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The Year Of The Houndog – Part 1

This is it,  the year that I turn 50 years old!!

There is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions this go around for this milestone,  much different to the milestone a decade ago. When I turned 40 I was just about the happiest camper alive,  I even remember the party that was thrown for me at the Rodeo bar in New York. A girl that was my spanking partner at the time had flown in from Florida to spend it with me and life couldn’t have been better. Now don’t get me wrong at all,  I still consider myself to be totally blessed and I am having the time of my life,  but seriously,  50 sounds fucking old,  doesn’t it? LOL. It is just a number I know,  certainly I don’t feel any different than I have been at any other part of my life,  but fifty sounds way different to forty.

Here is the thing though,  my belief is that the year 2013 is going to be the best year of my life.


There are things that I need to take care of,  mainly to finish the remainder of the dental surgeries that I have had so far to reconstruct my upper jawbone,  but that presents a quandary for me,  it is bloody expensive. I have a choice to make,  and for better or worse I have made that choice. This is going to be a big year for me and I have decided to finish the surgeries at the end of the year going into 2014. It’s embarrassing without a shadow of a doubt after so many extractions,  and after the surgeries that I have had so far you can trust me,  nobody would want to walk around like this,  but I can have no complaints. My conscious decision for this year is to spend it on myself,  selfishly,  and I will be attending spanking parties throughout the year. This might be my last full year for a couple of years as I have to get this done,  but I will live with the embarrassment for this year and following that my money will have to be spent productively. I want my 50th year to be a special one though.

Realistically I shouldn’t keep a checklist of what I want to do,  but I can’t help it, there is a lot of excitement running through me right now and there are things that I want to do,  especially if my play will be limited for a time after this year. Right now I have parties to attend every 6 or 7 weeks through October so my options are good. Out of these parties the very first one in a few weeks’ time is going to be the toughest of all,  and it is perhaps the one that I feel the most anxious about. The reason for the anxiety is simple,  it is a smaller party and other than a handful of people,  I have no idea who is going to be there for this party.

A lot of times people will show surprise that Richard Windsor can be anxious,  but believe me I always am. The first thought about the upcoming party is that it could be out of my comfort zone. By that I mean that any other party that I go to it is with the people who have been close to me for many years. For all I know at the upcoming party there could be 12 girls there,  and if only half of them wish to play with me then that is a lot to stretch out over 4 days. Yes,  even the Ultra Popular Top worries about things like this. Often I have thought that it is easier for girls at parties in regards to actually playing. Aside from having to deal with unwanted attention and numerous safety issues,  they can pick and choose who they want to play with and how many times they want to play with them. Guys on the other hand,  they have to hope that they somehow fit into the equation,  that they will be afforded an audience.

One thing that I have mentioned already is that I am fully aware of who wants to play with me and who doesn’t. That isn’t said with any malice,  we all have our preferences as to what works for us. Of course I never go short on playing time and I generally focus on the people who have made it clear to me that they are okay with playing. In a smaller setting though I really do have fears. There will be a lot of times where I cordially talk to people and they are friendly,  but at no time am I getting an idea that playing is an option. Now in a small setting the chances are that everyone has already accepted that they going to be available to play,  the inherent fear that I have though is that someone will accept an offer to play not necessarily because they want to,  but because they feel they might have to.

It is a terrible feeling and it is one that I own. A lot of this is down to me but it is a real fear that I have. Many times I have had communications with a female where they have stated that we have never really played. From my perspective the reason for that is simple,  in my eyes I have misinterpreted that as an option that is not on the table. Like I said,  I’m no different to anyone else when it comes to fears and anxieties at spanking parties.

You will read a lot of times that people will say that I get to play with everyone. It simply isn’t true. For as many people who do wish to play with me there is an equal number who do not wish to play with me.

To me it is like a pyramid. At the top there are the people who show an interest in playing with me and that is where my own personal comfort zone is. Then there is the socially awkward tier,  the one a lot of us put ourselves in. Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

“Does that person want to play with me”?

“Will that person say no to me”?

“Why does that person play with him/her and not me”?

“Am I good enough for that person, will I be measured against others”?

“Do I play too hard, too soft, too long, too short”?

There are way too many questions and scenarios to list,  and I didn’t even get started on how difficult this could be for women as there can be way too many extracurricular things going on as well.

Because of what I listed above this is where I consider myself to be the most blessed. The only one that I listed that doesn’t apply to me is the third scenario  “Why does that person play with him/her and not me”?

I’m very fortunate in regards to that,  though I will say it is one of the most often questions that is asked of me. “How come she played with you and didn’t play with me”? It is a question that I cannot answer. There are certain thoughts that I have that I think is the right answer,  but I don’t know for sure.

Here is what I think,  especially as it relates to the scenario that I just suggested. At no point have I ever wondered why someone plays with another person and not me,  and for me there is a simple reason for that. In order for things to work for Richard Windsor one thing has to happen,  the girl MUST have a desire to play with me. That is how I get my kick,  that’s what works for me and how my personal headspace functions. If a girl is curt,  pleasant but abrupt,  discourteous to me online or in person,  or just aloof to my presence,  then my desire to play is very low. Does that make sense to you?

In order for me to function I have to have some importance,  some standing with an individual,  someone worthy of their time. I’m not talking of anything grandiose,  just a small indication that a play session would be welcomed. It is the number one motivating factor for me when it comes to playing,  if I am not important enough to them to want to play with me,  then the chances are they are not important to me to play with either (I’m strictly talking for spanking purposes here). It is a simple concept that I think is noticed by women,  even if it is subconsciously. Everyone has their own criteria as the what  ‘Does it’  for them,  mine just happens to be that. Hopefully that is something you can understand because it is hard for me to put these thoughts into words,  there is a slight fear that I have that this is going to sound mean spirited and it really isn’t meant to be. It is funny that I have had several emails online recently with women on the same subject that we all agree upon. Why would you want to play with someone who doesn’t want to play with you?

This is a topic that I really could talk for hours about,  though I don’t know if I should really go in depth too much about it. Am I aware of why I get to play with the women I do? I’m going to have to say yes,  I am fully aware of it. People want to feel important as a person,  regardless of who they are. I’m no different and I dare say that you aren’t either.

Often I have talked about the stereotypical spankee/top,  the one that fantasies are built upon. I’m no different there either,  that can certainly play as an aspect in wanting to play with someone. The difference as it relates to me though is that the stereotypical spankee in my mind isn’t measured with the same barometer that it may be measured in the minds of others.

Women are smart creatures,  they observe what is going on around them. It is something that I don’t need to talk about for long,  but women notice what is happening around them.

The list of parties that I will be going to this year is as follows. A private party in a few weeks’ time, Weekend,  Florida Moonshine,  Crimson Moon,  Shadowlane and hopefully a Southern Spanking Conference. The four parties in the middle are the ones that I hope to achieve a lot of my goals for the year and most of them revolve around roleplaying.

What is on my list for this year though? Would you like to hear of my grand plan?

A couple of things that aren’t really spanking related have already begun. Firstly,  the amount of unique content that I post and this obsession that I had that other blogs were getting the credit for the work that I provided,  and I was getting no credit in return. There really is no point concerning myself with this anymore,  it is was it is and it won’t likely change. I’m now satisfied that I am providing a unique service and the feedback that I have had is remarkable. The Sorority posts and the Wednesday classics have become the two most popular pages on this website and that is all the credit that I need.

Secondly, I had these thoughts that I wanted to share about awards,  but I have changed my mind on the topic. Recently I was nominated for blog of the year and I asked to be removed from the contest. My reasons for that are moral ones,  they are personal for me and they don’t need to be shared. Many people love being rewarded for their work and I am happy with that. It isn’t something for me.

Thirdly,  I moved past an issue a year ago and now I need to declare the final stage. Please stop emailing me to tell me that someone is talking shit about me or my blog,  I honestly don’t care 🙂 My way is the excitement that lies ahead,  there is so much to look forward to. So stop with the emails,  it means nothing to me.

Now for the all-important spanking related items that I hope to achieve this year,  they are lengthy,  but as I mentioned at the start,  this is my chance to empower myself and make this the best year that I have had to date in the spanking world. Some of these are short and some have an explanation attached,  so we will see how many I come up with. They are in no particular order,  I will just write them as they come to me.

Erica Scott – While Erica and I have done a couple of short videos,  one for Pixie’s cause for paws and one as a promo for Erica’s book,  we have never actually played. At every party I always talk with Erica for a long time and something that I would like to do this year is to actually have a play session with her. A proper spanking!

