New book from Rachel Kramer Bussel

Now I have received the book in the mail,unfortunately I haven’t finished it yet to do a complete review. That won’t stop this ol’pup though. Rachel has provided everyone with enough material to show the links as to where you can purchase this book,and also a youtube trailer on the book as well.

Once I have finished the book I will write a complete review,and if everything works well I intend for Rachel to be my first real audio interview. Who knows,if I am able to coordinate it within the next 24 hours then maybe,just maybe,I can have an interview for you tomorrow as Rachel goes on her virtual book tour. Book Tour

Actually,I thought my stop was tomorrow but it isn’t until the 5th,which is awesome as it will provide me with a couple of extra days to record an interview with Rachel. Should you wish to purchase the book you can do so right here. Amazon

I am going to have much more to come on this,especially the hope that I have to interview Rachel one on one on audio. Until I update this page though,here is the book preview as told by Rachel herself.

Richard Windsor.

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