Revisiting Juke Joint

This was a movie clip that I posted over three years ago that I cut from my personal copy of the film. I was able to pick the film up pretty easily and it came as part of a pack of old films,  the others of which I never did watch. As I posted the new and improved lobby card to this film last week I thought why not reprise the whole spanking clip for those that have yet to see it and are new to my blog.

In this scene from Spencer Williams’  1947 Juke Joint,  Mama Lou  (Inez Newell)  stops her daughter,  Florida  (Katherine Moore)  from eloping and gives her a sound spanking on the seat of her panties with a hairbrush. When I cut it I decided to leave all of the set up portion so that it has a good build up,  Florida even gets a couple of swats with an umbrella prior to the spanking.

3 comments to Revisiting Juke Joint

  • Thanks very much for this post, Rich! I’d seen a bit of that spanking but not the wonderful build-up. I counted, and yes, I did count, 107 swats, heard and seen. 😀 Isn’t it interesting that most of the mainstream movie spanking scenes fade out to the next scene or to the end of the picture with the paddling still in progress? Must be the old showbiz adage, “leave ’em wanting more!” Maybe it’s an editing thing, “cutting on the climax?”

  • Richard Windsor


    The film itself isn’t that bad either. Obviously it is in the blaxploitation era so there are stereotypes, but there is some great dancing in it. As for the spanking, with the off screen spanks it has to be one of the longest scenes in film history, with the added bonus that we are dealing with a hairbrush spanking on the panties, as rare as rare can be!!

  • Charlie

    The ending is like the trailer for the British comedy “Please Turn Over”. The daughter writes a tell-all book. During the trailer, you are hearing the sounds of a spanking as part of the movie is described. At the end you look through the keyhole to see her getting off her father’s lap. The narrator says “As for our author, please DON’T turn over”.


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