem to work though as Ten consumes far too much alcohol, so she gets a second over the knee spanking that includes the hairbrush this time.24 minutes
vlcsnap-2011-10-29-14h50m39s204 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-14h51m41s74


Sarah is being very difficult as her Uncle Richard tries to make a business call. She pushes her luck too far and he leads her into the room by her ear, and then proceeds to put her over his knee for a long, firm over the knee spanking, first on her bikini clad bubble butt and then on her bare bottom. Watch as Sarah’s lily white butt gets turned into the color of a ripe tomato. Her attitude doesn’t change from the hand spanking though, and very soon she finds herself laying on the bed for 68 strokes of the belt. Watch the camera film this strapping from various angles. By the time the spanking is finished, Sarah dutifully complies with her Uncle’s request to clean the hotel room they are staying in. This video features a long over the knee spanking and finishes with a nice firm strapping.
vlcsnap-2011-01-06-10h21m44s207 vlcsnap-2011-01-06-10h25m42s232

No ‘Gina Pics

I’m pretty sure that there is a touch of prudishness in me when it comes to spanking pics. I tend to believe that it all goes back to the origins of how one first develops there interest in spanking, at least for me it does. The picture below captures in essence EVERYTHING I like to see in a spanking pic, hell, even a movie. The angle itself is my favorite angle to witness a spanking from, and you know what, after watching the trailer for this film I went and purchased a subscription to the website SOLELY on what I saw in one pic and a video trailer. Now I could have purchased the film for a few dollars less, but if I liked that film and was getting it anyway, why not get the whole site for basically the same price?


Here’s the thing, I like this angle for two reasons. First of all, the angle is delicious and reminds me of spankings I could have seen growing up. I simply love seeing the curves of the bottom from this angle, the pronounced division of the cheeks, and always with the one visible cheek showing the marks of a spanking. In this particular pic it doesn’t hurt that you are also able to see the spanking hand clearly in motion.

During the Boardwalk Badness party this weekend I got into quite a conversation about the topic of pictures that I like compared to vagina pics, and one person I was talking to really summed it up for me, there is still a mystery there, an allowance to let you use your imagination. Obviously that is a huge reason why I love vintage spanking pics, it is because they generally tend to be PG and allow you to envision what is actually happening and what may follow.

Before I continue I have to say that this is not a knock on anyone, or any producers or individual posters, this is solely my view. After all, we are all entitled to our own thoughts, right? This pic above excited me, but obviously for one pic I am not paying out money (other than the pics I buy for you guys). Being an experienced blogger though I knew where to look to see whether there were other like minded pics through the affiliate program. There wasn’t any more on the FHG for this set, but the video trailer sold me. After joining the site, for this set alone I was able to get more than a dozen pics of what I consider to be a list spanking photos, you know, that special folder of mine where MY favorite pics are stored.

I’m a rarity, a total rarity, I find vagina pics in spanking pics and videos to be a complete turn off. In my world and my world only, the more vagina that is advertised, the less likely that I am to join that site or buy those films. It is just a personal preference, I don’t like to see a vagina and anus in spanking pics, period. Obviously when watching a spanking film that isn’t being deliberately made to show as much vagina as is humanly possible, there will be times where you see more than is intended, and that doesn’t bother me, mainly because my focus isn’t there anyway. This also plays a huge part as to why I have no problem if a spanking is totally given on the panties because let’s be honest, most of the butt is bare anyway, lol.

I’m very particular about what I like in spanking and I would have to say, with deliberate irony, that the pic above is The Perfect TEN 🙂 For angles alone the video itself is something that I will watch many times, especially the hairbrush session which again captures a pleasant voyeuristic plethora of angles. I even have to say that butt cam spanking over the pajamas is really classy and for someone like me it is very hot to watch. I know that I’m not going to have a lot of support in what I like, but I can at least share a great movie for you that DOES encompass what I like if you view spanking the same way that I do. If you want to see the film that I am talking about which is on mommaspankings then click the link below to the Sarah Gregory Pass for both sites. There are a lot of pics that appease me on the sites so it was well worth the money. I do have to say though, pajamas, silky panties, an angle from the head of the spankee and a hairbrush, it honestly doesn’t get much better than that for me!!

Revisiting Juke Joint

This was a movie clip that I posted over three years ago that I cut from my personal copy of the film. I was able to pick the film up pretty easily and it came as part of a pack of old films, the others of which I never did watch. As I posted the new and improved lobby card to this film last week I thought why not reprise the whole spanking clip for those that have yet to see it and are new to my blog.

