Interview With Ophelia De Havilland - Part 4

I’m trying to take a break from the funeral arrangements for my brother which,  to be quite frank with you,  have overwhelmed me emotionally this week. It is so frustrating not being able to do certain things myself and having to rely on my brother’s friends. Like I said though,  I’m taking a break from that so let’s get to some spanking stuff.

Ophelia De Havilland  –  Part 4

Heaven forbid it has been two years since I last posted a portion of this interview series,  and there are about 12 or 13 portions in total. As it had been so long I contacted Ophelia to make sure that she was still happy with me continuing the series. Thankfully she was!! Well,  happy in as much as she stated that I probably needed a trip over her knee to help me with my future concentration. See what I have to deal with just for you guys?  “Over ones knee”  indeed!!

Threats aside,  I was able to complete part 4 of the interview. My goal is to configure part 5 either tonight or tomorrow. In this section we are just about to move on to the fun spanky side of the conversation so this is what we are setting up as we talk. There is a discussion/question about people who switch that neither of us could answer,  and we also talk about Ophelia’s unique tribute page.

You can find the first 3 parts of the interview by clicking below to catch up. They are well worth it if I don’t mind saying as Ophelia talks about her strict upbringing.

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Interview Part 3

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 68

So I said that I was going to be on hiatus,  but at the moment I am sat at home twiddling my thumbs. Obviously there will be periods in the upcoming weeks where I will have to disappear,  but as of tomorrow I have to get back to a normal routine and I will be returning to work.

There’s no doubt that I am totally gutted to lose my brother. We’ve been through the loss of both of our parents and also that of our little brother,  so we were all that remained. I anticipated a long and fruitful time left with my brother and we had made plans to go to Iceland in March and then we were going to try and go to the Rugby world cup in Japan next year. It still hasn’t hit me yet I don’t think,  if you know me personally then you will know how close my brother and I were,  I’m at a total loss.

The people in the UK have been fantastic,  as I am my brother’s only kin I have to make all of the arrangements remotely from America. Today I contacted the coroner’s office and also the funeral director’s to get this process underway. Now it is just a matter of working out the final details. My brother’s mates have been outstanding and I have asked his real close friends to be in the family car with me on the day of the funeral. I’m going to have to rely on them to clear my brother’s apartment for me.

Fortunately I had saved up for a trip to Japan this year so thankfully I can afford the funeral and the flights/accommodation etc. I will set my sights on Japan for 2019 now. This will be my first time in England since 2002.

So I will keep posting,  though I may not be as verbose with what I post as I am sure you will understand.

This week’s pic is from the play CHILD WONDER,  and in this copy it is from Orrville,  OH in 1954. That is the date that is on the publication that I sourced. Mainstream spanking also has the same photo,  though a different copy from a different source with the correct date of publication in 1953.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder where you will find my other Child Wonder photos.

Streetcar Sundays –85

I’m afraid that the photo this week isn’t going to go down as a classic,  but I also can’t lie. Despite the pic being a very bad copy,  there’s just something about it that really catches my attention.

I’ve studied it a lot trying to put my finger on it,  and as you will see in the second of the two photos that I have tried to increase the visibility of the image. Unfortunately this will be one that I will have to keep in my back pocket until I can find a much clearer photo of this spanking.

I think what it is,  is that even though this is a spanking on a couch,  her legs are still prone in the air,  perhaps that is the one thing that caught my attention in this photo. It could be that as I gave my FIRST EVER SPANKING while I was seated on a couch,  that the photo has touched some distant memory. Anyway,  I’m sorry for the quality,  however,  I personally like what we can see in the structure of the image below. The photo is from Littlestown,  PA in 1955.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

The spankee,  Suzy Harner

Birthday Spankings

Last week I turned the grand old age of 55 years old. Fifty Five,  man,  that is such a high number,  lol,  the next big one is 60,  yikes.

During my cull last week I found the following birthday spanking photo from Fresno in California in the year 1941. Yes,  birthday spankings have been around for a long,  long time,  so you are never too old for one. Birthday spankings have always had a great appeal to me,  I’ve written multiple stories on the subject,  I have this HUGE FOLDER of nothing but vintage birthday spankings,  and two of the oldest polls I have are on birthday spankings and they have always had a lot of reader participation. GETTING BIRTHDAY SPANKS and GIVING BIRTHDAY SPANKS.