Melodynore – It is something that I have never admitted to before,  but I have a spanking crush on her. I’m not sure why,  but I have always wanted to play with her. There was only one real chance that I had and it never happened,  my goal this year is to try and make it happen. Remember,  everything on my list is down to me and my ability to put myself in a position for things to happen.

Ellee – I hope that my confidence that our next scene will be a magical one is correct. It is something that I am looking forward to and it is something that I will put a lot of effort into. In fact the most recent one we discussed has jumped to the top of the list. Just the mere thought of applying the cracker barrel paddle to the seat of the nylon panties that I gave her drives my imagination wild. Not that they will stay up for long of course. She has never been spanked with a CB paddle before!!

Alex Reynolds – She brought the alpha male in me to the forefront. She isn’t going to like the caning that she will get from me,  but on the good side,  perhaps she found the key that turns on the strict Richard Windsor. I’m not sure if it is what she said or her playful demeanor following it,  but something turned on a switch inside of me. It is a really good feeling,  for me anyway.

Beth – I don’t know why because we only play in the fun sense,  but I have this desire to give her six of the best with the cane. It might not happen based on the level of our relationship,  but the desire is there.

Staceymacy – For a very simple reason,  she made me feel really good about myself. I’m telling you,  I’m a pretty simple person who is easy to please. At the FMS party last year Stacey approached me and said that she would like to play with me. It didn’t happen other than in a game,  but the fact that she wanted to made me feel very good about myself.

The pen pal – This could be really close to the top of the list because of my nature. I was fortunate enough to have someone contact me who is just starting in this world of ours. It is a bit sappy of me,  but I am a giving person by nature and nothing makes me happier than to give someone something meaningful to them. This might not even be about spanking,  this could just be that I am a mentor who can provide the right advice and guidance. There are many first spankings that I have given and they are special occasions,  so that thought is of course there,  but if I can guide someone that what we do is perfectly natural and a really exciting lifestyle,  then it would make me a proud man to do the right thing. Whatever the right thing is and however long it takes,  it is a gift to be given that trust to offer some guidance.

Pen pal 2 – More likely to happen sooner rather than later. She knows the triggers that work for me and has been working them,  now it is just a matter of picking the day.

Perhaps I should stop because I could go on forever. The point is it is up to me to get these things in motion. There are many different scenarios that I would like to do with many people,  these were just some names from the top of my head based on actual interactions and in some cases long term friendships. It is only meant to be an indication of some of the things that I am hoping to achieve this year,  really just a partial list. I’m only selective when people make it clear that they don’t wish to interact with me.

In part 2 I am going to talk about the road ahead,  specific things that I wish to do this upcoming year. What I will also cover is how content I have become with myself as I have aged. There are still areas to work on,  especially in the area of social anxiety and social awkwardness,  but for the most part I am happy with how I have evolved as a person. When I first started there were areas that were hard for me,  areas that now seem like second nature. This is going to be a great journey this year which you will hear about when I post part 2 of this.

Picture Perfect

Before I start,  I just want to let you all know that I have posted the latest story in my birthday spanking series. This one will be a multi-part story and it begins with the birthday spanking of one girl. In this story the first girl gets a good spanking on the seat of her light blue nylon panties. You can read it here 3 Girls –  Part 1

A few weeks ago,  Web-Ed from the Chicago Spanking Review and I were discussing the meaning of vintage pictures and what they mean to us,  whether that be in the form of comics or those rare pics that surfaced over time. Today I am going to elaborate on that a bit,  and if reading isn’t your thing then scroll straight to the bottom to watch a really hot video.

This obsession with rare posed pics really stems from childhood and even into early adulthood for those of us who didn’t grow up with the Internet. Back in the day,  if we were fortunate enough to stumble across a spanking pic in the media or in a comic book,  we treasured these pics like they were gold dust,  so rare were they that we never knew when the next one would come along. If you are young and have never lived in a time where you didn’t have the Internet at your disposal,  it might be hard to comprehend what I am talking about. But try to imagine not having an internet,  where any reference to spanking that you are ever going to be able to find would be in an old film,  or perhaps looking up the word in a dictionary.

This is the reason that I have a hobby of trying to find the rarest spanking pics out there,  and believe me,  I have written about it many times,  sometimes just finding a single pic takes me hours. The thing is,  why do I do it though? The answer to that is really quite simple,  it is all to do with the mindset.

At the moment I have about 120 unseen spanking pics stored away for both the Sorority Sunday posts and the Wednesday classics. Now there is a chance that someone,  and it would probably be only one person,  may have at some point in their life stumbled across one of the pics that I have. For most people though,  almost everything that I have is going to be brand new. Here is what they mean to me,  and it might be different for other people although I have a feeling that others may feel the same way that I do.

When I see a mainstream vintage pic,  whether it be posed or whether it looks like it is a spanking actually taking place,  my mindset reverts to the same as it was when I was a younger man. Even a simple birthday spanking pic from yesterday I think one thing,  my imagination places me there. It either appreciates what is seen,  or it creates a platform where I can imagine and elaborate on what I am seeing. Take the sorority pics,  as an Englishman this is all fairly new to me in regards to mindsets,  however,  I review the collection that I have and I create in my own mind what is happening,  what could happen,  perhaps what should happen. A single pic can keep my mind active for a few weeks or in those rare cases many years. If you take Rollin’s “Gwen”  sorority series you can imagine what I am thinking,  I create scenes from pics tailored to me. From a single pic I can create a whole story about what I am seeing,  and more importantly how I view what I want to see.

I’m probably blessed in a way that I love birthday spanking pics. Just regular,  everyday people with an air of innocence,  intrigue, mystery or subtle sexual chemistry. Clearly they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea,  not in the days of gaping vagina shots and bare assed spanking pics littering our minds,  it is where I see that I have an advantage in some ways,  because I can appreciate something so simple and find as much enjoyment from it as I can from seeing the latest picture set from a video starlet (Yep,  you know where I am going, Erica) This is why I write some birthday spanking stories. They aren’t going to win any awards or even go down as great pieces of spanking literature,  but they are thoroughly enjoyable to me as any well written pieces of work are. Not just my own stories,  but birthday spanking stories written by others. Of course if their style of writing is that a birthday spanking is given to an employee who is buck naked and gets fingered afterwards,  I’m more than likely not going to enjoy it one bit. If it is written as believable though,  perhaps stretching the boundaries of reality but maintaining a level of innocence,  then the chances are I will enjoy that more than I would most other stories. In those situations for me,  it is more about the relationship between the parties involved and the connection that they make that leads up to the birthday spanking. Basically it is the girl wanting a spanking,  but coyly rejecting the idea until she is playfully taken over the knee with minimal resistance. I’m a strange cat,  aren’t I? Trust me though,  what I talk about is important to me,  and if people find out what is important to me and find some way to accommodate me,  you have no idea what that does to my mind.

Let me talk about the story of mine that has been the most read story on this site,  1979 – The Very First Spanking,  what it means to me and why things are important.

Let me state,  nothing will ever come close to what happened that day,  nor do I want it to. The scene is very special and I treasure it,  there are things from what happened though that are important to me. If you are a long time reader then none of this is going to be new to you. On that day the person that I spanked was wearing a skirt and bikini styled white nylon panties,  now that was the very first spanking that I ever gave,  can anyone not understand why that is important to me? Like I said,  I’m not trying to repeat anything,  and any scene that I do is unique in its own way. Here is the rub though. When a girl either asks me what I like or what I would want,  or how I would like to conduct things or if she already knows this and does something to accommodate me,  then my mindset is already heading in the right direction. I don’t want what happened in 1979,  I want something very special with someone else,  there are certain things though,  aspects of that first spanking that will enhance my enjoyment level,  and perhaps even surpass other events.

Let me see if I can put this into words and whether or not people can understand where I am coming from. From a very basic style a girl knows she is going to play with me,  in her mind she says to herself  “Ah,  Richard,  he would enjoy it if I wear a flimsy skirt and white nylon panties”. Guess what,  it won’t even matter how the scene itself goes,  it has already started to go in the right direction. Why is that? It is quite simple,  in my mind the person who is going to play with me is thinking about me,  specifically thinking about me and that is something that I think is very important. Before I go any further,  don’t get me wrong about this,  I’m not talking of a one way street,  I’m talking about sharing ideas. The pup has a lot of ideas though and I like to share them,  they encompass many different scenarios. For me the mind is very powerful and I’m not sure how many men go as far as to talk about what is important to them,  but what a girl can do for my mind could make or break a spanking scene before it even starts. It is as simple as the initial contact “Richard,  what can I do for you that will make the scene more enjoyable for you”. As a guy I find that is standard procedure to find that out from the girl,  what it is that she likes and what is important to her,  it happens less than you think from the other end. I’m not saying it is maliciously done,  it just doesn’t seem like standard procedure,  and to be really honest there could be another reason,  and that is I’m wired differently to other men. Maybe with other guys the aesthetics are of less importance so it doesn’t enter into the equation,  or perhaps for other guys it is more about the physical action to them than it is the mindset,  as the other areas are for me.