In this scene from Spencer Williams’  1947 Juke Joint, Mama Lou  (Inez Newell)  stops her daughter, Florida  (Katherine Moore)  from eloping and gives her a sound spanking on the seat of her panties with a hairbrush. When I cut it I decided to leave all of the set up portion so that it has a good build up, Florida even gets a couple of swats with an umbrella prior to the spanking.

Spanks Giving

It is the time for giving thanks, or perhaps in our case the time for giving spanks!! This year I tried to come up with something new but I was not able to, so I will revert to a giveaway from the last year where you can choose between any of four movies of mine. It is a totally free giveaway, all you are required to do is choose which movie you want and leave your email address for me to send you the link, it is as simple as that.

There really is no catch at all. I’ve been asked before what do I do with the email addresses and it couldn’t be any more simple, I do nothing with them other than give free stuff away. So here is the deal for today, choose between any of the four movies listed here (click each name to see the movie details) and then at the bottom of this post fill in the form telling me what movie you want and leave a valid email address where I can send it to you. It is that simple. Nobody will ever see your email address and I don’t use them for anything other than to give things away. If you want to do something nice in return you can leave a comment on my blog somewhere, but it certainly isn’t a requirement.



I will think of something to give away over on my spanking pics siteI just don’t know what yet. Just let me point out with the videos here, when I send them to you try and save them to your hard drive. After a month or so I clear the sharing options in preparation of the next giveaway.

Evocative Image

This morning I needed a distraction as I juggled watching the football and talking to my mum. She is due home from hospital next week and they have offered her a hospital bed, and of course she is being stubborn saying that she will use her own bed. I tried a tactic by saying  “Why not have the bed at home and if you don’t use it, so be it, but it will be there if you need it”. We will find out next week whether that registers for her. I’m not going to go in depth today, but this blog is about my life and unfortunately there are times where vanilla things are a part of it, now of course is one of those times.

On the spanking front though, I think that spanking Pixie last week has got my interest back a bit. I mean it was always there, I just got worn out and tired of certain behaviours that took the fun out of it for me. Spanking has always been about fun and enjoyment for me, and the last few parties that I went to I stopped having fun. That is nobodies fault other than my own, the enjoyment stopped because my focus was on the negative and not the positive.

Anyway, aside from spanking Pixie last week, I also got a tweet from ellee this week reminding me that our schoolgirl/teacher two part scene has not been completed yet. ellee Evergood still has to go home to face her uncle to explain her behaviour. As I probably won’t be at another party until BBW for obvious reasons, that leaves me lots of time to plot. I’m already envisioning ellee being sent to her room to wait for me in nothing but her t-shirt and panties, and nothing screams domestic more than a thick leather belt. It’s early days though, and I do like to create a good story.

Of course with ellee reminding me of the scene I went back to look at pictures from the schoolgirl scene we did. Out of the 22 pictures we took I have only ever posted two. There is two of her in the corner displaying a bright scarlet bottom but her panties are very sheer, and I respect her wishes for no bare bottom pics. Her bottom isn’t bare, but it just as well be 🙂

So going through the pics today I started playing with them, and I came up with this awesome, evocative image. Obviously there are no faces, but I thought that I would share my artistic creation. It reminds me of the first time that I saw a girl spanked when I snuck in as the spanking was going on, and I was presented with her upturned panty clad bottom being spanked in the angle shown in this pic.


Going back to what I stated at the beginning of this post, I love the fun and playful aspect of our lifestyle, so I went to hot movies to create this little video from the Shadowlane production  “Bare Assets”. It kind of typifies the type of playful behaviour that I love and enjoy. The  “Play” button is in the middle of the image below.

If you want to see the whole movie as shown above, then click the picture below. I have set the video with a special offer that if you sign up you get 20 minutes free to watch whatever you want.

Streetcar Sundays –42

Before I share with you this weeks Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic, I thought I would let you all know that I have reduced all of my spanking videos to the lowest price that I can sell them. Here is a partial list of what is for sale —> SPANKING VIDEOS

There are others though that are not in the list such as BARE BOTTOM BONANZA –  47 MINUTES $14.99

Just click any of the links above to peruse all of my spanking videos.

This weeks Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic is from Swissvale, PA in 1953

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

Swissvale pa 53

Windsor Wednesday Classic –75 - Thanksgiving

*Update*  If you tried to leave a comment via the comment box, I didn’t realize that it was broken. It is fixed now 🙂

It is that time of years where we give thanks to all that we have in our lives. Whilst I might be taking the CM Punk route in regards to spanking parties, the one thing that will not change is this blog. There is so much material that I have that it is likely to run another eight years. Without an interested audience though then it would be all for nought, so today is my day to say thank you to everyone for your continued support of this site.