Here are some of the birthday spanking stories that I have written,  and they are some of my favorite type of stories to write. More playful than serious,  but the birthday spanking always seems to be longer than the girl expected,  and she doesn’t have the same protection on her bottom that she thought she was going to have either. I’m sure that they don’t appeal to everyone,  but I personally love writing them. What are your views on birthday spanking stories?






A lot of my other stories have some aspects of a birthday spanking component to them somewhere in the story,  even if it is just a recollection. I’m always interested in hearing from others on the subject as it is one of my favorite topics.

I’ve not written a story like this yet,  but I also like the idea of a cumulative spanking,  you know like 1 spank,  2 spanks,  3 spanks etc,  all the way up to 30 spanks or whatever the age is.

Anyway,  here is the birthday spanking photo from 1941. It isn’t the clearest image ever,  and it isn’t what you would call a traditional birthday spanking,  but hey,  I like the idea,  spankings for any reason work for me.

Streetcar Sundays – 84

There is a bit of nostalgia tied to the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic this week,  which I will get to shortly.

Before planning my trip to Japan I was waiting for this band to announce their tour dates so that I could see them while I was there. They are a pop-punk band and their audiences are insane,  I really wanted to experience it. They announced their next tour and they will be in Tokyo twice during the original time that I had planned anyway,  but here’s the problem. In the last year and change,  this band has blown up,  their last single went straight in at number 1 on the Japanese charts,  and they have another single coming out next month which I will think will be even bigger. They also just sold out a 12,000 arena,  which is insane because I would watch them online playing to a couple of hundred people. So even though they are playing Tokyo,  there won’t be a chance in hell that I can get a ticket. Regardless though,  I am very happy for them that they hit the big time. I’m going to try the ticket re-seller’s because even if I have to pay 4 times as much,  it is a one off and I doubt if I will ever get the chance again. The girls from the band have cameos in THIS VIDEO where they watch girls from another band get spanked!! I’m serious!!

So on to the spanking pic for this week.

It is fair to say that when I paid $75 the other week for access to an archive,  this photo here was one of the reasons that I justified it. There was a tiny preview image that told me it was there,  and once I found a few other previews I was like I have to join. This photo appeared in The Asbury Park Press in 1952 for the Toms River production of MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS. When I first moved to America in 1987,  I lived just outside of Asbury Park so this became my local paper. The image is huge so click on it to download the full sized version.

Spank Those Flappers

Today I am going back 96 years to the year of 1922 for a story on Flappers being spanked all over the country. The illustration is from 1927 which I first posted on my VINTAGE SITE a few years ago. It is a fun little story that was obviously used to form some type of titillation,  however I also believe that the practices employed within the story were true. As an extra special treat for me they mention an item that rarely gets a mention,  especially nowadays,  in spanking stories. That item is the good old wooden butter pat. I remember many years ago in a vanilla conversation that I was listening in on,  a posh woman  (whose name was Pat ironically)  laughing as she told a quick tale about getting spanked with a butter pat when she was a kid. They come in all shapes and sizes and I have included a photo at the bottom of a few.

Enjoy the story. It appeared in the Washington Times in 1922 and if you click on the article itself,  the image opens up into a big image.


Another Smilin Jack

I left the apostrophe out of the title as they always tend to screw up the post titles.

Last year I posted THIS SMILIN’  JACK spanking cartoon and for 2017 it was the most viewed post of the year. So let’s see if we can double down and make Smilin’  Jack the 2018 champion as well,  eh?

Whenever I get a spanking cartoon my first port of call is over to the database at the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW. Now if you click the link you will see that Web-Ed already has a copy,  actually,  let me rephrase that,  he has a copy that is very similar to this. If you pay close attention to the two copies you will see many differences between the two,  such as his posture,  the spots on her bikini,  the spank sizzles  🙂

Obviously though,  the structure within the two pics is basically the same,  just different versions of the template. Now when I saved the picture back in January I took note of the date the picture was published,  and this version appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Sept 11th,  1952.

SPK Comics has a different version of the same pic/storyline,  and more than likely that version is the one that appeared in the newspaper.