I really don’t know if I am conveying what I want to convey here to be honest,  because it is something so important to me. There is a crux to this matter though that I can simplify and it may perhaps sounds unimportant to others. When a girl asks me what I want,  and not just asks me what I want,  but genuinely wishes to incorporate what it is that I want so that I can enjoy the interaction to its fullest,  you cannot imagine what it does to me. It isn’t about the silky pajamas,  or the nylon panties or the schoolgirl outfits,  or a spanking like you see in the video below,  it is because I am an important enough of a person to them that they would go out of their way to please me. Perhaps that is one of those Alpha male traits that I have. Does this make sense to anyone? If a girl is going to go out of her way to make a spanking scene very special specifically for me,  then before the spanking has even started I am already in the right mindset and therefore the scene has become important to me. I liken it to the feeling that submissive’s may feel when they have done something wrong,  and because their mindset is “There”,  they may well cry before a spanking has even started because everything is perfect for them in every manner relating to their scene. The difference is,  I am seeing it from a Dominant standpoint. The simple act of doing something so that I will enjoy a spanking session more,  makes me feel important as a person,  it makes the scene ‘Special’ to me,  it puts me in the zone,  because if I am important enough to someone that they would go out of their way to do something specifically for my enjoyment,  and mine alone,  it is already something special before it even starts. That is what puts me ‘There’. When that interaction happens it makes me feel dominant or therefore those playful spankings that you hear about that I gave get ratcheted up a notch. I’m good at roleplay,  and if a girl wants me to be someone then all she has to do is hear my side and she will get a great scene because by doing so she has triggered the dominant side in me.

Hope that I am making sense here?

It reminds me of an interaction that I once had. After stating that there are things that are important to me,  the girl asked me what I wanted. After giving my thoughts on the subject I was met with the response “I’m not buying a pair of panties just for a spanking”. My answer to that of course was “Then I guess I won’t be spanking you”. Twenty four hours passed and of course the panties were purchased,  but guess what,  you can’t take that interaction back,  what’s done was done. Aesthetically things looked great,  but the thoughts in my mind were as follows ‘This wasn’t done to please me,  this was done so that they could get a spanking’,  I didn’t have that emotional connection that I was important enough to someone in any way,  I was just another hand to smack another bottom.

When I started writing today I had a goal in mind,  but as it always does with me,  I veer off and just write about whatever it is that is on my mind at the time. I didn’t start today thinking that I was going to write about what is important to me to make a spanking special,  and the reasons as to why it would make it important,  but there you go,  the strangest cat in town has arrived. If you ever want a spanking from me though and you want that spanking to have some meaning to me,  ask me what it is that I want or what would make things better for me. You will be on a winning track before you start. There are a lot of spanking sessions that have had a lot of meaning to me,  sometimes spontaneous ones,  but mostly the best ones that I have done are because someone was thinking of me beforehand. Want a great session? Email me if you plan to play with me and discuss a roleplay. When you interact with each other you can create something of great meaning to both people.

This isn’t something that I harbor bitterness over,  as I have mentioned already,  I think this comes from the fact that very few men express what it is that would really work for them. I’m not one of those guys,  I have a hundred different things in my mind that I would like to do with different people.

Take the video below,  I really want to reenact this with someone,  same intensity,  same style. The clothing choice will be mine,  the reason as to why the spanking is happening is yours. You want a spanking just like that girl is getting for a real reason,  ask me what you should wear and it puts me in a dominant mood,  and it will make the spanking sound and not playful. You want to act like a naughty little girl,  then you can dress like a naughty little girl……… If you get that,  then you get me,  and we could have an awesome date in the future. You wear what I want you to wear and it will put me in the zone,  you tell me why it is that you deserve to be spanked and I can guarantee you, you won’t want to do it again by the time we are done. That should put you in the zone.

On the Internet you will see 100’s of pictures of me spanking girls,  you may find it surprising though that at spanking parties I play with fewer women than most men there. The reason for that for me is that it is all about quality over quantity,  which will lead me in nicely to my next segment.

Before I begin,  I almost want to go back and read what I have written so far to make sure that it doesn’t sound negative. The thing is though,  it has come from the heart so I don’t think that it will read as being negative. It is a hidden fear of mine because I never think negatively,  though I will think directly. It is one of those areas where I will sometimes read other blogs and say to myself,  do they realize how negative this sounds? I’m not talking of the one offs,  we all have them when things get us down and we want to release it,  I’m talking of the ones where it just seems to be negative vibe after negative vibe. I do try really hard to stay positive.

Over on Fetlife there has been more discussion about ‘Pretty faces’ and the guys who seem to ignore all types of behaviour because of the pretty face and the sexy body. As a guy I can’t delve down that road too far because I have a lack of understanding. One prevailing comment from women has been that if they raise a concern,  it isn’t the concern that becomes important,  what becomes important is that they are just being a jealous bitch. So here is the Windsor take on this,  for better or worse.

At spanking parties I don’t observe the behaviour of other men,  that’s not what I am there for,  so I talk with perhaps less knowledge than that of those who have raised a concern. Here we go though,  and if you are a friend of mine feel free with the knowledge that you are free to disagree with me,  and in fact I would be disappointed if you didn’t feel that you could be comfortable telling me that. You can disagree with me as a person, or even a friend, that shouldn’t make you feel less of me as a person though.

These are waters that need treading on lightly,  but I’m going to jump in both feet first and see how quickly I sink.

Richard Windsor attends a spanking party,  the next hot thing on the block arrives. Knockout beauty,  100lbs and ass like a peach. Do I want to play with her? Fuck yes,  are you kidding me? That will probably be something that I have dreamed about and fantasized about since the days where I first discovered I was a spanko. I mean let’s cut the bullshit there right from the get go,  I dare say if a studly guy arrives on the scene,  is as hot as a Chippendale’s model with forearms like a weightlifters,  there’s no way that a woman isn’t going to be immediately attracted to that person and envision themselves bent over his knee getting a spanking. Women may be more subtle about it,  but everyone has fantasies and I defy anyone to disagree with me that the cosmetic appearance of either a male or a female from the first glance can be something very exciting. You will find the rest out later,  but I think that gut check for first looks are pretty spot on.

The reason that I don’t see what women sees though all has to do with what I have written above. Do I want to play with the ‘pretty girl’? Without question I do,  and at some point I will probably ask her. This is where I am a different cat though. If she so much as says “I’ll think about it”,  my interest has gone. There are ways of saying ‘Not now’,  ones where the girl can perhaps evaluate how the person who has asked them interacts with others,  but if there is just the smallest piece of arrogance or air of belief that they are better than anyone else,  I’m just not interested. There is a whole wealth of girls who are happy to play with me,  some of whom even go out of their way to make things good for me as well.

Before I go any further,  pay attention to what I just said there guys. Women notice how you treat other men!! It is one of the hidden secrets to getting to play with people,  women are observant,  and I have had untold women tell me that one of the reasons they felt comfortable playing with me was because of the way that I interacted with other men. So if your method is to treat other guys like dick’s,  take it from me,  that is how the women will see you!

Clearly I don’t see what women see in regards to the fickleness that might make them feel less appreciated,  though perhaps that is because I don’t fawn over anyone. I’m telling you now,  it doesn’t matter to me what a person looks like,  what their size is,  or any other cosmetic criteria you attach to it. Sometimes I’m left to wonder if my X chromosome is bigger than the average males because the activation of the mind is more important to me than the physical act. Let me rephrase that,  the act is important of course,  but how you get there is of more importance to me.

This is one area where very few people understand who I am. Or perhaps it is a lack of understanding as to just how important something can be to one person. I’m one of the few who does know what it is that is important to me,  it isn’t notches on a bedboard,  it isn’t playing with every ‘name’ in the industry,  it isn’t about how many comments I can get. One thing that I have spoken to Erica Scott about this week was my disdain for ‘Spanking Awards’,  I even wrote a really long (and perhaps bitter) post about it which I trashed. This is a much better approach for me to point out why I have that disdain though,  there is no award that would even come close to receiving an email from a girl who says “I like the way you are thinking, I would love to talk to you about it”

Perhaps if I point out that I view award shows the same way that women view a pretty young thing who is a psycho,  from the outside it is just cosmetic and a popularity contest and that has zero meaning to me. Receiving one email because I touched someone in a good way,  that is why I share my thoughts and feelings about being a spanko. Maybe some folks can understand from that analogy where I am coming from,  it doesn’t reach me on that emotional level that I have spent this post talking about.