What I have for you today is one of the best pictures from my collection, but I also have the FREE VIDEO that I promised you last week. Now I haven’t uploaded it to my Google Drive just yet so it won’t be ready until around 12pm EST today, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t request it already. The video that I am going to upload is the only one that was asked for, and that video is SARAH –THE BRATTY NIECE.


To get the video it is pretty simple and requires next to no effort on your part. Simply leave a comment on this post stating that you would like the video and you can have it, but pay attention to this requirement. When you fill the form out you are required to put your email address, enter in that box where you would like me to send the link to the video. You won’t need to put it in the comments section as I will be able to see the email address that you left the comment form. It’s as simple as that and this is my way of saying thanks to you all for your support. Remember, I can’t send you the video link if you don’t leave your email address.

And now on to the Classic for this week. Now while the actual spankings could do with some work, this is one of the clearest spanking pictures that I have from the 1950’s. The picture is from the play  “Damsels in Distress” and if you click the link below you will be able to see the other 4 spanking pics that I have previously shared from this play already.


Damsels boiling


Many years ago when I started this blog I also joined the budding blogger community in setting up referral links. In fact when we originally began, Pixie and I would spend countless hours helping out other blogs by teaching them how to also set up their referral links. Many of these blogs have now called it quits while others went on to turn their blogs into nothing but referral links, and we hardly heard from them again once we help set them up.

There was a time when I also posted referral links but once the market became saturated I removed them from this site. Don’t get me wrong, they are still on here, but now, as opposed to posting them on the home page I have a separate page where they are all hidden. There is one referral site that I kept however which you will see on the right over there ———->and that is HOT MOVIES.

The reason for keeping the one referral link noticeable on the site is pretty simple, it is the one link that has been and remains the most popular link. I have said it many times and I will say it again, not only is it popular but I am also a subscriber myself, the site is awesome for watching clips. For $19.95 you get 200 minutes to spend wherever you want. As an example, each film is broken down by clips or by the whole film, if you choose to watch a clip and decide that you don’t like it, the only time taken from your lot is the time you have spent watching it. So if you watched 2 minutes you now have 198 minutes left. Now for me, that works more than you can imagine. I’m pretty picky when it comes to movies so for my 200 minutes I can generally watch clips from around 50 or 60 movies.

This website has also become a great source for bloggers who use referral links, and I have the data to back it up. A good number of bloggers, and they might not even be spanking bloggers, have come to this site, seen the rotating box to the right there and they set up their own accounts through my set up. How do I know this? That is simple, any blogger who used my site to set up their own took part in a pay it forward program. Not a lot of referral companies provide this, but some of them provide a WEBMASTER REFERRAL code. After having Hot Movies for so long now I have so many webmaster referrals that I now earn more money from other websites than I do from my own.

Now a lot of websites look at the referral link and see that it only pays 20%, whereas most others pay between 40-50%, and decide that it isn’t worth it to them. Those of us who were on board early get 25% so our loyalty is rewarded as well. For the webmaster referral program you get 5% of whatever other bloggers make, so if someone makes $50 a month then I would get $2.50 for referring them. As I stated, I make more now from other websites selling hot movies than I do my own, so that should give you some idea as to how many websites have taken the link from this site.

Now I know that this isn’t my regular type of posting, but because I use the site so much I also want to make sure that it is available to everyone. So if this is something that you think that you might like, before you click on any picture below, click THIS LINK for 20 free minutes. Tomorrow I will return with my normal Windsor Wednesday Classics posts and then on Thursday it will be the free video.

These are the latest releases from Shadowlane that appear on Hot Movies.

A Good Day For Hunting

Finally I get a day off where I can spend some time on my favorite hobby, picture hunting. It might also be a good time to write part two of the 3 GIRLS STORY.

So far today I have spent two hours on a picture search and I have turned up absolutely nothing so far. I guess it is like fishing, sometimes you need to find a new spot. Anyway, I’m feeling in a good mood and as I always like to give stuff away, I figured I would slash one of my videos to half price for the weekend. It isn’t exactly half price but $15.99 is as low as the site will let me go.

In this video you get two stories and the video runs for an entire hour. Spankings by hand, hairbrush and belt, both girls in white nylon panties at my request. So if you ever felt like getting this it is $15.99 which is less than a tenner if you are in the UK.

Purchase on CLIPS4SALE

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