Picture Perfect

Before I start, I just want to let you all know that I have posted the latest story in my birthday spanking series. This one will be a multi-part story and it begins with the birthday spanking of one girl. In this story the first girl gets a good spanking on the seat of her light blue nylon panties. You can read it here 3 Girls – Part 1

A few weeks ago, Web-Ed from the Chicago Spanking Review and I were discussing the meaning of vintage pictures and what they mean to us, whether that be in the form of comics or those rare pics that surfaced over time. Today I am going to elaborate on that a bit, and if reading isn’t your thing then scroll straight to the bottom to watch a really hot video.

This obsession with rare posed pics really stems from childhood and even into early adulthood for those of us who didn’t grow up with the Internet. Back in the day, if we were fortunate enough to stumble across a spanking pic in the media or in a comic book, we treasured these pics like they were gold dust, so rare were they that we never knew when the next one would come along. If you are young and have never lived in a time where you didn’t have the Internet at your disposal, it might be hard to comprehend what I am talking about. But try to imagine not having an internet, where any reference to spanking that you are ever going to be able to find would be in an old film, or perhaps looking up the word in a dictionary.

This is the reason that I have a hobby of trying to find the rarest spanking pics out there, and believe me, I have written about it many times, sometimes just finding a single pic takes me hours. The thing is, why do I do it though? The answer to that is really quite simple, it is all to do with the mindset.

At the moment I have about 120 unseen spanking pics stored away for both the Sorority Sunday posts and the Wednesday classics. Now there is a chance that someone, and it would probably be only one person, may have at some point in their life stumbled across one of the pics that I have. For most people though, almost everything that I have is going to be brand new. Here is what they mean to me, and it might be different for other people although I have a feeling that others may feel the same way that I do.

When I see a mainstream vintage pic, whether it be posed or whether it looks like it is a spanking actually taking place, my mindset reverts to the same as it was when I was a younger man. Even a simple birthday spanking pic from yesterday I think one thing, my imagination places me there. It either appreciates what is seen, or it creates a platform where I can imagine and elaborate on what I am seeing. Take the sorority pics, as an Englishman this is all fairly new to me in regards to mindsets, however, I review the collection that I have and I create in my own mind what is happening, what could happen, perhaps what should happen. A single pic can keep my mind active for a few weeks or in those rare cases many years. If you take Rollin’s “Gwen” sorority series you can imagine what I am thinking, I create scenes from pics tailored to me. From a single pic I can create a whole story about what I am seeing, and more importantly how I view what I want to see.

I’m probably blessed in a way that I love birthday spanking pics. Just regular, everyday people with an air of innocence, intrigue,mystery or subtle sexual chemistry. Clearly they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, not in the days of gaping vagina shots and bare assed spanking pics littering our minds, it is where I see that I have an advantage in some ways, because I can appreciate something so simple and find as much enjoyment from it as I can from seeing the latest picture set from a video starlet (Yep, you know where I am going,Erica) This is why I write some birthday spanking stories. They aren’t going to win any awards or even go down as great pieces of spanking literature, but they are thoroughly enjoyable to me as any well written pieces of work are. Not just my own stories, but birthday spanking stories written by others. Of course if their style of writing is that a birthday spanking is given to an employee who is buck naked and gets fingered afterwards, I’m more than likely not going to enjoy it one bit. If it is written as believable though, perhaps stretching the boundaries of reality but maintaining a level of innocence, then the chances are I will enjoy that more than I would most other stories. In those situations for me, it is more about the relationship between the parties involved and the connection that they make that leads up to the birthday spanking. Basically it is the girl wanting a spanking, but coyly rejecting the idea until she is playfully taken over the knee with minimal resistance. I’m a strange cat, aren’t I? Trust me though, what I talk about is important to me, and if people find out what is important to me and find some way to accommodate me, you have no idea what that does to my mind.

Let me talk about the story of mine that has been the most read story on this site, 1979 –The Very First Spanking, what it means to me and why things are important.

Let me state, nothing will ever come close to what happened that day, nor do I want it to. The scene is very special and I treasure it, there are things from what happened though that are important to me. If you are a long time reader then none of this is going to be new to you. On that day the person that I spanked was wearing a skirt and bikini styled white nylon panties, now that was the very first spanking that I ever gave, can anyone not understand why that is important to me? Like I said, I’m not trying to repeat anything, and any scene that I do is unique in its own way. Here is the rub though. When a girl either asks me what I like or what I would want, or how I would like to conduct things or if she already knows this and does something to accommodate me, then my mindset is already heading in the right direction. I don’t want what happened in 1979, I want something very special with someone else, there are certain things though, aspects of that first spanking that will enhance my enjoyment level, and perhaps even surpass other events.