It is an area that I get myself in trouble in all the time,  from spanking models to fellow bloggers to writers,  but I speak from the heart and if I’m not true to myself then who can I be true to? Spanking isn’t about a popularity contest for me,  it never has been and never will be. Spanking is about sharing ones thoughts and ideas and making connections with people who share a similar type of mindset. Of course I will agree with other bloggers that getting very little feedback can be frustrating at times,  but I only have to look at my email box to see why I am doing what I am doing. There are many people who share what it is that I have a passion about,  they see things in the same box that I do,  those are my awards and my ‘comments’,  they all have special meaning to me. A further example happened this week when Erica and I disagreed,  she stated,  as she has before,  that she loves that I am open and honest about it and that I talk about things that people only think about. That’s more valuable to me than anything that could be bestowed upon me.

So the next time that it crosses your mind that you are playing with Richard and you decide to wear nylon panties,  it isn’t because I am a pervert,  it isn’t because I am weird or freaky or I want to get my rocks off,  it is because you are doing so to make me happy,  and that can’t be understated enough because that is the highest praise and confirmation that I can get,  that I am important to someone.

Now then,  I am going to finish off with something that I talked about at the beginning of this post and that is with a video. I shared this video with Pixie and we discussed everything from the camera angles to the dialogue and the spanking itself. Trust me,  with a few changes that I would make,  this to me is about as perfect as it gets. If there is a girl who would like to play with me and wants to know what I would want,  this is as close as I could describe it,  and just as importantly,  I would like to act this out with someone.

First of all,  both camera angles are bloody dynamite,  I especially love the face cam where you can clearly see the bottom being spanked in the background and the girls reactions,  I watched those entire sections in slow motion because I wanted to see her bottom bounce and her face react at the same time. The other camera angle shows the bottom,  not the gyno cam. The reason for the spanking is one of those “Insert reason here” things,  it could be for anything. The bottom line is that is what Richard Windsor considers a good sound spanking,  a very painful,  yet non excessive old fashioned over the knee spanking.

Did I find any detraction in this video? Of course I did. When those little shorts came down I prayed we would find a little pair of nylon panties underneath,  and it pissed me off to no end that she had on a thong. If that had occurred I would have watched the face cam angle over and over and over again as that would have been just about perfect for my viewing eyes. This video won’t win any awards,  but if it counts for anything,  it is one of the best videos that Richard Windsor has seen in years,  a cute girl next door type gets a really sound over the knee spanking. The reactions are genuine and the scene is believable. I will forgive the no panties part,  I’ll just have to do that on my own when I recreate the video 🙂

Who IS Richard Windsor?

That,  apparently,  is the question being floated around the mainstream media right now,  which is of course bumping up my hit count for people trying to find that answer out. For those not aware of the situation I will give you the link to the blog of an author who uncovered that President Obama’s EPA administrator was using an alias email address using the name Richard Windsor. Here Chris Horner asks Who Is Richard Windsor?

Nothing to worry about there,  it is after all an innocuous name that doesn’t really stand out. Well,  that is of course unless you go searching for Richard Windsor,  as the author did. As I have had this site for many years,  and from SEO tricks that I picked up along the way,  anybody entering a search term for Richard Windsor is going to find this website linked first or second in the Google rankings.

This is where the fun starts though because I have received numerous emails from friends who have alerted me to the current news story.

Today I was doing my usual stat whoring watching my live analytics feed,  and a rogue website kept sending people to my site. It wasn’t a link that would normally send traffic to me so I went to check it out. Here is the link to Chris Horner’s latest blog entry and this one is titled…. Has Richard Windsor Been A Bad Girl?

The link mentioned above follows up on the original story and as you will see,  it not only links to my site but the content of the post is satirical to the lifestyle.

Now I’m not bothered by any of this. As I have said many times,  I do TRY to shield my family from what I do,  but as they live in England I don’t think this mainstream attention is going to interfere with their lives any. Should the Republicans I work with encounter the story then I will deal with it. The ONLY thing that bothers me is the damn title of the story. Seriously dude,  what the fuck,  Has Richard Windsor Been a Bad Girl?!!!

I have all types of street cred in the spanking world,  I mean,  I have been nicknamed the Ultra Popular Top. And now,  Has Richard Windsor been a bad girl is going to show up in search results from here until eternity!! This type of thing can ruin a man’s reputation!! At least when that well known gay website linked to me they clearly defined me as a Hetero Spank Monster. They knew the boundaries, it was clear to them that I was straight,  but that didn’t prevent them from having fantasies. I was cool with that. Already I am getting emails from friends “Have you been a bad girl,  Richard”?. It ain’t right I tell ya,  ain’t right at all.

All frivolity aside though,  I was impressed by the way that the site was linked and the acceptance of people’s chosen lifestyles,  it was clearly written by an educated man. There was no mention of the words that we come to associate with the mainstream media throwing our way,  freaks,  perverts,  sickos etc,  it was a good piece and with a little research of my website the author tied in some of my postings to enhance his story,  I thought it was well done. Heck,  the guy even threw a link my way and made reference to the sorority spankings that I have been posting,  which is more than I am getting from spanking bloggers who raid my site for my unique pics 🙂

All in all this made for some great conversations on my vanilla Facebook profile today. All of my friends know who I am and what I do and accept me for that,  so we had a lot of titillating conversations going on and the two girls who actually came up with my stage name agreed to have a spank off for naming rights!! You can’t beat that,  eh?

Has the story ended in relation to linking it to my website? More than likely I would guess. I don’t see any other news outlets picking up on the six degrees of separation as to WHY Lisa Jackson chose the name Richard Windsor,  I honestly don’t think that a connection would be made there other than the mere coincidence of the shared name,  perhaps only that they might have used a bit more diligence when selecting the name. Of course,  if the Sun newspaper gets hold of it I might start getting phone calls!!

So all in all a good day was had. I got some mainstream media attention and was able to revel a bit with my friends. The only problem this is going to cause is that it is going to bump my website down in the rankings a bit when people search for Richard Windsor.


Potential Outing Disaster

This past week has the chance to be a potential disaster for me,  so pay attention to what I am about to say because it may help you!!

When I first joined the online spanking world,  indeed computers in general,  I ran everything from one email account for I knew no better. It isn’t that big of a deal,  right? As time went on I realized that it was probably best to have a different account for spanking related material,  however,  I had made many friends on the old one so I kept that one going for the friends who knew me a little better. That one email address has been my regular email for more than a decade now,  even though I stopped using it for spanko related stuff a long time ago.

Are you ready for the disaster though?

This week my account was hacked and all of my email contacts were sent spam from my address. Even addresses that weren’t saved as contacts were emailed. Each email was sent out in groups of 5,  so my Houndog_windsor yahoo email was on the same grouping as my Houndog_windsor gmail,  so both received the same email. Are you with me so far? Because it only gets better from here.

While I am an open person,  my family and my workplace do not need to know about my lifestyle choices,  but some of them may have just found out!!

My mom had contacted me about receiving an email but thankfully she is not tech savvy at all,  even though her CC list had some dead giveaway’s. Likewise,  I was on the same email grouping as my Brother and that CC list was normal. This is where the fun starts though.

My Landlady is listed as Mrs ******,  therefore here email grouping included two other Mrs’,  and yes,  both of them have the word spank in them!! Not only that but my email is listed in my contacts as “My site”,  therefore,  because I received that email myself,  it was also included on that Landlady email. One quick look at and that could present a problem for me regarding my living situation.

It gets worse though. While no work email address is in my contact list,  I have emailed work from parties that I have attended. One of the addresses that I have emailed has been a global email account and included on that email list from the hack was the following,!! Now while that email will get flagged as spam that only the admins can see,  those admins just so happen to be my bosses!! That alone has the potential to be a disaster!! Because I am evasive at work regarding my trips they already know that there is a part of my life that I hide,  just a quick check of the spam and I could be fucked.

Here is the bottom line,  NEVER use your personal email for spanking related emails,  create a new email address. Basically everyone I have ever emailed received a spam email from me and they were sent in groups of 5. Because I never received most of them,  I have no idea which groups received what,  and by that I mean that I have no idea who was CC’ed on each one. I know of a few because I received the email myself so I could see who was on each one,  but most of them I am totally unaware of who shared what with who.

I won’t know for a few days just how much of a disaster this will be,  but I have a feeling that this is going to inadvertently out me to a number of people who I have yet to share my life with. Be sure to protect yourself and separate your email addresses!!

