My favorite angle for spanking pics (20 pics included)

This post is going to be huge guys,I can tell you this much already because I have just stopped typing to go back to the top to add the line that you are reading at this very moment. What I am going to do is insert the pictures throughout the article that I am writing,but I do hope that you guys will actually read what I have to say though and not just look at the pictures alone. In the following article I explain to you why I enjoy this angle so much,and I even share a couple of real life tales that I think contribute to the actual reasons as to why I enjoy this angle so much.

Now it is time for me to show you guys just how crazy of an individual that I am. This is something that I don’t know the origins of,though I do have a couple of theories as to why ol’ Richard Windsor loves to look at spanking pics that look like the following 20 pics.

There is a certain angle that I love to see pics from,and this isn’t just for spanking either,whether the girl is nude or even wearing panties,I love to see pics taken from this angle. In fact I probably have more pics of females in their panties or nude than I have of spanking pics that are taken from this angle. From this angle in a spanking pic I think that it really accentuates the female form,and we get the added bonus that we are able to see the girls face at the same time!! Most pay sites out there feature this position to a certain degree,and of course they are the first pics that I download,but I will say this though,Chelsea Pfeiffer’s website by far represent this angle more than any other.

Of course all of Chelsea’s pics are copyrighted so I can’t really share them with you here,but I can guarantee to you that there probably isn’t one of them that I don’t have stored for my own viewing pleasure. For what it’s worth,I was a member of Chelsea’s website for 14 months as a paid customer,seriously,14 months as a paid member!! Not only that,but I haven’t been a member now for roughly (can you believe I just went to my email to check this) for over TWO bloody years!! Oh my God,this weekend I need to renew my membership with Chelsea’s site ASAP,there has to be 1000’s more pics for me to salivate over. Go check it out yourself as well guys,not only is the spanking material first rate,but she makes sure her girls wear the cutest panties 😉 I am going to email Chelsea and ask her if I can share 3 or 4 of my favorite pics from her website of this angle to show you the type of quality which makes me love her site so much. With Chelsea’s site it isn’t only the angle of course,it helps that the girls are super cute as well 😉 If she allows this I will make it an actual website review,as seen through Richard Windsor’s perverted eyes of course.

Now even though I like the angle represented in these pics,I am so fussy that I can even separate the pics and break them down into 3 categories. The first eight pics that I have posted here are pretty much “A”class pics in what I look for. It is just the right angle of both the girl and the camera,with a good view of both the girls face and of her bottom sticking up in the background.

Before getting on to the next 7 pics,let me explain to you my theory on why I like this pose,and I have two theories as to why this could be. The first theory goes back to childhood and I often wonder how much this plays a part in why I like these pics so much. My belief is that the image is deeply ingrained in my mind and contributes wholeheartedly as to why this is my favorite spanking pose. One of the first recollections that I have of seeing a girl spanked happened when I was about 11 years old. I had seen many of course back in those days as it wasn’t a very uncommon practice at all to see a boy or girl get up to half a dozen swats by an irate parent,but this one sticks out for me and it was witnessed by me from the angle viewed throughout all of these pictures.

There was a pair of Sister’s that my Mom used to look after during the summer holidays,one of which was slightly younger than I was and the other just a little bit older,closer to my Brother’s age. You have to remember that in my house you only had to smile the wrong way to get slapped around the face,or far worse,so I don’t even know if this girl had actually done anything wrong,but whatever it was it had been reported to her Mother when she came to pick the kids up after what I assume had been a day at work.

I remember being in the back yard when I heard a raised voice. Now from what I remember I couldn’t stand these two girls (though now I am sure they were just two normal girls) so the prospect of one of them being in trouble made me happier than getting chocolate ice cream. Let me point out at this time that there was one occasion that horrified me and is ingrained in my memory,and it was a very wicked thing to do to someone. I was totally used to being hit for no reason whatsoever,and sometimes beaten horrifically for even less,but one time to add to my dehumanizing my Mom spanked me in front of those two girls. It was probably one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me,far worse than being beaten with a plastic car track I can tell you.

Anyway,I walked (sneaked) into the kitchen where the commotion was taking place and I walked right into the older sister over her mother’s lap,with her skirt raised,getting either the last,or for all I know the only,smacks to her upturned bottom. In just seconds I was screamed at by my own Mother to get out,and all I saw was either 4 or 5 spanks land,but it was enough for the girl to see that I had observed her being spanked as both she and her Mom looked my way. I was much too smart to stay one second longer than being told to leave,but from the angle shown in these pics I had witnessed this girl being spanked,and even better she knew that I had seen it.

The story continues below but the next seven pics are from the same angle,but do not quite make my “A” list. It is partially because of either a slight variation of the camera angle,or perhaps because the girl isn’t positioned perfectly. Even so they are still close enough to what I like.