Let me see if I can put this into words and whether or not people can understand where I am coming from. From a very basic style a girl knows she is going to play with me, in her mind she says to herself  “Ah, Richard, he would enjoy it if I wear a flimsy skirt and white nylon panties”. Guess what, it won’t even matter how the scene itself goes, it has already started to go in the right direction. Why is that? It is quite simple, in my mind the person who is going to play with me is thinking about me, specifically thinking about me and that is something that I think is very important. Before I go any further, don’t get me wrong about this, I’m not talking of a one way street, I’m talking about sharing ideas. The pup has a lot of ideas though and I like to share them, they encompass many different scenarios. For me the mind is very powerful and I’m not sure how many men go as far as to talk about what is important to them, but what a girl can do for my mind could make or break a spanking scene before it even starts. It is as simple as the initial contact “Richard, what can I do for you that will make the scene more enjoyable for you”. As a guy I find that is standard procedure to find that out from the girl, what it is that she likes and what is important to her, it happens less than you think from the other end. I’m not saying it is maliciously done, it just doesn’t seem like standard procedure, and to be really honest there could be another reason, and that is I’m wired differently to other men. Maybe with other guys the aesthetics are of less importance so it doesn’t enter into the equation, or perhaps for other guys it is more about the physical action to them than it is the mindset, as the other areas are for me.

I really don’t know if I am conveying what I want to convey here to be honest, because it is something so important to me. There is a crux to this matter though that I can simplify and it may perhaps sounds unimportant to others. When a girl asks me what I want, and not just asks me what I want, but genuinely wishes to incorporate what it is that I want so that I can enjoy the interaction to its fullest, you cannot imagine what it does to me. It isn’t about the silky pajamas, or the nylon panties or the schoolgirl outfits, or a spanking like you see in the video below, it is because I am an important enough of a person to them that they would go out of their way to please me. Perhaps that is one of those Alpha male traits that I have. Does this make sense to anyone? If a girl is going to go out of her way to make a spanking scene very special specifically for me, then before the spanking has even started I am already in the right mindset and therefore the scene has become important to me. I liken it to the feeling that submissive’s may feel when they have done something wrong, and because their mindset is “There”, they may well cry before a spanking has even started because everything is perfect for them in every manner relating to their scene. The difference is, I am seeing it from a Dominant standpoint. The simple act of doing something so that I will enjoy a spanking session more, makes me feel important as a person, it makes the scene ‘Special’to me, it puts me in the zone, because if I am important enough to someone that they would go out of their way to do something specifically for my enjoyment, and mine alone, it is already something special before it even starts. That is what puts me ‘There’. When that interaction happens it makes me feel dominant or therefore those playful spankings that you hear about that I gave get ratcheted up a notch. I’m good at roleplay, and if a girl wants me to be someone then all she has to do is hear my side and she will get a great scene because by doing so she has triggered the dominant side in me.

Hope that I am making sense here?

It reminds me of an interaction that I once had. After stating that there are things that are important to me, the girl asked me what I wanted. After giving my thoughts on the subject I was met with the response “I’m not buying a pair of panties just for a spanking”. My answer to that of course was “Then I guess I won’t be spanking you”. Twenty four hours passed and of course the panties were purchased, but guess what, you can’t take that interaction back, what’s done was done. Aesthetically things looked great, but the thoughts in my mind were as follows ‘This wasn’t done to please me, this was done so that they could get a spanking’, I didn’t have that emotional connection that I was important enough to someone in any way, I was just another hand to smack another bottom.

When I started writing today I had a goal in mind, but as it always does with me, I veer off and just write about whatever it is that is on my mind at the time. I didn’t start today thinking that I was going to write about what is important to me to make a spanking special, and the reasons as to why it would make it important, but there you go, the strangest cat in town has arrived. If you ever want a spanking from me though and you want that spanking to have some meaning to me, ask me what it is that I want or what would make things better for me. You will be on a winning track before you start. There are a lot of spanking sessions that have had a lot of meaning to me, sometimes spontaneous ones, but mostly the best ones that I have done are because someone was thinking of me beforehand. Want a great session? Email me if you plan to play with me and discuss a roleplay. When you interact with each other you can create something of great meaning to both people.