Pic from

I’m Hunting Wabbit

Perhaps my biggest interest in running a spanking blog is to present to the spanking world something a little different and unique,  to stand out and create my own niche. As time has gone on I have tried various forms of this by creating podcasts,  audio interviews,  audio stories and of course my annual Christmas show. The one area that I believe that I probably get the most feedback on though is with the pictures that I locate.

When I attend parties and such the feedback that I get is awesome. The audio stuff for instance isn’t the most popular event that I do,  however,  the people who enjoy them are actually really passionate about their like for them. That is an area that I have slacked off in lately and I do hope to do more interviews in the near future,  which should please the following that I have who enjoy them. Who knows,  maybe one day I will get Samantha Woodley to do an interview with me.

Another area that I have been a resource with is setting up affiliate links for bloggers. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I have spent walking people through the process so that they can start earning money off their site. Again though,  it is an area that I am more than happy to help with. Once a person goes through the set up process they then learn how to do this and hopefully they pass it on as well. Some of these folks reached out to me initially and I never heard from them again (unless they spot a tool on my site that they want to use themselves) while others remained in contact and became friends.

In regards to the pictures though,  that is the one area that I take the most pride in. There are many standard spanking pics on the Internet that I myself have used many times,  but my primary goal is to try and bring you something new,  rare and unique. It is a passion that I devote many hours to and the payoff is that I make many friends with people who feel compelled enough to tell me how much they enjoy the effort that I put in. There are others who likewise take the time to do their own research and contribute in this way. For example,  Chross. Now he make take an idea or a suggestion or even some info, and then I have no doubt that he takes hours to find and locate the videos that he puts up,  a real passion that is enjoyed by many. As I have said many times, there are a good number of my picture finds that are in Chross’ database,  and he is welcome to them. I understand how much of a passion this is to him as well and his contributions to the spanking world are fully appreciated.

When I have the time I conduct searches that take hours upon end,  and here is an example of this. Last night I had a spare couple of hours so I did one of my deep searches,  do you know what I reaped in two plus hours of research? One solitary pic 🙂 The pic wasn’t even a great one,  two girls were holding another girls arms behind her back while a housemother paddles her. Here is the thing though,  from the position of the individual and the vintage pants they are wearing,  I don’t even know if it is a guy or a girl who is getting paddled. On an average day though I may locate around three new pics if I am lucky,  and sometimes among those pics is a real corker of a spanking pic. I’m adding a sentence to this paragraph after the fact,  because today’s search reaped 12 new pics to add to my posting schedule.

You would have noticed that I have started two new events for this site,  the Windsor Wednesday Classic and the Sorority Spanking Sundays posts. Now as it stands I have around eighty of what I believe to be brand new spanking pics to share with the spanking world. By the time I am done I anticipate that I am going to have enough material to post one to each group for an entire year. The sorority spanking pics are wonderful,  and some of the Wednesday classics are likewise tremendous. Here is one thing about the Wednesday post though,  some of those pics are going to be of guys getting paddled by girls. Not too many,  but enough to make a mention of it. The pics that I will be posting are all original finds.

Now I mentioned it already,  I put my website address on the pics because I want people to come to my site to see my offerings because I believe that I offer something unique. I put in hour upon hour doing the research,  even to a point that I purchase many pics with the goal of sharing them with you all. Now I am a little childish in this area,  but it pisses me off to no end that I put in so much time and effort only for others to reap the benefits of my passion. If I put in the time,  effort and finances,  I feel that it is only right that I am rewarded with the knowledge of being the resource of this work. Just last week,  the very first Wednesday classic pic that I put up was edited the very next day to crop out my website address,  thus preventing me getting long term credit as being the resource for the pic. The reason that I want people to know that I am the resource is because I believe that viewers would actually want to see my entire collection that I worked for,  that’s why I put in so much effort after all. If they enjoyed that one pic then they are bound to enjoy the rest. It is also common courtesy to recognize the efforts of someone. Because of that I have now started to put my website address in the middle of the pic. I’m still trying my hardest for the address not to infringe on the presentation of the spanking,  but if there was just the minimum of respect I wouldn’t have had to do that. As I said the other day,  I put in so much effort because I want people to come here and enjoy it and I want to share with everyone how much my passion means to me. It is complete bollcks that someone would sit there waiting to see what I post so that they can snaffle it to build up their own audience. One minute there is a claim that they have no idea where the pics come from,  the next minute they are the ones editing the pics to ensure that no one knows where they came from.  I’m not alone in this either,  even Chross puts his watermark on the videos that he creates as well he should,  he is the one putting the effort and time in for their creation.

Keep in mind,  every week probably for the next 50 weeks or so I am going to present what I believe is a brand new spanking pic to the world on both Wednesday and Sunday. Whilst it takes one person less than thirty seconds to copy my pic and edit my name out of it,  it probably took me hours upon end to find. My work and passion is to give you something brand new and unique,  that is what excites me about doing this blog,  being unique and being an individual who actually contributes something new and fresh to the spanking world. So do me a favor,  stop by my site every Wednesday and every Sunday to see what it is that is new and unique that I am offering to you,  I have put a lot of time and effort into finding this rare material for you,  even my finances. There may be pics that have been seen that I will post,  but based on the work that I have done I am going to guess nearly everything I will bring to you in the next year will be brand new to your eyes. The biggest reward that I can get is for people to come to this site and see what I have to offer on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s,  you guys are going to be in for a treat.

So that is my passion,  an ability to share with the spanking world something rare and unique based on my own toil. Once I am done posting everything that I have purchased and collected,  I will create a new page where I will share everything free of watermarks for everyone to use. But for the year that I am sharing my collection I think that it is only fair that I get the credit for my efforts,  wouldn’t you agree? I know that I sound a little pissed off on the subject,  but the truth is I am,  I felt really disrespected last week. This is something that I have put a lot of effort into for the spanking community to enjoy,  and I want to share that with everyone. The best way for that to happen is for people to come to my site to see what I am posting and not see what I am posting on someone else’s site.


Getting Focused

The FMS party is over and I have been recharged. The second part of the weekend story will be coming soon but before I write that I want to cover a few things about being focused.

Emotionally,  this weekend was really good for me,  it allowed me to get in to the right head space that I needed,  to evaluate what is important to me. Despite only playing a handful of times,  I was able to take some peace away from the party with me.

The first focus that I have is to pick up where I left off in my healthy eating program. In September of last year we had an overhaul at work which required me to make some changes. One of those changes had to be giving up my appointments with my dietitian. Now that wasn’t that big of a deal really,  she had already taught me what I should be doing and my healthy eating has been going on for two and a half years now. What did suffer though was that I cut back on my exercising,  the longer hours at work and the tiredness upon return home for a few hours each night really waned my interest in full exercise.

Now each night I do take a 3 mile walk home so it isn’t like I am being a couch potato,  but the extra effort of an exercise program in order to reach the personal goals that I set for myself did indeed take a back step.

So what are the hard and fast results you may wish to know? Until September of last year I had dropped a total of 77lbs,  since September I have put 8lbs back on,  so from my original starting point I am down 69lbs. Honestly,  I am really happy with the results of that. Yes,  I did in fact put 8lbs on,  but from where I once was clearly my new healthy living lifestyle has paid off. There was no spike in weight gain,  I maintained my eating choices and if I had continued to exercise at the rate that I had before the changes,  well,  I would have continued to lose weight.

Now before I go further,  the choices and lifestyle that I am about to talk about are mine. This isn’t a reflection on anyone else,  their methods,  goals,  decisions etc. The bottom line is,  I want everyone to get themselves healthy,  however they achieve it. I mean that seriously as well,  I will support anyone’s choices to live a healthier lifestyle. Changing ones lifestyle is something important and I don’t take it lightly.

When I started I had my own personal goal of losing 100lbs,  though the number itself really is just a figure. You have to remember,  I lost my Brother at the age of 41 to obesity,  so my motivation remains high. Why do I choose a number of 100lbs though? Let me explain.

When I started living a healthier lifestyle,  I didn’t even think it would be possible to lose 100lbs,  but I set it as a goal to provide me with motivation,  something tangible to keep working towards. Perhaps I am more goals orientated than I ever knew because as the new lifestyle kicked in,  I found that I was setting goals all the time. If I weighed 250lbs,  my new goal would be 245lbs,  there wasn’t a timeframe for it,  just something to strive towards. My eating habits improved to a point that I wouldn’t really gain weight,  I just wouldn’t lose any if my exercising took a nose dive for whatever reason. It was really hard work,  I’m not going to lie,  and it is something that you really need to commit yourself to both physically and mentally.

