Windsor Wednesday Classic – 269

Unfortunately the picture this week isn’t very clear, however it is still an important addition to the spanking world. You just have to use your imaginations a little bit.

Now to me this looks like a classic birthday spanking, but I have to be honest as well, there was no information attached to the image. It was found on a page that contained several dozen photos.

Let’s look at what we can see here in the image. It appears to be a classroom and there is a typewriter on the desk, but I think that would rule out an office secretary. If you look very closely (you might need to click on the image to get the full size) you can actually make out the lower half of the spankee’s body. She isn’t slumping as it may first appear, she is bent way over the desk, lol. You can also, if you look hard enough, see the hand of the guy doing the spanking.

Like I said, there is no guarantee that this is a BIRTHDAY SPANKING, but a pretty good educated guess would suggest that it is. The only question that remains is this, is this the teacher getting the spanking? Leave your thoughts below.

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