Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 30

Yesterday I was answering my emails and it dawned on me,  that is currently the only communication that I have in the spanking world along with comments left on this blog. Since leaving Fetlife in terms of actually going there (I still have a profile for later) I guess I didn’t realize how much of a hub it actually was for spanking activity. I still keep in touch with a lot of friends that I have made in the spanking scene,  but for the most part we are friends outside of the spanking scene.

I have a TWITTER PROFILE with over 600 followers,  but that is almost non existent in terms of actually communicating with people. Then I have two Facebook profiles,  which is kind of funny. One of them is vanilla for my spanking friends,  and the other is my real profile where I am out to my non spanking friends 🙂

Now I do have a number of spanking friends on my real profile,  but as it is my vanilla life I never add anyone who isn’t prepared to share who they are. Any time that I get a friend request with a generic web spanking pic as the profile picture I never add them. If someone is comfortable with who they are then I will add them without an issue,  but I won’t add mystery people who are just snooping.

So now onto this weeks Sunday Spanking Classic. Before we get to that I want to point out the category tag that I assign on Sunday’s. If you pay attention I always tag these photos as WEDNESDAY CLASSICS. There is a reason for this,  and that is I only want one tag for these pics. When people come to this site to review my contributions and they click on a tag,  I don’t want them to miss any of my finds. If I separated them into a Sunday tag and a Wednesday tag then inevitably they will miss out on half the pics. Obviously I have a wealth of material and they are there to be seen.

This week I have created a new folder entitled WE DUDE IT. After counting my collection I have 20 spanking pics from this play so therefore it is worth having a folder especially for them. So I have removed those pics from the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder into there own section.

So this pic will now be added to the WE DUDE IT spanking folder and the pic is from 1968.

wedudeit lucas KS 68

4 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 30

  • jimc

    Hi Richard. Sorry that you have to relocate after so long in 1 place. I hope you enjoy your new place. I also would like to thank you again for your choices in spankings that you share with us. I am an otk fan first and foremost and so these finds are the greatest to me. I love your folders as being pretty easy to navigate even with a computer novice as myself. I say I am a novice because my extent is to find your site and scroll down to the picture and sometimes leave a comment. So thank you for making it easy for me. Have a great day

  • Richard Windsor


    Not a problem, and stay tuned, I have hundreds of unseen pics yet to come, probably around 500 at this point with more finds each day.

  • NJSpank


    Not sure what to say, I follow you as much as possible, I do not like Fetlife..not me and while I follow you on twitter vanilla world keeps me from responding….but you are just the best and love what you have done for all of us, you are amazing and I will continue to follow you as best I can….I still would love to catch a pint one day!!!


  • NJSpank

    Oh and this picture is just hot!


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