So anyway,part of the joy that I experienced that day,and it really is a wicked thing to think of in all honesty,but part of the joy was in knowing that when this girl got home she was probably going to get the spanking of a lifetime from her Mom. That thought made me happier than it really should have because I’m not a wicked person at all,but there was something super exciting to me that I figured out that the spanking was probably going to happen.

There was another occasion where I remember being in my house when my Mom’s ‘Friend’ was over visiting. I recall sitting at the dinner table as quiet as a mouse as my Mom and a young neighbor girl were frolicking with him. The girl was either 16 or 17 and I don’t remember exactly what was going on,my role at that time,as it was for much of my childhood,was to sit there as quiet as I could possibly be and not attract even so much as an ounce of attention. Anyway,during the fooling around the neighbor girl ended up face down over the arm of the couch and my Mom’s friend swatted her three times with the family clothes brush. Not even in the same realm as the first story written here,but nonetheless from the same angle as shown in the pics.

The other reason that I can think of as to why I like pics shown from the angle in all of the ones posted here,and this is just a guess,is all to do with the sexuality part of spanking. Now don’t get me wrong,I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination,but I separate spanking a great deal to pornography when I look at photographs. When I see a pic shot from the “Buttcam” position,an awful lot of the time we are also seeing glimpses of the family jewels as well,whether it be the vagina or even the anus. Yes,I totally understand just how weird I sound right now,but when I am seeing a spanking scenario I really don’t want to see the private parts as well. I’m not sure if I am alone in this thought,and even if I am I am quite happy to have my own opinion,but all I want to focus on is the bottom and the girls face. Even when I am looking at pics of regular models I only glance at the pics where the ‘junk’ is displayed,I find pictures of the female form much more erotic when I’m not viewing it as a gynecologist might see it. The imagination and provocativeness of the female form are much more attractive to me when the pictures are discreet and sexy.

Personally I think that the first experience that I had plays a bigger role of the two as to why I like to view pics from this angle. From other such scenarios I can think of in the areas of many different things,there is a lot that is ingrained in my mind that is very,very powerful. There is way too many to list but I know that what I view as perfection in various scenarios,spanking ones especially,are scenarios that I discovered,witnessed or thought about when I was a very young man.

The last five pics shown below aren’t really perfect pics to me,which is perhaps why I list them in the “C” category. Even so,they are pics that are taken from the ‘right’ end to me,even if some of them may be almost from the side,they are just far enough towards the girls head that I include them as pics that I very much enjoy. Before I finish I just want to point out that this may be my last post for the week,part of which was the reason that I wanted to make a nice big post out of it. I can’t tell you why ‘Just’ yet,but I won’t be around this weekend for a really awesome reason. Hopefully I will be back on Sunday to view and answer any feedback. Please share your thoughts with me in regards to this post,I would be interested in reading them,even if you totally disagree with me. Until next time please enjoy the last 5 pics and maybe do yourselves a favor and check out

Richard Windsor.

12 comments to My favorite angle for spanking pics (20 pics included)

  • Great post,Richard,and thanks for all the life history and insight into what makes you tick today. I’m also happy to read that not everyone needs to see the “jewels,”as these type of shots do not seem necessary at all in a spanking video. Rad and I are in agreement that we like seeing a girl’s face showing pain (like she’s REALLY getting spanked),not winking at the camera.

    Have a great time this weekend,doing whatever it is you’re doing. Hope to see you soon.

  • Richard Windsor

    Thank you for your response,Sandy!! Yes,in spanking videos I also like them very much to be filmed from side/slightly to the front. It’s funny because I don’t have any personal pics of myself spanking a lady from the position shown,so what I do is take the videos that I have done with Punishedbrats and capture stills from them to feed my wants 😉

  • ^Mike


    I agree with your reasoning. I,too,like to see pics and vids from that angle because I enjoy watching “what’s going on at one end,and the effect if has on the other end,”so to speak. As long as the girl’s reactions are genuine,you can see her inner stress displayed in her eyes and expressions. And the spanks landing still leave a tad to the imagination. IMHO,that angle seems to enhance the shape of every girl’s bottom. Glad to see you have the color print of your first pic,which I long ago found in bad B&W on Wolfram’s site. Very nice pic,and it looks as if the girl’s got tears in her eyes (her butt still looks untouched,though). Wonder if it came from a vid or a photoset.

    Also,pic #4 above,from the video “Painful Memories”:I have that,and another you might like even better,but without all the clutter around the edges. Offer still stands to e-mail them to you if you like.

    (I’ve an idea what you’ll be up to this weekend. Have fun,and glad to see you back.)

  • Excellent post! who doesn’t love these photo angels? hmm…whoops! Freudian slip lol…I meant photo “angles.”

