Windsor Wednesday Classic – 128

Have to make a quick post today before I dart off to work. This is one of my latest finds from the play WE DUDE IT,  this one is from Meeker,  OK in 1969. If you snaffle it and use it for your own purpose,  feel free to tell your audience where you got it from,  I’m sure that they would be very happy to see the rest of the vast collection of original spanking material that I post.

This will be added to my WE DUDE IT collection.

I will also send out the link today to those of you who filled out either the WOMAN NEXT DOOR survey,  or the DANA SPECHT SPANKS survey. while I was away in Japan.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 90

By popular demand my Wednesday classic this week is from the play  “We Dude It”. Now when I say popular demand,  I mean two people specifically requested pics from this play,  and after this one I still have another dozen left. Now two isn’t exactly a large number,  but like any blogger,  we simply love it when we get feedback/interaction. I’m not requesting it,  but it feels good when you post something worthy enough that somebody feels compelled to write something.

Now if you just want the pic,  simply scroll down to the bottom of this post. I’m going to vanilla ramble for a little bit but I also understand that some folks only want the pics,  they aren’t necessarily interested in my prose. If that applies to you then don’t worry,  I won’t be offended,  my goal is to give you what you want and if that is pics then so be it,  fill your boots 🙂

The last few weeks I have been on this huge Anglophile kick. Now I know that it sounds funny,  with me being English an all,  but you have to remember I left England when I was 24,  so I have spent the majority of my life in America. (If you scour my website with the finest of fine tooth-combs,  then I was 24 and 1 month to be precise)

The single biggest frustration for me living here is pop culture from an English standpoint. It is actually a bit hard to explain,  but if you are British and I was to say  “Luvly Jubbly”,  pretty much everyone knows what you are saying. So now put yourself in a situation where NOBODY knows what you are saying,  about anything that is pop culture related. It is frustrating to a point of tears sometimes.

Now having been away for so long,  there are a vast amount of television shows that I never saw,  never heard of or even knew about until I stumble across something every now and then. Now my brother knows this,  and occasionally he will mail me a box set that I can play on my laptop that he thinks I might like. He sent me  “Life on Mars”  which I loved,  especially the creepy BBC 2 girl,  so he followed that up with Ashes to Ashes. Now Ashes to Ashes is one of those box sets that is sitting in my unwatched pile. It is there with “Goodnight Sweetheart”  and the awesome  “Just Good Friends”. Now the latter two I haven’t watched completely yet because I have seen them long ago,  so they are lower down on the watch list. Though I will watch Just Good Friends every now and then because I loved that show when it was first on. I had such a crush on Jan Francis.

There are other box sets still to watch,  a good number of the BBC Earth series’. I’m an avid collector of them and my latest additions are  “The Blue Planet”  and  “The Frozen Planet”  which are unopened at the moment,  plus there are a number of sets that I haven’t finished watching. I’m also a collector of Michael Palin’s travels but save for an episode or two I have pretty much watched all of them.

So those are some of the ones I haven’t got to yet,  there are others but I don’t remember them off the top of my head. Here’s the thing though,  currently I have three different series going on at the same time that I am working through and I am overwhelmed at the acting in some of them. Oh,  by the way,  After Life with Andrew Lincoln is another unopened box set that I have waiting.

Topping the list right now,  and if you are American with an affinity towards British television,  I can’t recommend this one enough,  and that one is  “The Accused”. There are ten stand alone episodes so you can watch them out of sequence,  and so far I have seen seven out of the ten,  and the acting is out of this world. In England this type of program is called  “Kitchen Sink”  drama. You might think of me as a perv,  but there was one incident that springs to mind that made me say out loud  “Yes,  that’s it”. A baby starts crying,  the girl gets out of bed,  wipes her nose on her sleeve and fixes her underwear,  it is so fricken real it is unbelievable. It reminds me of Mike Leigh,  a director who is known for giving actors the premise for what they are acting,  and then shooting them ad libbing with not only their words but their actions as well. Because the acting is so raw,  he then takes what he watched and writes the script around that.

