Windsor’s Sunday Candids 46 – Movie Edition

On those rare occasions where I have some time on my hands I tend to do searches to look for the unique pics in our chosen lifestyle. Today is one of those days where I will share some of my finds.

The movies that I have been giving away,  and so far there have been over 100 requests,  will continue for the rest of the year. Some of you were even kind enough to drop me a note of thanks which was much appreciated. This is what I do here,  give you spanking stuff that you can enjoy. It is a much better approach than being a spiteful little C***.

So what do I have on offer for today?

We will start with a lobby card from 1947 from the movie  “Juke Joint”. many years ago I posted the clip from this film which features quite a long hairbrush spanking to the seat of Dauphine Moore’s panties,  as seen through a keyhole. It has been a long time since I have watched it but the off screen spanks as well as the onscreen ones totaled several dozen if memory serves me well.


Next up is a well known hairbrush spanking being given to Shirley Temple in the promo for Kiss and Tell. Of course there is no spanking in the film,  but I looked deep to see if I could find non English promos for it being that my readers come from all over the world. If I am not mistaken this one comes from Uruguay,  but correct me if you think I am wrong.


Keeping with the theme of finding movie posters from around the world,  here is a Danish one for Too Young To Kiss.


Now the next one features Mona Freeman getting spanked by Edward Arnold. There is a standard non smiling one that has floated around,  and I had often seen this smiling one but always on a poster where the image was small. Thankfully I recently found a huge copy of the poster where I was able to crop the spanking picture out of it. As you can see,  I am quite happy to add this one to everyone’s collection as a new spanking pic.


And lastly,  I have two different pictures from the film  “Julie Gluepot”,  and I have also included a book cover that features a spanking on the cover. Do you think like I do that they may have plagiarized Julie Gluepot?

All pics in this post will be added to my WINDSORS SPANKING FINDS album.

JULIE GLUEPOT 1977 Julie_Gluepot-476828767-large s-l1600 (2)

3 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids 46 – Movie Edition

  • jimc

    Great finds, Richard. I esp. loved the smiling Mona Freeman in Dear Brat as a very good spanking pose (she was smiling in the other one as well but this seemed to be better positioned and a woman seemingly enjoying her spanking is a great turn-on for me as well. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great day.

  • Richard Windsor

    Jim, I don’t recall another spanking pose where Mona is smiling. These are the ones that I have from Dear Ruth and Dear Brat.

  • jimc

    Hi Richard, Maybe it was wishful thinking . I seemed to remember her expression as more smiling, but the picture you have is the one I remember and it just seemed different (maybe the magazine I saw it in was one that had cheered me up and it carried over to enjoying that pic) I often get happier after seeing some really great otk pics and some magazines do seem brighter and cleaner than some others and that may have caused my recollection to be more than it was. Thanks for the link to the original post I do enjoy going back and seeing your older entries as I do sometimes remember them when I did 1st visit your site as a lurker not as a commenter. Have a great day.


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