This isn’t something that I harbor bitterness over, as I have mentioned already, I think this comes from the fact that very few men express what it is that would really work for them. I’m not one of those guys, I have a hundred different things in my mind that I would like to do with different people.

Take the video below, I really want to reenact this with someone, same intensity, same style. The clothing choice will be mine, the reason as to why the spanking is happening is yours. You want a spanking just like that girl is getting for a real reason, ask me what you should wear and it puts me in a dominant mood, and it will make the spanking sound and not playful. You want to act like a naughty little girl, then you can dress like a naughty little girl………If you get that, then you get me, and we could have an awesome date in the future. You wear what I want you to wear and it will put me in the zone, you tell me why it is that you deserve to be spanked and I can guarantee you,you won’t want to do it again by the time we are done. That should put you in the zone.

On the Internet you will see 100’s of pictures of me spanking girls, you may find it surprising though that at spanking parties I play with fewer women than most men there. The reason for that for me is that it is all about quality over quantity, which will lead me in nicely to my next segment.

Before I begin, I almost want to go back and read what I have written so far to make sure that it doesn’t sound negative. The thing is though, it has come from the heart so I don’t think that it will read as being negative. It is a hidden fear of mine because I never think negatively, though I will think directly. It is one of those areas where I will sometimes read other blogs and say to myself, do they realize how negative this sounds? I’m not talking of the one offs, we all have them when things get us down and we want to release it, I’m talking of the ones where it just seems to be negative vibe after negative vibe. I do try really hard to stay positive.

Over on Fetlife there has been more discussion about ‘Pretty faces’and the guys who seem to ignore all types of behaviour because of the pretty face and the sexy body. As a guy I can’t delve down that road too far because I have a lack of understanding. One prevailing comment from women has been that if they raise a concern, it isn’t the concern that becomes important, what becomes important is that they are just being a jealous bitch. So here is the Windsor take on this, for better or worse.

At spanking parties I don’t observe the behaviour of other men, that’s not what I am there for, so I talk with perhaps less knowledge than that of those who have raised a concern. Here we go though, and if you are a friend of mine feel free with the knowledge that you are free to disagree with me, and in fact I would be disappointed if you didn’t feel that you could be comfortable telling me that. You can disagree with me as a person,or even a friend,that shouldn’t make you feel less of me as a person though.

These are waters that need treading on lightly, but I’m going to jump in both feet first and see how quickly I sink.

Richard Windsor attends a spanking party, the next hot thing on the block arrives. Knockout beauty, 100lbs and ass like a peach. Do I want to play with her? Fuck yes, are you kidding me? That will probably be something that I have dreamed about and fantasized about since the days where I first discovered I was a spanko. I mean let’s cut the bullshit there right from the get go, I dare say if a studly guy arrives on the scene, is as hot as a Chippendale’s model with forearms like a weightlifters, there’s no way that a woman isn’t going to be immediately attracted to that person and envision themselves bent over his knee getting a spanking. Women may be more subtle about it, but everyone has fantasies and I defy anyone to disagree with me that the cosmetic appearance of either a male or a female from the first glance can be something very exciting. You will find the rest out later, but I think that gut check for first looks are pretty spot on.

The reason that I don’t see what women sees though all has to do with what I have written above. Do I want to play with the ‘pretty girl’? Without question I do, and at some point I will probably ask her. This is where I am a different cat though. If she so much as says “I’ll think about it”, my interest has gone. There are ways of saying ‘Not now’, ones where the girl can perhaps evaluate how the person who has asked them interacts with others, but if there is just the smallest piece of arrogance or air of belief that they are better than anyone else, I’m just not interested. There is a whole wealth of girls who are happy to play with me, some of whom even go out of their way to make things good for me as well.

Before I go any further, pay attention to what I just said there guys. Women notice how you treat other men!! It is one of the hidden secrets to getting to play with people, women are observant, and I have had untold women tell me that one of the reasons they felt comfortable playing with me was because of the way that I interacted with other men. So if your method is to treat other guys like dick’s, take it from me, that is how the women will see you!