So  “The Accused”  got me on a Jimmy McGovern kick and I have also started to watch  “The Street”. Jane Horrocks (click on her name to see her getting a swat),  Jim Broadbent,  Timothy Spall,  Bob Hoskins etc,  etc,  it is like an all star cast of awesome British actors who are portraying everyday people. I think that is what I miss,  watching genuine acting that doesn’t always have a fairy-tale ending. You develop such compassion to the people you are watching because you can relate to them so well. The third series that I am watching,  though I will admit that I have only watched one episode so far,  is  “Peaky Blinders”. I can’t make much of a comment on it yet but obviously it is another very gritty program.

Anyway,  I just felt like sharing one of my vanilla interests for a change,  just to give you some further insight on me.

Right,  spanking time!! Today’s entry of WE DUDE IT is from Frankston,  TX in 1966 and is especially for the two readers who requested to see more from this play.

This will be added to my WE DUDE IT spanking folder.

wedudeit frankston tx 66

Top Ten Classics And Stage Spankings 2015

This section is somewhat unique being that I believe these type of pics are what I am most known for. They are unique because despite their popularity in filling up other blogs and Tumblr sites,  it is an extreme rarity that they are ever linked to directly. So virtually all of my Wednesday classics and Sunday stage spankings are based on raw hits. So while they are lower down on the hit list for the year,  as they are my most popular series of pics I decided to put together the top ten for the year. In fact because they don’t get linked,  these results are about as genuine as they come as these pics are viewed solely on the value of the content.

So until I look at the numbers,  not even I know which ones were the most popular,  so this will be as much fun for me as it will be for you.

Number 1:

Wednesday Classic 88

This one I held out on posting for the longest time,  so to see it at number one means that it was enjoyed as much as I enjoyed it. A genuine birthday spanking from 1974. Read more….

terryville 74

Number 2:

Wednesday Classic 84

The spanking scene from the 1956 production of  ‘Child Wonder’  from my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder. A classic OTK with the feet off the ground and an audience watching on. Read more….

Child Wonder Appleton ME 56

Number 3:

Sunday Candid 33

I feared for a moment that the top ten was going to be made entirely of Wednesday Classics. Here is the first Sunday entry,  a 1972 stage production of  ‘We Dude It’,  which is also from the WE DUDE IT folder. Read more….

wedudeit fairfax 72

Number 4:

Streetcar Sundays 42

The first entry from my collection of MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pics. This entry is from 1953. Read more….

Swissvale pa 53

Number 5:

Sunday Candids 24

This post is worth clicking on because not only does it contain this SENIOR SUPERLATIVE,  it also includes contains another dozen vintage pics that I had posted that particular week. Read more….

elizabethton TN 59

Number 6:

Sunday Candids 29

Here is the second entry in this list from the stage play WE DUDE IT. This time the Female/Female action is from 1962. Read more….

wedudeit oakley 62

Number 7:

Back To The Fifties

This was a Wednesday Classic,  but it was a classic that wasn’t numbered. Due to the excellent rare find I made a special post for this vintage KISS ME KATE spanking find. It goes all the way back to 1954 and has to be one of the first Kiss Me Kate spanking depictions. Read more….

findlay oh 54

Number 8:

Sunday Candid 35

Well now I am officially surprised. The THIRD entry from the stage play WE DUDE IT to make this list. As I have another dozen or so of these that are unposted as of yet,  I have a feeling that I will post the rest pretty soon. This one is from 1979. Read more….

wedudeit dewey 79

Number 9:

Wednesday Classic 78

This particular picture I am not finished with yet. While I discovered this version of the spanking pic,  Harry sent me the complete collection of this entire photo play. So some time in 2016 I will post this in its entirety. Read more….