This is what it means to me. It is all about mental strength and discipline,  a commitment to actually do something,  stick to it and see the results at the end. In our lifestyle I think that there are a lot of people who can understand what I mean by that and why I do it. It is something that is deeply personal to me and has mentally made me a stronger person. The number itself may not be of that great an importance to me really,  if I hit 92lbs then so be it,  but I have a goal in mind and that is what motivates me. For me it isn’t just the healthy lifestyle,  it was also unhealthy to be the size that I was and I had to change that as well. They pretty much go hand in hand anyway,  but in order for me to lose the extra pounds I have to work harder.

At every place that I go to people are always seeking advice from me,  and of course I am happy to give what I have picked up. It isn’t a game,  it isn’t a game of one-upmanship,  and I want everyone to live a healthier lifestyle no matter how they go about that. The goals that I write about here are about me,  they are what I have set for myself. For others it might be going for a walk or eating one less potato,  whatever it is,  I genuinely wish everyone the best in that. Maybe later in the week I will share my shopping list and my food intake with you,  perhaps it may give someone a boost and some ideas to incorporate into their own menus.

At the end of the day I have my mojo back,  my focus is where I want it to be and I am ready for the final challenge to push me towards my goal. The feedback that I have received from my success has been inspiring,  several of my male friends in my vanilla life watched what I did and a couple of them have actually lost more than I have now. Like I said,  at every party as well people are always approaching me. I see that I have one goal in that area,  because it was something that was given to me by my dietitian,  support and encouragement. If you are thinking of doing something,  do what was said to me,  start small. Set a goal of 3 pounds and then set a new goal. The other thing is exercise,  you put fuel in the body but you need to burn it,  if you stick to a daily program it will be small,  but results will come,  trust me. I lost 77lbs in 2 years,  so think about it,  that works out to only about 3/4 of a pound a week from a lot of hard work. The weight doesn’t fly off,  you have to set a long term goal to change your lifestyle and work hard at it.

That’s it for the diet for now,  but I am so motivated right now. The other part of my focus really revolved around this past weekend. For whatever reason,  this weekend worked for me. I only played a handful of times in four days,  yet I left the party feeling so good about myself as a person.

A few months ago I pondered whether or not the spanking group that I have on Fetlife had run its course. The group was very popular,  a lot of really good topics were discussed,  but I got to a point that I had little more to say. Once it got to the point that the bickering started,  the cowardly fake profile that was created to besmirch me,  and the lack of meaningful topics,  I felt that we had started to jump the shark. I’m not even saying it is a bad thing,  I would much rather have had a meaningful group for a year than not have one at all. As the months went on though,  and things started to happen,  my interest started to wane.

Coming back from Florida I was recharged,  so much so that I forced three new topics for the group. It took less than a few minutes before I got a reply on one,  a topic about my surveys. Unfortunately though,  the response was an attempt to embarrass me. I just didn’t get it,  I really didn’t. There was one time that I spoke to the individual in person,  he seemed like a nice enough guy,  and then out of the blue that. There didn’t seem any rhyme or reason to it,  just spitefulness,  and who knows why,  perhaps it is the company I keep or they know someone that I am no longer close to?

I gave it a college try to get some spark back,  but the spark was doused in minutes,  that isn’t what I am about. At one point at the FMS party I saw Aurora on the couch in the wee hours of the morning and I walked over to sit next to her,  she lifted her legs and then dropped her thigh onto mine. A few minutes later her leg went over mine and soon after that both her legs were between mine and she tucked her feet under my other thigh. Within minutes she dropped her head on my chest and dozed off,  that is what it is about to me.

This past party I learned a lot about myself,  I’m really in a euphoric state right now. Sitting there on Sunday night playing some light hearted games,  have a little bit of spanking fun and snuggling up to those close to me,  it just made me wonder what the point is of all the squabbling. My focus on Fetlife is changing,  I like going there to play with my friends,  the other stuff has got tiresome over time,  so much so that it no longer interests me at all. That is why I deleted the thread,  I’m not going to get into a tit for tat over something so trivial. There are things that are important to me but that most certainly isn’t one,  there is a decent chance that I have started my last thread on that group. It was a great place to go for a year,  but I think it is time for something new. The group will remain open of course but the topics have been exhausted in my mind.

This weekend I learned what was important to me,  and more importantly,  what isn’t.


Change Was As Good As A Rest

You may have noticed over the last week that I have been pretty much absent from online activity. This is something that happens to me from time to time, I have to shut down from online activity to recharge the batteries and spend some time concentrating on other aspects of my life. It isn’t a total shutdown of course, I mean I work on computers so there is rarely a time during the day when I’m not connected to one, but the spanking aspect took a backseat. There is a Google reader that I use to catch up on my favorite blogs which I check every other day, but even that I just skimmed through the posts.

Anyway, I should be back this weekend. My NEW SPANKING PICS site is well underway, it isn’t anywhere near finished yet but I have merged both the spanking pics site and the panty spanking site. Basically I will be shutting down the two blogger sites and I will be using the new one for spanking pics. Four spanking blogs is way too much for me to manage at this point so I will reduce it by one by combining the two sites together. My belief is that it will be for the better anyway to have all of my sites tied to my own domain. This weekend when I am watching the soccer from the UK I will be building the new site.

Anyone who was on Fetlife recently would have witnessed the attack that I encountered from a sock puppet, a situation that has since been handled by Fetlife. They were really good about it as well, giving me the information that I requested in regards to the puppet. Now the whole purpose of this puppet attack was to try and slander and discredit me as a person, but what I did find interesting was that the methods they used was something that I would imagine everyone who writes online would suffer from time to time.

Let me start by saying that I have nothing to fear, there was a reason that I ignored the puppet. Despite the innuendos they were using I am very comfortable in who I am and the way that I present myself. Often times I have used the line “You can only control the way that you act, you cannot control how someone else acts”. One thing that the puppet was doing though was scouring my posts with a fine toothcomb and culling together out of context statements that I have made over time. Now I could write about how sad it must be to devote so much time to someone who you don’t like, but I would rather focus on the evolution of spank. Haters are going to hate and if they are so obsessed with me then they will be reading this anyway. There is a very good reason why I have made the decisions that I have made, and the puppet just confirmed to me that I made the right decisions.

One of the many attacks that the puppet made though was to do with a statement on my Fetlife profile. This is what the statement said

“As I have evolved in the spanking world there is one thing that has changed about me. I have just begun to explore the discipline side of our lifestyle. Now this is an area that is fairly new to me, however, it is an area that I think that I can assist certain people with. The aspect of redemption and catharsis is something that I am beginning to appreciate, as is the need for forgiveness. Now I am still in the early stages of this, but I have now provided a few discipline spankings and I found them to be very beneficial to all concerned.”

One of the topics that I started in my popular spanking group “The Spanking World – Good Versus Bad” was in regards to my lack of understanding to discipline and punishment. That gave the puppet an opportunity to discredit me by quoting my profile and posting to a different group (a group with 21,000 members :)) that I was a hypocrite and a dangerous person. Again, perhaps someone with something to fear would get their man panties in a bunch, but for me I just found it amusing. Some of you may wonder, a group with 21,000 members and you aren’t afraid of what they may think? No, I’m not!! Most people are aware of who Richard Windsor is, for better or worse as well, and this site alone far exceeds 40,000 visitors a month and I am the one telling you about it here.

This is the way that I saw it. The attacks were clearly personal in nature, and anyone who couldn’t see that well, quite frankly, I probably wouldn’t be too worried about what someone who may have believed anything that was written would think about me. Actually, to be really truthful, I made more friends from these attacks than I did enemies. People who I barely knew were contacting me in shock at the level that someone would stoop to discredit me as a person. In fact it would be fair to say that the attacks only enhanced my reputation by the way that I handled it, and just as importantly has earned me future play dates with people I had barely had contact with prior to the attacks.

So going back to the contradiction with what I wrote, this is something that anyone can encounter as they evolve in the spanking world. This dates back to when I first started writing online and how I have evolved as a person. The direct quote on my profile was true, discipline was something that I tried, and perhaps will try again in the future. When I wrote it I was dealing with a new relationship and one aspect of that relationship was my exploration of something discipline based. In the fourteen years that I have been writing online I could perhaps point to a hundred different contradictions that I may have written and what I may write now, it is all about evolving as a person. When you have something new and exciting in your life you tend to focus on that, your writings reflect that, they reflect the communication you are having with a particular person, and you are engaging with that person albeit on a global level. In fact I could probably think of one straight away, somewhere along the line I have written about how I don’t understand ageplay, however, I have also now tried it and what I may write now I am sure will be a contradiction to something that I may have written before. Like I said, if you have the time on your hands and you have nothing better to do, you can probably find a hundred examples of me writing in contradiction to myself, that is of course if you choose to ignore a person evolving as a human being in the scene.

