Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 38

In an old schoolhouse far away in the distant past,  a switch was always kept on hand for unruly students. Actually,  despite what it may appear,  this spanking picture is actually from 1955. I know that it would appear much older but it isn’t. It is an unusual pose for a switch as well,  in the OTK position. Surely someone can tell the teacher how to apply the switch properly. Perhaps she is a spinster without prior knowledge,  in fact it might be wise for the principal to demonstrate on her 🙂

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDID’S spanking folder. Information for additional pics underneath this one.


Exactly one year ago today I offered a small collection of vintage F/M OTK pics (LINK HERE) for the people who like those type of pics. On my recent survey 1 in 6 readers preferred F/M pics but I never post any to this site. When I collect my vintage finds I will swipe F/M ones if they hold an interest to my readers.

So here is the deal,  the survey’s that I do are hosted by Google and therefore count extra when it comes to this website’s site ranking with Google. If people come to this site I am likely to make a few pennies,  which then in turn goes to paying for the archive subscriptions that I subscribe to so that I can bring you unique rare material every week. So the more the surveys that get filled out,  the better my standing with Google and the more opportunity I have to pay for material to bring to you. So,  if you want the collection of 20 F/M pics shown below,  just fill out one of these two F/M related survey’s BELOW,  leave your email address and I will send them to you in a ZIP file. If you missed the first set above,  the OTK set,  you will have to shoot me an email at in order to get them.




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