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Comic book spankings are something that I post very infrequently, this is mostly because the market is already covered by the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW. The only time that I will post one is if I have something new to offer to what Webed has already posted over there, and today is one of those days.

Eleven years ago Webed posted THIS ROY ROGERS spanking scene, but he didn’t have a date of the comic nor a very clear version of it. Well I am happy to report that I just found a few new panels for the July 1951 edition of the Roy Rogers comic, in color. Each image opens to a larger version if needed, so just click on each one should you need to.

On the vanilla front I also wanted to share this. This week my favorite Japanese singer, AiNA THE END, releases her first solo album, and over on Youtube they have used the platform to display her talents ahead of the release.

This first track was done for a popular Japanese Youtube channel and it blew up on Japanese media, it has had over 4 million views in just one week online. This really displays AiNA’s raw talent, just her and a piano. It was previewed on all of Japan’s morning TV shows and the critics online have gone mental over how good it is. Please give it a listen if you can, the subtitles work in English so just click the CC button. I flew to Japan pretty much specifically to see this girl sing. I paid $150 per ticket for two shows (to see the band BiSH, who she sings with), and I remember the ticket reseller laughing at me when I asked what the chances were that he could get me tickets. One year later the ticket prices were doubled, lol. Now I have no idea how much it will cost to see her.

Secondly, AiNA also released a video on her own channel of one of the songs from the upcoming album. Six years ago AiNA wrote this song and this was also the track that she sang successfully for her audition to the band, BiSH. The video is really important to me because it tells the story of her journey. How she went from being homeless to being a household superstar. She is a very humble young lady and I freakin’ love this song!!

2 thoughts on “Roy Rogers Comic

  1. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the shout-out and of course for posting the pages from Roy Rogers. Although you couldn’t know it, as it happens these scans are from my copy of the book which I obtained some months ago. I’ve been too busy to update CSR with them so it’s just as well you got them out there for me. It’s too bad we don’t get to see Harry spanking Linda, but she sure looks worried in that penultimate panel and we can certainly imagine what comes next! No doubt ean and Linda were sitting rather gingerly in their saddles during the ride home.

  2. Oh no way, isn’t that something? I had no idea that it was you that was selling the copy on EBay 🙂 I often scan EBay for spanking finds, in fact I have done so for many years now, there are always some classics to be found on there.


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