Clearly I don’t see what women see in regards to the fickleness that might make them feel less appreciated, though perhaps that is because I don’t fawn over anyone. I’m telling you now, it doesn’t matter to me what a person looks like, what their size is, or any other cosmetic criteria you attach to it. Sometimes I’m left to wonder if my X chromosome is bigger than the average males because the activation of the mind is more important to me than the physical act. Let me rephrase that, the act is important of course, but how you get there is of more importance to me.

This is one area where very few people understand who I am. Or perhaps it is a lack of understanding as to just how important something can be to one person. I’m one of the few who does know what it is that is important to me, it isn’t notches on a bedboard, it isn’t playing with every ‘name’in the industry, it isn’t about how many comments I can get. One thing that I have spoken to Erica Scott about this week was my disdain for ‘Spanking Awards’, I even wrote a really long (and perhaps bitter) post about it which I trashed. This is a much better approach for me to point out why I have that disdain though, there is no award that would even come close to receiving an email from a girl who says “I like the way you are thinking,I would love to talk to you about it”

Perhaps if I point out that I view award shows the same way that women view a pretty young thing who is a psycho, from the outside it is just cosmetic and a popularity contest and that has zero meaning to me. Receiving one email because I touched someone in a good way, that is why I share my thoughts and feelings about being a spanko. Maybe some folks can understand from that analogy where I am coming from, it doesn’t reach me on that emotional level that I have spent this post talking about.

It is an area that I get myself in trouble in all the time, from spanking models to fellow bloggers to writers, but I speak from the heart and if I’m not true to myself then who can I be true to? Spanking isn’t about a popularity contest for me, it never has been and never will be. Spanking is about sharing ones thoughts and ideas and making connections with people who share a similar type of mindset. Of course I will agree with other bloggers that getting very little feedback can be frustrating at times, but I only have to look at my email box to see why I am doing what I am doing. There are many people who share what it is that I have a passion about, they see things in the same box that I do, those are my awards and my ‘comments’, they all have special meaning to me. A further example happened this week when Erica and I disagreed, she stated, as she has before, that she loves that I am open and honest about it and that I talk about things that people only think about. That’s more valuable to me than anything that could be bestowed upon me.

So the next time that it crosses your mind that you are playing with Richard and you decide to wear nylon panties, it isn’t because I am a pervert, it isn’t because I am weird or freaky or I want to get my rocks off, it is because you are doing so to make me happy, and that can’t be understated enough because that is the highest praise and confirmation that I can get, that I am important to someone.

Now then, I am going to finish off with something that I talked about at the beginning of this post and that is with a video. I shared this video with Pixie and we discussed everything from the camera angles to the dialogue and the spanking itself. Trust me, with a few changes that I would make, this to me is about as perfect as it gets. If there is a girl who would like to play with me and wants to know what I would want, this is as close as I could describe it, and just as importantly, I would like to act this out with someone.

First of all, both camera angles are bloody dynamite, I especially love the face cam where you can clearly see the bottom being spanked in the background and the girls reactions, I watched those entire sections in slow motion because I wanted to see her bottom bounce and her face react at the same time. The other camera angle shows the bottom, not the gyno cam. The reason for the spanking is one of those “Insert reason here”things, it could be for anything. The bottom line is that is what Richard Windsor considers a good sound spanking, a very painful, yet non excessive old fashioned over the knee spanking.

Did I find any detraction in this video? Of course I did. When those little shorts came down I prayed we would find a little pair of nylon panties underneath, and it pissed me off to no end that she had on a thong. If that had occurred I would have watched the face cam angle over and over and over again as that would have been just about perfect for my viewing eyes. This video won’t win any awards, but if it counts for anything, it is one of the best videos that Richard Windsor has seen in years, a cute girl next door type gets a really sound over the knee spanking. The reactions are genuine and the scene is believable. I will forgive the no panties part, I’ll just have to do that on my own when I recreate the video 🙂

9 comments to Picture Perfect

  • Richard,the video you uploaded,“Nico Gets Spanked,”is bloody PERFECT! In the past,I have said that to me,the best spanking video ever is the one where you and Caroline Grey “play”in the wee hours following a spanking party…and it’s still great,but I think “Nico Gets Spanked”is even closer to perfection.

    I especially like the fact that you had (at least) TWO cameras on this one. It makes the video look better and more professional when you can show at least two angles and flip back and forth during the shoot.

    Also,I very much like the fact that in “Nico”the action is CLEAN. I’m not one to enjoy closeups of intimate body areas. But this video would probably get a “G”rating if it were ever submitted to the MPAA. Mmm,a pretty girl taken over the knee and getting spanked for her naughtiness (or whatever). This is classy. Thank you!


