Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 33

Quick note,  if you are filling in the form for a free video,  make sure you leave a proper email address. So far I have had two people not leave a proper address to send them the video.

So I am back for my regular Sunday posting and this week we are going back to 1972 for yet another spanking pic from the play  “We Dude It”

In this one it appears that the spanker is fully aware how to dish out a spanking,  perhaps she had some personal experience. A solid flat palm applied to the fleshiest part of the bottom.

This will be added to my WE DUDE IT spanking folder. Also check out my vintage blog for the 97th entry of vintage sorority spankings. And please remember,  if you are taking my finds to share,  a little courtesy of a link back never goes amiss 🙂

wedudeit fairfax 72

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