The Top Ten Of 2016

It’s that time of year again where I present to you the top ten posts of the year. The results of this are never manipulated,  I don’t put what I want to put in the top ten,  these results are taken directly from my analytics report. The popularity is determined by one factor and one factor alone,  how many clicks a post received throughout the year. This is something that I have done for many years now and I have no issue with anyone  “Piggybacking”  my idea.

Now there are a couple of posts that are always in the top ten as they are landing pages,  so I discount them as they are years old and are pages that search engines choose as a landing page. Classic Mother And Daughter Spanking Pics is one such page. If you are a reader who likes to read from the most popular list in the sidebar,  then that one is always at or near the top,  even though it was posted in 2011.

So what were the most popular posts on this website in 2016? To save room I have reduced the photo size but if you want to see the full sized photos either click on the link to the relevant post or just click on the photo itself.

Number 1:

Every year there is always one post that has significantly more views than the post in second place,  and this year is no exception. This generally occurs when more than one website/blog has credited me as a source of the material they are posting,  and that in itself is a true reflection of the quality of the post in question. It doesn’t always happen,  there are some of my findings that appear in multiple locations with nary a link back,  and sometimes I’m like,  darn it,  that would be an awesome top ten post. Like I said though,  I give you the honest results,  not the made up ones.

Public Deb Number 1:

This was the top post of 2016,  Brenda Joyce getting a spanking in the above named film. What is unique about this is that there has always been a famous spanking pic from this film,  but what I managed to dig up was what I believe to have been an unseen photo to the spanking community. Read More….

Number 2:

Ironically,  the second most popular post of 2016 was the top ten list of 2015,  lol. So if you are keeping count then I guess that should be second,  but as that post is about posts in 2015,  I am going to skip it from the list.

Windsor Wednesday Classic  –  97:

Only the clarity of the photo is stopping this from being an all time classic,  though it is still pretty good. Everything about it is a classic,  the doubled over pose,  bent over one knee,  the leg in the air,  the 1950’s,  if only the photo was clearer. Never mind though,  most everyone else agrees that this is a classic photo. Read More….

Number 3:

Wednesday Special  –  Sara Fields

The photos were taken in 2013,  but I didn’t share them on here until last year. I did so to promote Sara’s new spanking blog that coincided with the release of her first book. If I was to put a list together of my top ten favorite spanking pics that I have taken,  this one would definitely be in there. There are more pics in the link. Read More….

Number 4:

Windsor Wednesday Classics  –  95

As you will probably get an indication as this is the third one in a row,  my Wednesday spanking series is probably the most popular on the blog,  aside from the stories. There isn’t much to this one,  and I certainly wouldn’t have put it in the top ten myself,  however,  these are the results. This is a spanking pic from the 1969 version of the play,  Little Acorns. Read More….

Number 5:

Book Covers:

This is where I probably cut my own throat a little bit. Posts like book covers hold very little interest to me,  so I generally get to a point where I have a batch of them and I stick them all in one post for people who do like them to enjoy. As you can tell from its position,  more people enjoy them than the effort I put in to post them. Anyway,  click the link for a potpourri of spanking book covers. Read More….

Number 6:

The Wittiest:

This one is part of my collection of senior superlatives photos where two teenagers will strike a spanking pose in the 1950’s or 1960’s for the school yearbook. When I started out in this world of ours this is part of the vision that I had,  what I term as  “The innocence of spanking”. While others talk of bare bottom blisterings until there is blood,  I’m personally just as happy with a playful spanking. Read More….

Number 7:

Two Books And A Knick Knack:

See what I mean about cutting my own throat in regards to popular spanking items? Yet another top ten entry featuring spanking book covers,  and I will be very surprised if these two posts that made the top ten weren’t the only two spanking book cover posts that I made in 2016. Read More….

Number 8:

Revisiting Juke Joint:

This is the only video entry in the list this year,  and you are going to have to click the link to watch the video. It is a blaxplotation film from 1947 and it is a very unique one. A young lady gets a LONG spanking from her mom on the seat of her panties with a hairbrush!! Very unique indeed!! Read More….

Number 9:

Windsor’s Sunday Candids  –  48:

Possibly the worst idea in the spanking world,  an electric spanking paddle!! I mean seriously guys,  just take that paddle off it’s contraption and apply liberally to that young lady’s jean clad fanny. Better yet,  flip her over your knee and spank her for Pete’s sake!! Read More….

Number 10:

Interview With Ophelia De Haviland  –  Part 1:

Part of my audio interview series,  this was the first section of three that I posted with an English spanker on one of her trips to the United States. Unfortunately this is yet another project that I have yet to finish as I still have about 5 more sections to edit and post. I’m so far behind on finishing what I need to finish. I’m going to get to them though,  hopefully sooner rather than later,  I just need to get my backside in gear. It really was an awesome interview so if you have time you can listen to it below. While only part 1 made the top 10,  I will include parts 2 and 3 as well should you wish to listen to them.

Interview with Ophelia De Haviland:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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