Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 24

As you can no doubt tell from this week,  I’m back to posting on a regular schedule. In fact you could pretty much call this my own version of spankings of the week. Aside from the pic today I will also add the 11 other pics that I have shared with you this week,  albeit those ones will be in a thumbnail view at the bottom of this weeks pic.

Now there is no secret by now,  my goal each week is to bring you something new and unique. It is like a little pride thing to be able to contribute something new to the spanking world. Virtually everything that I share would not have been seen by 99% of the spanking community and are the results of many hours of searching. As I have stated numerous times already though,  that is a hobby of mine. It does come at a personal cost,  there are subscriptions that I have to pay,  and if there is a pic on Ebay then I will actually purchase it if I feel that it will add to our community.

Not that anyone should feel bad,  not that anyone really would,  because I make money from this site and the other ones I own. It isn’t a lot of money but it is enough where I can use that money to give back to the community. There was a time when I told you how bothered I was when the work that I provided wasn’t credited,  and the simple reason being is that I provide nothing but rare and unique pics so by not providing the courtesy of linking back it is denying the spanking community the chance to see the pics each week. Having been doing this for so long now I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that our community now knows where these types of pics come from.

Don’t rest on your laurels though,  because things are now getting even better in the sharing department. For a few months you would have noticed that my updates had waned some. Aside from the stressful situation regarding my work status (it is still in limbo a year later) I also suffered from a complete lack of interest in the spanking scene. Perhaps it is because my real life situation is turbulent at the moment,  combined with the knowledge that over an 18 month period everything that I ever wanted in the spanking scene I was able to get,  but my interest in the scene itself is still at an all time low. It  ‘Jumped the shark’  a couple of times in the last year so perhaps what I need is a spin off series,  lol.

On that last note mind you,  this week I threw an idea at the BBW organizers that was received well so along with my close friend,  Kor-E,  we should be able to bring something new to the party next year. More details on that will come down the line but it is an exciting event that will be inclusive for the party attendees.

So enough of the blabber,  I know that you are not here for that,  you want a new pic,  right? One thought that had crossed my mind this week was to create a new feature called “Friday Frolics”. Now I haven’t decided whether or not to go that route yet,  partially because I already run two features each week,  and if I add a third then it won’t leave much space to use the blog to share my thoughts as well. Mind you,  like this post I could always combine an update with my thoughts,  we will see how it goes.

So here is this weeks pic but before I share it,  let me briefly tell you about the frustration that a pic like this can create for collectors like me.

When searching for pics we are severely limited in the use of keywords to search,  and I mean brutally limited. When I came across this pic I was using a completely different keyword,  which of course doesn’t matter just as long as we get the pic. The pain in the ass though is that the pic clearly says ‘mischievous’,  but you try searching with that keyword. In the same location I tried using that word and this pic never showed. So a lot of times through the many hours of searching,  you just get plain lucky 🙂

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder but shortly I will create a new ‘Frolics’  folder for pics like these that aren’t actual birthday spankings.

elizabethton TN 59

And just in case you missed any of the rare finds this week,  here is my personal version of spankings of the week of pics that I have shared with you in the last seven days. Yes,  all of these were posted in the last week alone 🙂

south freemont 59 sylva webster 76 -page-001 BTNJPYxCQAAg5Eq January Thaw 1956 wedudeit tyrone 80 Tennessee 1968 canton 34 Clipboard01a West Carrollton OH 61 Marinette 62 MARTHA-RAYE-JOE-E-BROWN 1000 a touchdown

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  • NJSpank

    As I said before I hope your job deal works out, I am now facing the same nightmare yet again but always appreciate all you do for the scene and just love the finds and pictures, many thanks


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