Windsor Wednesday Classic – 90

By popular demand my Wednesday classic this week is from the play  “We Dude It”. Now when I say popular demand,  I mean two people specifically requested pics from this play,  and after this one I still have another dozen left. Now two isn’t exactly a large number,  but like any blogger,  we simply love it when we get feedback/interaction. I’m not requesting it,  but it feels good when you post something worthy enough that somebody feels compelled to write something.

Now if you just want the pic,  simply scroll down to the bottom of this post. I’m going to vanilla ramble for a little bit but I also understand that some folks only want the pics,  they aren’t necessarily interested in my prose. If that applies to you then don’t worry,  I won’t be offended,  my goal is to give you what you want and if that is pics then so be it,  fill your boots 🙂

The last few weeks I have been on this huge Anglophile kick. Now I know that it sounds funny,  with me being English an all,  but you have to remember I left England when I was 24,  so I have spent the majority of my life in America. (If you scour my website with the finest of fine tooth-combs,  then I was 24 and 1 month to be precise)

The single biggest frustration for me living here is pop culture from an English standpoint. It is actually a bit hard to explain,  but if you are British and I was to say  “Luvly Jubbly”,  pretty much everyone knows what you are saying. So now put yourself in a situation where NOBODY knows what you are saying,  about anything that is pop culture related. It is frustrating to a point of tears sometimes.

Now having been away for so long,  there are a vast amount of television shows that I never saw,  never heard of or even knew about until I stumble across something every now and then. Now my brother knows this,  and occasionally he will mail me a box set that I can play on my laptop that he thinks I might like. He sent me  “Life on Mars”  which I loved,  especially the creepy BBC 2 girl,  so he followed that up with Ashes to Ashes. Now Ashes to Ashes is one of those box sets that is sitting in my unwatched pile. It is there with “Goodnight Sweetheart”  and the awesome  “Just Good Friends”. Now the latter two I haven’t watched completely yet because I have seen them long ago,  so they are lower down on the watch list. Though I will watch Just Good Friends every now and then because I loved that show when it was first on. I had such a crush on Jan Francis.

There are other box sets still to watch,  a good number of the BBC Earth series’. I’m an avid collector of them and my latest additions are  “The Blue Planet”  and  “The Frozen Planet”  which are unopened at the moment,  plus there are a number of sets that I haven’t finished watching. I’m also a collector of Michael Palin’s travels but save for an episode or two I have pretty much watched all of them.

So those are some of the ones I haven’t got to yet,  there are others but I don’t remember them off the top of my head. Here’s the thing though,  currently I have three different series going on at the same time that I am working through and I am overwhelmed at the acting in some of them. Oh,  by the way,  After Life with Andrew Lincoln is another unopened box set that I have waiting.

Topping the list right now,  and if you are American with an affinity towards British television,  I can’t recommend this one enough,  and that one is  “The Accused”. There are ten stand alone episodes so you can watch them out of sequence,  and so far I have seen seven out of the ten,  and the acting is out of this world. In England this type of program is called  “Kitchen Sink”  drama. You might think of me as a perv,  but there was one incident that springs to mind that made me say out loud  “Yes,  that’s it”. A baby starts crying,  the girl gets out of bed,  wipes her nose on her sleeve and fixes her underwear,  it is so fricken real it is unbelievable. It reminds me of Mike Leigh,  a director who is known for giving actors the premise for what they are acting,  and then shooting them ad libbing with not only their words but their actions as well. Because the acting is so raw,  he then takes what he watched and writes the script around that.

So  “The Accused”  got me on a Jimmy McGovern kick and I have also started to watch  “The Street”. Jane Horrocks (click on her name to see her getting a swat),  Jim Broadbent,  Timothy Spall,  Bob Hoskins etc,  etc,  it is like an all star cast of awesome British actors who are portraying everyday people. I think that is what I miss,  watching genuine acting that doesn’t always have a fairy-tale ending. You develop such compassion to the people you are watching because you can relate to them so well. The third series that I am watching,  though I will admit that I have only watched one episode so far,  is  “Peaky Blinders”. I can’t make much of a comment on it yet but obviously it is another very gritty program.

Anyway,  I just felt like sharing one of my vanilla interests for a change,  just to give you some further insight on me.

Right,  spanking time!! Today’s entry of WE DUDE IT is from Frankston,  TX in 1966 and is especially for the two readers who requested to see more from this play.

This will be added to my WE DUDE IT spanking folder.

wedudeit frankston tx 66

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  • Ms Ash

    Thank you for the dedication, and for the picture 😉 Looking forward to the rest of your collection!

    Enjoyed the personal tidbits, too…as a non-Brit, am I imagining things or is Jim Broadbent in literally everything ever?


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