  • Richard Windsor


    I agree wholeheartedly with you in regards to the video but I do want to point out that the video isn’t mine. I got this video from spanking tube and I added it to this post because I like it so much.

  • badsherri69

    Hi,wow Richard you have read my mind,i dont see my spanking world as a popularity contest,i just want to have fun,make friends with who luves spanking just as much as i do..so thank you 🙂 i am totally agree with everything u said!

  • NJSpank


    Well too many things to comment but first off that was me growing up,I had a stash of comic books with spankings or panties in them,cut out any cartoon with spanking and actually ant written words about spanking ie Dear Abbey for instance. Great recreation of life without the internet.

    You make total sense and I too get pissed when I watch a spanking to find no panties or thongs,just who I am. As much as I love a nice bare bottom warming,I love a nice panty spanking.

    A new friend of mine who I recently spanked knew of my panty fun and surprised me when I spanked her with a lovely white nylon panty…was amazing and so rewarding.

    One of your best posts sir.

    Thank you

  • jim

    i am one of the oldies as well that enjoys finding vintage mainstream. I had a collection that was similar to what you have (yours is far more extensive),but every time i see one of those old pictures. it does remind me when i first saw it and excites me for memories that were exciting way back when (before internet and vcrs(8mm movies with no sound) and i am glad to see some of them that i thought i had lost) my collection was destroyed in a move several years ago where i had it in my trunk and the trunk leaked and i lost almost everything (not easy to replace old magazines and newspaper comics back then,but now some of them have resurfaced on ebay,your site,chicago spanking review,etc. So thank you for bringing them back and sharing them with all us old spankos thathat like you are excited by the memories that you bring back. Thanks for all of your sites and esp. the vintage as i look forward to seeing maybe some old pictures that i had thought lost forever. have a great day

  • There are a lot of tangents in this post so I think I’ll send a separate message about it rather than leaving a 2 page comment. I agree with what you state about men not always stating their preferences and likes/dislikes,but the focus is usually on women doing so and being understood.

    That can be a bit frustrating to me when I’ve tried to ask a guy what he likes or gets out of a scene and am brushed off with an answer like “I like everything about it. If you are enjoying yourself,then I’m happy too.”Give me something to work with! I asked because I really want to know.

    I really liked the video at the end there. I laughed when you mentioned the thong. I know from the various panty discussions I’ve seen pop up that you have a strong dislike for those. Can’t win em all,eh? 😉

  • “When a girl asks me what I want,…. genuinely wishes to incorporate what it is that I want so that I can enjoy the interaction to its fullest,you cannot imagine what it does to me”

    I can imagine that quite well. When a woman asks that of me,it likes being six years old on Christmas morning again. Women see both sides and want the scene to work well for both. I am not sure many men have that same vision.

    Great post

  • Sweetspot

    I found your article to be thought provoking,well written and informative. We are of the same generation and because of that I can identify with many of the experiences that formed your fetish. We share much in common but not nearly all things of course. I don’t intend to write here about my own experiences that have lead to my personal preferances and opinions on the subject that so captivates us both,I don’t want to waste your time or use up your band space.
    Because of my internal makeup there is something that drives me to spend hours and hours inside on-line newspaper archives searching for true stories about women being spanked. Like the collector who finds the rare stamp or coin I find incredible excitement in the discovery of a meaningful photo or article and am eager to share my find with others who share my appreciation for this type of event . For example,I posted a 1930 story on Chross about a young woman who was spanked for faking her own kidnapping. I have since found that story on a french language blog. Was I angry because I didn’t get due credit? No,like a true “patron of the arts”I was glad that my research had lead to advancement in the subject of my passion.
    Thank you for sharing your marvelous discoveries including the personal kindness you showed me not long ago.
    This video from agoodspankin is indeed near perfect. Although I find the empoyee scenario to be something I don’t care for and the fact that the spanker’s face is not shown reduces my score from a 10 to a 9 out of ten. Eveyting else,the angles,production values,acting,the spanking itself,clothing and set suit my imagination to a T. It’s hard to believe that the producer thought it unworthy when obviously viewers have found it to be amazing.

  • NJSpank

    I love your commentary and trust me it as equally frustrating when we ask a lady what she likes and gets from a scene and get the same BS answer….thanks for artuculating this.

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