Interview With Ophelia De Havilland - Part 1

As you will see from my lack of posts this week, I have been really busy. I was in Boston for three days working like mad, came straight back for a ten hour work day, actually eight hours because I slept for two, lol, and I finished off Friday night by going downtown to interview Ophelia De Havilland.

Now let me start by saying this, I got to the hotel at 6pm and prior to the interview Ophelia and I just sat there sharing stories and laughing our tails off, it was just what I needed after such a long work week. One of the things that we discussed was impressions people form online, and I was no different, I had no idea what to expect based on Ophelia’s website.

So let me say straight away, I don’t know if I have laughed that much in a two hour period for the longest time, Ophelia is a total hoot. A really down to earth person who I would highly recommend you get to know, a very warm lady with a terrific sense of humour. I really wish that I could tell you what we were laughing at but I can’t, I’ll just say that we let our guards down and told stories that you normally don’t tell in public. Seriously, I had such a fantastic time and I really look forward to hanging out with her again, it was a wonderful evening of two Brits sharing stories and having a whale of a time. So if you are in the New York region this week and her website reaches what your needs are, I will give you my word that you will meet one of the nicest people that you could imagine.

Now our interview once I have edited it will be around 90 minutes, which I will try and break down into segments. The first part here was just so that I could get something up for Saturday so that you can get an idea of what is to come. It is going to be a great interview. Once all the segments are up I will then upload the entire file for you all to save.

In this segment Ophelia talks about her own spankings growing up, her brother causing his entire class to get a spanking at school, and she finishes by saying, and I quote  “I would like to think that there are some men, 52 years of age, that have that memory of being spanked by their form teacher”. You all know that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so 5 hours later as I am editing the interview, it dawned on me, I’m 52, lol. The ribbing is all part of the job that I do for you guys so enjoy. 🙂

5 comments to Interview With Ophelia De Havilland –Part 1

  • A great interview and restart to the series,Richard. Ms. Ophelia sounds quite delightful although clearly not someone to cross. Oh,I am a bit older than 52,and do have “that memory.”

    Mitch Philbin

  • Richard Windsor

    I’ll be sure to introduce you then,Mitch 🙂

  • NJSpank

    Great work Richard wonderful interview and she is delightful I would cherish going over her lap for her famous long hand spanking sounds like a small piece of heaven Thanks friend

  • NJSpank

    Brilliant just listened again. I love the memory conversation thanks

  • Richard Windsor

    Thanks for the feedback,Ron,much appreciated!!

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