Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 35

So I am now set and moving forward I will be able to pick up the posting a bit more. The last month my focus has been on moving apartments and the BBW party,  and now both have been completed. I’m really happy with my new apartment,  and while I might not be in a real position to play in the apartment,  I do now have space where I can put people up when they come into town. Okay,  so it isn’t flush with space,  but it is a great little apartment and I’m delighted.

So let’s get back to some spanking posts,  eh?

First up we will pick up the Sunday postings and my first entry now that I am back is from 1979 and the play  “We dude it”. Now I have already posted 6 pics from this play,  and some good ones at that which you can see in the link below.

This will be added to my WE DUDE IT spanking folder.

wedudeit dewey 79

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