Streetcar Sundays – 83

Is there increased posting happening on the blog of Richard Windsor? Yes,  there is,  and it is likely to continue.

I’ve known that my company was in financial difficulty for some time now,  and this week the ball was dropped. Half of the USA staff were dropped and I’m told that my department of four is being slashed. Funny enough,  two of the team in the UK have already being told,  but they haven’t informed me yet. I just know because I have friends in high places. I’m anticipating a June 1st end date,  perhaps a shade longer if I have to physically close the office.

What it means for me is that I will be self employed for the rest of 2018,  partially in the hopes that my company starts up again in a new form. That is entirely possible. So I’m going to work on the Internet with my referrals,  I’ll be using my SPANKING PICS site primarily for that. Then I will get back to selling the vintage pictures that I sell,  plus I have some money put aside so I want to give the self employment a shot. Regardless of anything else,  I’m still going to Japan. That money is put away,  I will just have more freedom now as to when I go.

Also,  I was thinking about part 2 of the Mother spanks Daughter spanking story,  so I went over to the questionnaire results to have a look at what people wanted. Of course it is very varied,  but 5 people each requested the following scenarios,  Mom spanks Bri,  Mom spanks Elaine,  Tim spanks Elaine. Those were the most requested,  others included Elaine’s mom spanking Tim,  Tim spanking Elaine’s mom,  mom spanking both girls,  someone even requested that Tim fuck Elaine’s mom. Anyway,  your responses have given me some great ideas,  in fact someone even suggested Elaine wear ankle socks,  and why not,  if that makes a spanking scene for you then I will be happy to include it. If you have your own suggestions then the simple questionnaire is at the bottom of THIS LINK.

Now for my weekly MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic. I was torn between one or two different photos but because this one is a hand spanking as opposed to a newspaper then this one wins out this week. I even found another pic last night that looks great,  but I can’t get more than a small version right now that doesn’t show much detail. Hopefully I will be able to find a full sized version along the way.

The photo this week is from San Rafael in California and it is from the year 1952.

At The Movies

It just goes to show,  when you think that everything has been discovered,  something new pops up.

Last night I popped over to EBay as I usually do to see who was selling what,  and I found a spanking scene from a movie that I had not seen mentioned before,  and even better there is a picture to go along with it. Now in the interest of sharing the love,  here is the link to the image being sold. You never know,  by sharing the love we might help the person get a sale. Plus it is always the respectful thing to do.

So the movie is from 1926 and is called Der Provinzonkel. IMDB lists the film as a silent film from Germany. The spankee’s name as you can see from the link is Lotte Lorring,  but it doesn’t mention who the guy using the carpet beater is. So I spent some time looking at the other performers in the film and I am pretty sure that the spanker is Fritz Kampers.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS photo album. Virtually everything in this folder are finds that I made that I believe had not been seen on a spanking blog prior to my posting them,  so there is some pretty good spanking finds in there. Click the photo for the full sized version.


Streetcar Sundays – 82

As I have mentioned,  last week I paid $75 for access to an archive where I was able to find roughly,  so far at least,  25 more pieces to add to my vast archive of rare spanking pics. I believe that it is 15 more that I have been able to add to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS collection,  but for that play from here on in it will be slim pickings. However,  by the time that I am done I expect to have at least 50 different spanking photos,  perhaps more. This is something that I can only do for little bits at the weekend so I still have a lot of searching to go.

One of the good things about the archive is that you can find references to plays,  and then you can take that info to look elsewhere to see if you can find a spanking pic. Also,  I was able to get different versions of the same spanking in a couple of instances.

Now because of the way that I like to run my blog,  I try extremely hard to bring you unseen material,  so if I find something new I then check Harry’s blog to see if he has posted that pic and if so then I put it aside for a later date. One such pic this week is only mentioned in a reference on Harry’s blog,  and that reference is that the girl,  Susan Burton,  may have escaped her spanking as the production of her play was due to take place the day that JFK died. Harry did mention that she may have got a temporary reprieve because of the events of that day.

Well I am happy to report that,  whether it was a reprieve or not I do not know,  Susan did in fact get her overdue spanking!! This is from Chillicothe in Missouri,  though it is not know whether the spanking took place in 1963 or 1964. And here is the evidence for you!! This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS folder.

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