In What May Be My Last Spanking Video.

Honestly, I haven’t decided for sure just yet, but I am leaning heavily towards making my last personal film at ShadowLane. Now let me clarify what I mean by that, I will still be working for other companies when they request my services, and I will continue to upload free videos to Spanking Tube. In fact other than the film I am planning at Shadowlane, I also plan on recording several different free snippets for spanking tube with friends I have made over the years.

Perhaps I can convince a few ladies to take 50 spanks from me and make it a compilation for free on spanking tube. Of course if I did that I would be able to link everyone on my site for those who participate.

Now there are reasons for stopping the making of films for sale. Quite frankly, the first one is simple, I pay the models pretty well by industry standards for the amount of time that I require them for. Bottom line is, I have only just about made the money back for everything I have done, and for the most part the majority of that money has come from the Amber Grey – Schoolgirl Blues DVD. Now I’m not particularly doing this for a financial reward, but the amount of effort that I have to do to promote and sell the DVD’s, to be honest I would rather spend that time dishing out free videos. At the Party next year I will be selling what I have so I am in no doubt that I will see a profit in the end, but I will have more fun doing this for free.

As you will tell from the pictures that I am offering today, I am giving you an idea of the video that I plan to make at Shadowlane, and I will be reaching for my inner pervert : ) I have already made enquiries and I believe that I have the right girl who wishes to do this with me. Remember, this is my own idea and while it may not appear that appealing to a spanking enthusiast, it is the film that I have always wanted to do. I’m not going to lie either, the inspiration for this video has come from my favorite spanking film, and while the story will be different, the concept of the interaction between the players will be inspired by Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy.

My goal is the following. I have a girl in a schoolgirl uniform babysitting for me (told you, I am going to be a pervert) and when I come back to the suite I find her lying face down on the bed reading with her skirt up. After a brief discussion I pay her and she informs me that it is extra money for her upcoming birthday. You know what that leads to and will nothing more than fun, though I may give her double the birthday spanks played through laughs.

Second part to the scene will be the next visit when the girl arrives, she flirts with me and lets me know that it was the only birthday spanking that she got, even going as far as lifting her skirt up to show me her unspanked bottom. The dialogue should be great and will result in her getting a good spanking, still done in fun but this time it will be a proper spanking.

The final scene I haven’t totally decided upon yet, but I am thinking that she arrives and complains about her school grades and that she can’t focus. This is where I steal the Shadowlane idea and have a conversation with her, letting her know that I think she is acting this way because she wants me to spank her. Of course she denies everything, but really doesn’t resist so much when I spank her. This one will not be done for laughs and will end up with a strapping scene at the conclusion. Before the film wraps up there will be a 4th scene which will be a short one and will probably be a PJ scene, and this one will be the girl confessing to me when I get home that she appreciated me taking her to task and of course I will find a way to spank her yet again.

Now I know from the standpoint of an actual spanking film it doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but this is the one thing that I have wanted to do, an actual movie where there is a decent storyline from start to finish. If I make back the money that I am paying the model then I will be more than happy. Not only the model fee but I will also have to buy her panties as I am very particular on that : )

The final piece of news that I have is that I am probably going to be running a free raffle again this Christmas just like I did a couple of years ago. The idea came to me when I won a spanking fantasy football league last year and I got stiffed on the grand prize. It isn’t that I actually wanted the prize, it was actually something that I was going to give away in the raffle anyway. Of course not getting the prize just induced me even further to arrange another free raffle where I will give prizes away and like the last time, I will even pay for the shipping.

My goal will be to collect around 20 prizes or so (if I can keep it to around $100 shipping I will be a happy camper). I haven’t even been through my collection but I know that I have spanking implements that I have never used, some of which are from Cane-Iac. Of course I should have four of my own DVD’s to add into the raffle, but my biggest hope is that other people will contribute something in some way that I can add to the raffle. I’m probably not going to ask anyone to contribute anything, but if people volunteer then I of course will gladly accept any prizes to giveaway.


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  1. Hey Richard, I am sure Kat would be glad to do 50 spanks for the spankingtube compilation at Shadowlane, and I would love to donate one of our DVD’s as a raffle prize if you want me to 🙂 Remind me when you see me there in case I forget, I always am happy to help out with cool things like this! Cant wait to hang out and talk again, man!

    Kyle J.

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