You know it’s funny, when I started writing this morning I had no intention of it going the way that it has so far, lol. I guess my thoughts though are that I don’t regret what I have written over the years, it is all true based on what I was dealing with at any stage of my growth in the spanking world, whether it be a story based on a person who I was interacting with at the time, or a shift of opinion as I have grown and matured as a person. One thing that I can say though is that I am proud of who I am and the reputation that I have earned. Being known as a nice guy is important to me and knowing that people see me as trustworthy gives me a good feeling deep down. My feeling is that self worth is important, if you feel good about who you are as a person then you will only attract good people with that approach. Think about it, if you saw someone being attacked and then noticed that the way that person handled it was with dignity, wouldn’t that draw you to that person? I know it would draw me to them.

I would love to be able to say that I have no regrets in the spanking world, and perhaps to some degree that is true in fact, because even things that don’t go exactly as planned help to mold you as a person providing you allow yourself to learn from it. How can you regret something when a mistake that you have made has made you a better person? At spanking parties I haven’t always presented myself exactly as I have wanted. In my social life a few years ago I was pretty reckless, I enjoyed enjoying myself 🙂 That didn’t always translate well to spanking parties, there have been many times that I have drunk a little too much alcohol, like many people I might add. Now in certain situations some of these times have absolutely been the best experiences and I wouldn’t change them at all. If I think back to the story of giving a lady her first ever spanking at a Shadowlane party, that scene had followed an all night party in my room that is perhaps one of my favorite memories from a spanking party. A visit to my room so that a few of us could have a smoke turned into an impromptu party with half a dozen of us that ended up being one of my favorite nights at a spanking party so far. Talking to Ian the London Tanner on the phone at 3 in the morning, having people pop in and out of the room, but mostly, six of us just sat around laughing our asses off with the play resulting in no more than 2% of the entire party.

Can you understand why I quit going out drinking and decided to get healthy? It is a no brainer if you ask me 😉

Now with all that I have said above, did I ever regret something that I have written? I am sure that if I searched everything that I have ever written I would no doubt come across things that I feel differently about now. The only thing that really springs to my was a discussion that was started in my spanking world group about “Are spanko’s Homophobe’s?”. Not let me state that I don’t regret my opinions, what I regret is that I didn’t present myself as well as I had intended to. It was one of those situations where my words and thoughts didn’t translate as well as I had intended. It is about responsibility though, and I accept that what I wrote was how people perceived it, so I accept it.

What bothered me though is that the perception of me in regards to homosexuality is far different to who I am as a person. There is nobody to blame other than myself for that though, it was my words that caused that. It was so bad that someone even said that based on my opinion, they thought less of me as a person, and that was said publicly as well. OUCH!!

So like I said, I don’t regret my thoughts and opinions, I only regret that the way that I presented it was far different to what I actually had meant, and by the time I tried to correct it I only managed to make it worse 🙂 Let me just state for the record though, I fully support the gay community and I advocate for their rights.

Okay, that’s enough of me being a blowhard for one day, I now have work to do on the new site 🙂

Talking ’bout My Generation

There is no question that what I have for you today are only thoughts and prose. Like always though, feel free to share your own thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Yesterday I received one of the best emails that I have received to date. There was a lady who, if my arithmetic is correct, has not been spanked as an adult since she was a young woman, about 40 years ago. This lady had written to me to let me know that she had watched the interview that I had done with Dana Specht, and after having watched it she was able to contact Dana to arrange a meeting. Her email to me was to thank me for the interview as it helped her to decide to go through with her decision. When I look back at my own legacy in the spanking world, I have a feeling that is something that I will remember. Anyone who knows me should know what that means of course, yep, the old cog wheels in the head started to turn.

It is yet another thing that I spend a good portion of time thinking about, are we better off for not having had the Internet when we grew up for a great many of us older folks, as compared to those who have the spanking world at their fingertips nowadays?

When I weigh the pros and cons I actually think that I am better off not having had the Internet when I first started out. At the grand old age of 48 I remember all too well what I was like when I was a younger man, and that clearly would not have been something that would have translated to the online world very well.

The thing that sticks out the most to me is the mistakes that I made in the past. Back then, aside from Chinese whispers, you could perhaps be forgiven for errors that you committed. What we had as youngsters though, today’s younger generation does not have that luxury. Whatever is put online is there for good and anyone can stumble upon it at any time. Seriously, you can go back years and observe how people have grown, however, their initial postings are still online. The old newsgroups are archived and as they are now owned by Google, it is even easier to stumble across archived material.

That is something that I think those of us who are older, and perhaps wiser, were fortunate enough to escape. I was no different than today’s younger generation when I was a young man, anytime that one of my older peers tried to guide me, I thought that I ruled the world and I knew better than anyone. Of course you would have to be older to understand how foolish we all may have been in our youth. In fact I would shudder if my own past mistakes were online somewhere for all to see, yet another benefit that those of us who are older now have an advantage over the younger generation. Part of that growing process though is learning through your mistakes with the minimum of damage caused, which I don’t think that the younger generation has right now. If I could only tell people “Whatever you put online now will be there for decades. It is one reason why I am hesitant to throw stones, because my own glasshouse has easily breakable windows.

That leads me into another thought and it is something that has been discussed many times. Because of the Internet, the younger generation has the opportunity to develop their businesses through self-promotion. Even though that would not have been available to those of us who are older now when we were young, for some of us we also use the opportunities that the Internet provides today and we create our own persona to market.

Now the difference that is often spoken about when this topic comes up is that those of us who are older have made the decision through years of experience that this is something we want to do. There always seems to be a fear that the younger generation are putting themselves out there without fully understanding the long term ramifications of what they are doing. Now I’m not one of those people, but I have seen it mentioned many times. Indeed, for those people who were entrepreneurs prior to the days of the Internet, I think even then they had an advantage. While a younger person may have more opportunities open to them nowadays, they also have to see the hate which is something that a model in the 1980’s would probably not have had to deal with.

As was mentioned on “The Spanking World” last week, and is something that I have referred to often, are the nasty comments that were left on spanking tube. It isn’t just the comments that were directed towards one person, I have had the same comments posted on my own videos constantly, and it really bothers me that people can be so spiteful and hateful.

It is a different world now to the one that I grew up in. Back in my day, if someone talked shit about you then you eventually got to meet up with the person. At that point they either shut the fuck up or you threw them down and sorted it out the old fashioned way. People don’t have that luxury anymore, we now have the Internet where those of a vicious nature can use the powers at their fingertips to share their spite. No longer can you sort it out on a one to one basis, now you have to deal with shitstirrers stoking the fire, and the fire never dies down. Just read above what I was saying about any comment that anyone ever posted being archived. Is the younger generation better off now that they have the Internet, or were we better off without the Internet when we were allowed to grow as individuals?

A lot of this pondering comes from an observation that I have. Now my observations and opinions aren’t necessarily correct, they are just things that I notice when it comes to the younger generation. Now this might bring up some ill feelings, I anticipate that, but I observe a lot of bad reactions towards the younger generation and quite honestly, I don’t always think that they are fair.

If it is a girl then the obvious comes up, especially if she is young, cute and pretty. That’s 3 strikes against her already, so unless she is Mother Theresa she is probably going to have a harder time than most. It is a topic that has been discussed ad nauseam, especially in regards to spanking parties. One thing that I don’t do myself though is put that onto the young girls, if there IS a problem in that area, then it would be with the guys fawning over them, not the girls themselves. It may not be a popular stance that I have, but I am open and honest about it. There is an appeal that a young cute girl brings to a spanking session, a fantasy that no one should ever be made to feel bad about. It would be no different if there was a stud fireman and every woman wanted to play with him. I’m not even sure if it is a misconception, just a lack of understanding, but everyone has fantasies and the model types fulfill just ONE, and I need to emphasize that, they fill just one aspect of a fantasy. There may be other things that they bring of course depending on the girl. There will be some guys who only surround themselves with young pretty girls, and at that point I can understand why there will be some ill feelings and spite felt. Of course, before anyone can define that, one has to define what the term ‘Pretty’ means to them, and nine times out of ten that definition has nothing to do with one’s physical appearance, just food for thought.

The young guys have it no easier though. Guys have this whole territorial thing going on, and a young, brash, outgoing guy is likely to step upon that. Perhaps the biggest feeling is one of “That young punk doesn’t know shit” and even the tiniest of errors are seized upon. Just like the young girls, the young guys don’t stand a chance. For every mature person who tries to provide guidance and direction, another will be waiting for a person to make a mistake so that they can pounce upon them. It isn’t fair, but the world is different today than when I grew up.