    All GREAT fotos you posted here.

    these are all about 2 of the most important aspects of a great spank pic:expressions and reactions,and plus it’s a wonderful otk position.

    Just about all of these pix show the look on the spankee’s face:is it surprise? pleasure? shock? pain? eroticism? we can only surmise. And the look on the spanker’s face is crucial too,to a top-notch pic.

    Great blogging,

  • Rich,

    I am SO WITH YOU on the “modesty”bit of this angle. I’m no prude either,but I’m just distracted by all the anatomy. This is another reason that nude pics/videos never do it for me.

    I’d never have figure out the theme connecting my favourite photos…but they’re pretty much all at this angle,too. Thing is,a bum is a bum is a bum (to a certain extent) and while I want to see a pretty shape and a pretty colour there,I’m only going to get so much information from it. A bum’s not going to tell me about the emotions of a spanking. That’s what a face is for.

    I think on a similar note,F. likes to lean a mirror against the wall in front of my face so he can see it when he spanks me. I hate it,it makes me feel self-conscious,but after reading this post I have a better idea of why he does it.

  • Mike–I would love to see the pics that you have. I think at one time I had the above mentioned pic without all the fluff,but I couldn’t find it. I wonder if you do know what I am up to this weekend? It is something I have been looking forward to for a while now.

    Dave–I couldn’t agree more,the look on the girls face is just as important as the spanking in my eyes. And it doesn’t all have to be screaming and pain!! Anticipation,shock,humiliation,excitement. Just working out the look on the girls face is as much fun for me.

    Caroline–I’m kicking myself for not using the word ‘Modesty’,lol. In a bit of self discovery from this post,perhaps this is also another reason that I prefer clothed spankings,whether it be skirt,jeans,pj’s or panties,as opposed to the bare bottom.

    F. certainly has one of my favorite tricks down pat though,I love to use a mirror 😉

    Richard Windsor.

  • ^Mike

    Ahh,Richard,spank that Brat…especially girls whose names begin with P or S in months beginning with “Oh!!”I’ve again included my e-mail address so you can send me an address to which I can send those pix. I’m assuming you can pull it off this message header.

  • In the twenty excellent pics,some are classics I remember from the early dark days of Prodigy. I’m not from a big town,so when I was young,before early internetstubehighways,my only way to get a fix was from mainstream movies. God bless and keep your soul,John Wayne.

    I like to see the face of the lovely lass the best. You learn a lot about a person when they are being spanked (even when they are acting).

    The face can express the soul,or hide it,but in hiding it can still give you information. Some girls have stoic faces during a spanking because they are tough and some are stoic simply because they don’t express the pain;some girls hold nothing back and yell,some nash their teeth;some smile as if to express,“this hurts,but it’s so absurd to be spanked that it’s sort of funny”. Some are lost in subspace,some look confused…the ways of women are endless.

    I like the angle for the hips and buttocks. It shows off the curves of a woman. Sturdy,soft,curvy,bulky but not clumsy. I think men’s butts are shaped to run and throw crap at tigers,while the function of a woman’s hips and butt is far more complicated and requires more space. Millions of years were taken to create my DNA,and it will not negotiate with political correctness or Kate Moss. No offense,Kate. I’m glad you’re working again. Also,dang it,girls seem to FIT over the lap.

    And I completely agree about the “family jewels”. While there is certainly a connection,I think for spankos a spanking is its own thing,a per se good,even though closely linked to eroticism. It sounds like a pervert defending his perversion (perhaps it is),but for me spanking pics are not necessarily porn,IMHO.

    I’m just kidding,I’m not humble.


  • Charlie

    Richard,I also agree with you about the “family jewels”. There are plenty of videos where the spanking is shown without that
    ‘extra’added attraction [a distraction in regards to a good spanking video].

    In regards to the ‘angle’of the photo shoot,I have seen several where you get the model’s reaction as she knows another swat/spank or stroke is coming and after it impacts.


  • I’m so not into the gynecological shots. I definitely like the side shots or front shots best,but do still like to see that a spanking is going on and get a glimpse of the spanker. (But I don’t mind if the spankee is winking)

    Also,thank you for the nice account of your experiences (I did read it). I always find that stuff fascinating.

  • Richard Windsor

    Charlie,I also have many more pics just like these!! My hope is to post a part two to this article soon 🙂

    Iggy,it was actually very hard to share that story,mostly because I didn’t want to give wank fodder to a certain crowd. My hope is that the people who know me,and the people who read this blog,are able to understand why I would share that story. It is a big part of me and I felt it fit the piece well. 🙂

  • I love picture number six. Spanking a naughty woman’s bare bottom dressed in garter-belt and stockings,gets to me eroticly everytime.

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