Windsor Wednesday Classic – 172

I’m back after taking a few days off. There are going to be some times where I need to do this but I expect it to get better over time. The biggest drawback, and the most frustrating thing that I deal with, is not being able to share anything of my life with my family anymore. Any anniversary that comes up, or any special event I have to deal with the frustration that my family are no longer there to share it with. Yeah, it gets pretty lonely at times, especially when birthday’s and the holiday’s roll by, and I can’t even call any of them anymore.

It is something that I have to deal with regardless so there is no point harping on about it.

The Wednesday classic this week, yeah, I know, it’s a day late  🙂  Is from 1982 from the play WE DUDE IT. Just click the link for the other 11 photos that I have shared from this play so far. Being a lover of the 80s, and while I realize that it is not a really good photo, I do love the outfit that the girl is wearing. It has 1980s written all over it.

3 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 172

  1. Richard, years ago, I had an old priest tell me that he had a class reunion every time he looked in the mirror. I didn’t get it at the time, but I do now. You are in the same place, only it’s a family reunion. I can’t say that I understand your pain, but I do so hate your loneliness. Please remember you have hundreds of followers that think of you as a friend, as family, as a brother. We’ll share those birthdays, etc. with you gladly! Just keep us informed. Share what you dare! I, for one, will try to be there to listen, and share. Thanks for all you do for all of us!

  2. Jim,

    I try my hardest not to show my pain on the blog, even when it was hitting me the hardest in 2018 I continued to try and soldier on. Everything will get better, I know that, but there are certain things now that can never happen again, and those times are really tough. Hopefully when I go to England in a few months and scatter my Brother’s ashes then perhaps I will get some closure.

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