What it comes down to is security, if you are secure within yourself then you look to provide guidance to the younger generation. When I look at the younger guys in the scene I don’t have spite towards them, I’m secure enough within myself to know what I can bring to the table, and let’s be really honest here, I’m not exactly Clark Gable in the looks department, I’m more like Elton John. I think most people have a mindset for what it is that they are looking for when it comes to spanking, and I can only speak for myself here, but a person’s looks are WAY down the list for what I look for. It is how a person conduct’s one’s self, how they portray their personality, how we blend as a couple.

Quite often I have been criticized for what I like in a woman, the femininity, the persona, the playfulness, the submissive part, the frills and cuteness. At no point have I ever said that is how it SHOULD be, all I have ever said is that is what works for me. If a girl was looking for a tall handsome stranger who wore a suit and tie all the time, well this short, stubby, casual dressed man wouldn’t be for you, but I wouldn’t deny you wanting to get what it is that you wanted. I understand the power of fantasies in the spanking world and no matter what it is that works for you, you should be free to seek it out without fear of reprisal.

Oh, and one final thing for today because I am feeling melancholy, post something nice on one of your friend’s walls. A person’s words are very powerful, so why not use them today and try to make someone feel good about themselves?

That’s A Weight Off My…..

Yesterday I was talking to Pixie and one of the topics that came up as we talked was my own belief that I spank harder now than I ever did before. Of course through the initial laughter she agreed with me that I do indeed play harder now.

Part of me wondered why this was, had I developed a mean streak?

The ever smart Kitty had a theory though, it is all down to the weight loss. After giving it some thought she is right, I now have much more energy, my body size is now of a smaller frame and while this may sound daft, when I have a girl over my lap now my body posture is such that I can apply the hand properly. No more finding the correct position, no more aching back as I stretch and sit awkwardly in order to deliver a spanking.

Can you see the difference in these two pics?


Now I guess my thoughts today were brought on by the fact that I am actually obsessed with the numbers. My goal is to get down to 190lbs by Shadowlane which is another 7lbs away. Now I pretty much have my diet down pat, but I do still see a dietician. What is interesting though is that I no longer see her really for ideas, suggestions or routines, though I will still pick up the odd point here and there. What I see her for now is motivation, it works for me that I have something tangible to work with.

It doesn’t work for me to just constantly say that I am always losing weight and doing well, I have to have a tangible number to work with. I think it is why I continue to mention that tangible number, because it provides me with the motivation to keep going. At this present time I am down 75lbs so I have reached a target, the next step is 80lbs. Small increments help me, my goal isn’t to get to a weight loss of 100lbs, not now at least, my next goal is 80lbs. Don’t get me wrong, I will get to the 100lb weight loss, but it isn’t my focus at the moment.

One thing that I didn’t think I would be able to change was my eating habits, but you know what, that was the easy part, it really was. Rarely do I ever cheat and if I do it is like once a month. In fact I am never in denial, it was last night that I cheated, and I added a slice of pizza to my usual salad.

You know what is funny? In part I can at least see a small resemblance to D/D, though the barometers are completely different. Motivation is certainly something I need and I get that in spades. Every party that I attend I am treated, and I really do mean treated, to the wonderful side of human nature. The times where people are able to see my tangible weight loss, and they congratulate me on my commitment. You have absolutely no idea how that makes me feel about myself, seriously. At the Crimson Moon party this past weekend virtually every single person I came in contact with made some type of comment, you could wish for no better motivation. I felt like a million dollars.

So can you understand why I talk about motivation? Imagine how I would feel if I told everyone I was losing weight but I had nothing tangible to show for it. People would laugh behind my back and remark how I was kidding myself, and I would rather they did that over my big ego and my UPT status.

Sometimes I run into the fear that I talk too much about losing weight and people will start to turn and react negatively towards it. It is a silly thought I know, but I do fear that I may encounter this especially when so many people struggle with losing weight. So perhaps I can share what my methods are.

To start with, I set a monthly goal for myself to lose 4lbs per month. I’m not always successful, though for the most part I have been. It was the important words that I heard when I started this journey “You didn’t put it on overnight, you’re not going to take it off overnight”

So being realistic, while I said that I would like to be down to 190lbs by Shadowlane, if I stick to my plan I will be happy with 194lbs, even 195. It isn’t a sprint it is a marathon. The important part to me is that I don’t go above my baseline in any given month. If I started the month at 210lbs and finished the month at 210lbs, I didn’t lose the battle. Now I would have had disappointment in myself that I didn’t lose weight, but it gives me the strength to work harder, get right back on the bike so to speak. In the 20 months that I have been dieting so far on only one occasion did I gain a couple of pounds during any given month. So think about it, I have dropped 75lbs in 20 months, if you take that one month into account where I gained a couple of pounds, I am pretty much on schedule with losing 4lbs a month for the entire time.

If I could give anyone advice it would be what I wrote about above, set your goals realistically and keep them small. If you are 160lbs and want to get to 140lbs, try it over a five month period. Remember, you aren’t just trying to lose weight, you are trying to change your lifestyle that ensures that you lose the weight and keep it off. So if you are 160lbs think of it this way, by the end of August your goal should be 156 or 157lbs. Losing 20lbs in a month isn’t going to make the changes in your lifestyle that you need to keep the weight off, that can only happen in small, gradual increments.

Anyone can say they are losing weight, but does that help the person emotionally? If you change what you do and include the most important aspect, regular exercise, what you can say is that you have adjusted your lifestyle and slowly but surely you are making improvements to your health. The side effect to that approach is that you will lose weight.

Give it a shot, between now and the end of August set your goal at a weight loss of 3lbs. If you see no loss in the first week then that means you will have to work harder for the last two and a half weeks. The goals should be small because believe me, when you reach them it is the best feeling in the world. Add them all up and you reach goals you never thought were possible. Think about it, since I started this journey I have lost over 25% of my body size. Pick up a 75lb weight and that will tell you how much less my body has to carry each day.

Finally, to anyone who has ever said anything nice to me about my weight loss, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Every comment increases my positive outlook and makes me feel so wonderful about myself as a person. It is a really tremendous feeling and it gives me so much motivation that nobody could really comprehend, every single comment has contributed to my healthier lifestyle choices. I couldn’t lie to myself, I would be letting everyone down if I did that. When people tell me I look great I know they mean it, and it makes me feel really good inside, like I have accomplished something.

My ego loves all of the UPT talk, my head swells whenever I see someone using my image as their profile pic. Even the hateful stuff makes my ego that much stronger, there is no stopping it really, lol. That is a big part of Richard Windsor’s character and who he is. Richard L on the other hand is a very humble man who gets deeply touched by people taking the time to acknowledge his achievements. The way I see it is that if people feel it is important enough to say something nice to me, then that means I must be important to them if they wish me well.

On that note I think I will spend this evening writing nice things on people’s walls to make them feel good about themselves!!


Elvis Is In The Building

Tomorrow I leave for Chicago for the annual Crimson Moon party. This will be my first Crimson Moon party and while I am excited about it, I can’t say that I am actually ready yet. I have been so busy lately that I don’t know my right arm from my left and I am very much looking forward to a break. Today for whatever reason I just feel down in the dumps a bit, perhaps it is the anxiety of going to a new party where the amount of people I will actually know is very limited. Just as long as I don’t start to pack at 1am then I should be fine. Of course I will have my cameras with me in Chicago so hopefully I will have something to share with you all from there.

Now then, many moons ago I discovered a new spanking pic of Elvis spanking a smiling Jenny Maxwell which had this huge watermark on it. Chross helped me clean it up a bit, actually, I should say that he cleaned it up, but I still wasn’t satisfied. So you know what I did? I actually went out and paid 15 bucks for a copy of the original picture. I must be mad, right? Anyway, here it is, for what I believe to be the first time on the Internet, the unedited version of Elvis spanking a smiling Jenny Maxwell. Now this pic I did put my website address on, but as I actually own this picture I think I have a right to do that. Anyway, here it is, and it is followed by some other pics 🙂

Hope that you enjoyed the pic!! Now here is a selction of other spanking pics.

First of all, how many of you have, or had, a naughty chair?

Likewise, during your exploration period, how many of you tried your hand at self spanking?

Just the other day I was thinking about Audrey Knight. I wonder how that little sweetie is doing?

Staged as it may be, I had to deliver a good swat to get the ripple effect.

And finally, it is ‘Caption Me’ time. What is it do you think that is being said here?

Hey look, one site down already, just three to go, I’m already ahead of the game 🙂 If it please