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  1. I can’t read the yardstick at all, but I have a curious ‘yardstick’ story. I was working in a convent, a building housing nuns. These were old, retired nuns, Nothing odd there, except, though this building could probably house 100 and probably did at one time, it now housed just five. Nevertheless, in every , and I mean EVERY closet in this place was a yardstick like the one shown, a full sized yardstick! I’m talking hundreds of yardsticks.

    They must have gotten a good deal on them at one point! Now, I’m not implying these were there for any nefarious discipline scenarios. Just thought it weird.

    Moreover, I have lived most of my life around nuns and found each and every one a truly remarkable woman, deserving of loving respect. They taught me to truly see women as an equal if not superior to men!

    I was never spanked by a nun, but was threatened once in the eighth grade with a pants-down spanking that still embarrasses me today, fifty years later! I really loved that nun.


  2. Fatherjim,

    It’s funny, but now that I think back I don’t recall barely any female teachers back in my day. My homeroom teacher was a woman, but I don’t think I can remember any others, lol. I’m sure there must have been others, I mean there had to be, right. For some reason I recall the sports teachers well, they were two tough men who had no problem abusing the students with hard and heave tackles in any sport.

    Now I’m not saying he did it deliberately, but one day one of them (Wilkins was his name) bowled a cricket ball right at my head. Basically it should have been young men playing with an equal playing field, but a grown ass man was instead abusing his own skill level on inferior opponents. Anyway, fortunately I had played cricket for years and I hooked his delivery for 4 runs, but I remember right afterwards the look of sheer terror on his face because he thought the ball was going to hit me full in the face. It must have been the slowest 20 yards he has ever watched in his life as the ball traveled between the wickets, lol.


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