Windsor Wednesday Classic – 201

The majority of the onstage spanking pics that I post occur in the 1950s, and of course there is a nice healthy portion from the 1960s as well as some that have survived from the 1940s. From the 1970s onward it gets a lot harder to find spanking pics, though it is not entirely unheard of. With that said mind you, if you find one from the 1990s then you have done really well.

That is what I am bringing to you today, a stage spanking pic from the early 1990s from the play “Man Of Seventeen”. I will add this under the corresponding play that I have listed in my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

From 1985 until 1990 I worked at a summer camp (we also operated year round as respite care program) and I often think if only I knew then what I know now. The missed opportunities to put on the annual staff play as performed by counselors, haha. Okay, before the spanking Karen’s arrive, that is said in jest. Obviously I have only ever engaged in consensual spanking activity, however, if a girl wanted the part, then I guess it would be consensual anyway. Perhaps one day I will write a play to be performed at a spanking party!!


4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 201

  1. I really enjoy this one. The way her hair falls her smile and her position are all great. Great find. Thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed your explanation of your finds. Have a great day.

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