$_57 (1)

Number 10:

Sunday Candid 38

Rounding out the list we go back to 1955 we have a depiction of an OTK switching. Now that is something that is very rare indeed. Not the best pic in the world,  but it is a reminder of how normal some things were in the 1950’s. This pic is from my SUNDAY CANDIDS collection. Read more….


There is still more to come this week. I will have the top ten stories,  a reprisal of the spanking scene from the movie Juke Joint. This is a video that I have had on youtube for three years now and I actually own the film in my DVD collection. As I recently posted the new version of the lobby card spanking from the film,  and as it is not posted anywhere else in the spanking world,  why not give it a second running. The movie clip features a lot of off screen spanks,  but most importantly it also includes a good number of hairbrush spanks to the seat of the spankee’s panties. It probably hasn’t been posted elsewhere yet as the clip has my website address on it. That will probably be posted tomorrow.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 35

So I am now set and moving forward I will be able to pick up the posting a bit more. The last month my focus has been on moving apartments and the BBW party,  and now both have been completed. I’m really happy with my new apartment,  and while I might not be in a real position to play in the apartment,  I do now have space where I can put people up when they come into town. Okay,  so it isn’t flush with space,  but it is a great little apartment and I’m delighted.

So let’s get back to some spanking posts,  eh?

First up we will pick up the Sunday postings and my first entry now that I am back is from 1979 and the play  “We dude it”. Now I have already posted 6 pics from this play,  and some good ones at that which you can see in the link below.

This will be added to my WE DUDE IT spanking folder.

wedudeit dewey 79

You might also be interested in the following:

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 33

Quick note,  if you are filling in the form for a free video,  make sure you leave a proper email address. So far I have had two people not leave a proper address to send them the video.

So I am back for my regular Sunday posting and this week we are going back to 1972 for yet another spanking pic from the play  “We Dude It”

In this one it appears that the spanker is fully aware how to dish out a spanking,  perhaps she had some personal experience. A solid flat palm applied to the fleshiest part of the bottom.

This will be added to my WE DUDE IT spanking folder. Also check out my vintage blog for the 97th entry of vintage sorority spankings. And please remember,  if you are taking my finds to share,  a little courtesy of a link back never goes amiss 🙂

wedudeit fairfax 72

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 30

Yesterday I was answering my emails and it dawned on me,  that is currently the only communication that I have in the spanking world along with comments left on this blog. Since leaving Fetlife in terms of actually going there (I still have a profile for later) I guess I didn’t realize how much of a hub it actually was for spanking activity. I still keep in touch with a lot of friends that I have made in the spanking scene,  but for the most part we are friends outside of the spanking scene.

I have a TWITTER PROFILE with over 600 followers,  but that is almost non existent in terms of actually communicating with people. Then I have two Facebook profiles,  which is kind of funny. One of them is vanilla for my spanking friends,  and the other is my real profile where I am out to my non spanking friends 🙂

Now I do have a number of spanking friends on my real profile,  but as it is my vanilla life I never add anyone who isn’t prepared to share who they are. Any time that I get a friend request with a generic web spanking pic as the profile picture I never add them. If someone is comfortable with who they are then I will add them without an issue,  but I won’t add mystery people who are just snooping.

So now onto this weeks Sunday Spanking Classic. Before we get to that I want to point out the category tag that I assign on Sunday’s. If you pay attention I always tag these photos as WEDNESDAY CLASSICS. There is a reason for this,  and that is I only want one tag for these pics. When people come to this site to review my contributions and they click on a tag,  I don’t want them to miss any of my finds. If I separated them into a Sunday tag and a Wednesday tag then inevitably they will miss out on half the pics. Obviously I have a wealth of material and they are there to be seen.

This week I have created a new folder entitled WE DUDE IT. After counting my collection I have 20 spanking pics from this play so therefore it is worth having a folder especially for them. So I have removed those pics from the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder into there own section.

So this pic will now be added to the WE DUDE IT spanking folder and the pic is from 1968.

wedudeit lucas KS 68


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