The Top Ten Of 2015

Let me preface this by stating that I don’t  “Stat whore”. By that I mean at only one time of the year do I look to see how many people came to the blog for the preceding year,  and of course that is this week when I present the top ten of the year.

My goal has always been to present the positive aspects of our chosen lifestyle,  it has been very rare that I have sounded off about anything. A couple of years ago I used to get pretty annoyed that all of my labor and time was being plagiarized,  and that my efforts were being used to make other sites more popular,  but I was finally able to get around that. The whole idea after all is to present to the world something really unique,  and as my goal is for people to see it,  why does it matter where they see it? There are of course ethics involved,  but you can only control how you act.

I’ve always wanted our spanking lifestyle to be seen as a positive which is why I take great efforts to bring enjoyment to people. With the reach that this blog has and the amount of viewers it gets,  I could of course use it for nefarious reasons,  but that isn’t who I am as a person. That perhaps is the number one reason why I left Fetlife,  it got to a point where the hatred and the nasty commentators became too much. I’m 52 years old,  it is just something that I simply do not understand,  how anyone can use the protection of the Internet to act like a fucking asshole. I just don’t get it,  never have and probably never will. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t possibly imagine using this blog to publicly shame someone in the community. Just as well really,  because I write stories and I could spin a yarn as good as anyone and I could make people world famous 🙂

A few years ago there was some guy who used Twitter to besmirch my character,  even though we don’t know each other. Now I’m okay with that on a personal level,  I have thick skin. Of course I didn’t see the purpose behind using the Internet to try and elevate ones self by putting someone else down,  but whatever. Anyway,  that same year I went to Shadowlane,  saw the man in question as he walked across the room,  so I stopped where I was which was in the line of his path. I waited the 30 seconds or so until he reached me and guess what,  nothing,  nada,  zip,  he had fuck all to say to me in person.

In a nutshell,  I think that is why I took such a long break from the spanking community. Ever since I was young,  spanking has been an enjoyable event,  the happy place away from the stresses of daily life. It has always been about fun and the great people we meet. I’m not saying that I like everyone,  and I have no doubt that the feelings are mutual in certain instances. The thing is though,  we are a small community,  but it is big enough for everyone to coexist and have a place in it.

What you have to do as a person is find your niche in the spanking world. Much like a blog,  you find the area that is most suited to you and that is how you present yourself. Some of the biggest problems can normally be attributed to ego issues. Guys not wanting to feel inferior when it comes to their level of play,  and likewise,  girls wishing they could play like other girls.

So let me fill you in on a little secret.

In terms of spanking play,  I’m not a hard player comparatively speaking. So why do I get to play with so many people? Well think about it. Girls know that when they play with me,  I’m not looking to one up anyone. There is nobody that I have to,  or need to impress,  only the girl I am playing with. There are a lot of girls who crave a hard spanking,  and this is the secret that I have for you. As much as they crave it,  they don’t crave it every single time they play,  they don’t crave it the first time that they play with someone new,  they don’t crave it the very first night of a party,  and let me repeat,  when a girl is at a party,  she doesn’t want every experience to be the old fashioned spanking from hell. Why do I get to play with so many girls? Because I give them a simple hand spanking,  fun in nature and something that will give them a rosy glow.

There are girls who I play harder with,  there are girls I have spanked to tears,  and yes,  there are girls who I have spanked very hard indeed. I learnt long ago though,  that doesn’t have to be the goal every time I play,  in fact far from it. Those times should be when the girl has a long established relationship with someone she knows and trusts. Just because a girl can take it,  doesn’t mean she has to take it from you. That’s just friendly advice.

So much for the top ten of the year,  eh? 🙂

Okay,  before I get too carried away,  let’s jump into the top ten posts of the year. The rule for this is simple,  the top ten is decided by how many individual hits each post received in the past year. I do exclude what are known as  “Entry pages”,  these are pages that Google designates as entry points on my blog. Other than the homepage I have two of these pages from years ago that always have triple the amount of other page views,  simply because they are in Google’s list.

Because I had only one spanking experience in the past year,  (well,  prior to December anyway,  I played more in December than I have in the last two years combined)  this years list is pretty devoid of personal experiences which normally top the list each year. Though the one spanking session that I wrote about this year does make the top ten. Surprisingly the list this year is heavily dominated by the rare newspaper articles that I have shared with you all. So here is the list of the Top Ten Posts Of 2015

Number 1:

An Older Woman Spanked

It wasn’t my favorite post of the year by any means,  but this list isn’t about my favorites,  it is about what people came here to see. Normally one post each year is so far ahead of number 2 on the list that it is in a league of its own. That wasn’t the case this year,  the results were much closer but this one came out first. Read more….


Number 2:

Tell Me Whom To Kill

Second this year is one of those rare Ebay pics that I tend to find every so often. This one is a movie still from the film named above. Read more….

Tell Me Whom To Kill 65

Number 3:

Pageant Magazine 1953

This one was one of my favorite pics of the year,  so I was very happy to see it make the list. One of those pics that was found due to my tenacity and flipping through books for hours upon hours. Read more….

paegant magazine 1953

Number 4:

Spankings For Wives

Yet another newspaper clipping,  are you starting to see a trend here? This one goes back to 1948. Read more….


Number 5:

The Real Beverly Hillbillies

Coming in at number 5 is another of the Ebay entries from the past year. Though I don’t have the details,  such as who is getting strapped and why,  it does have all the makings of a birthday spanking. What do you think? Read more….


Number 6:

Pretty Dancer Spanked

Yet another newspaper cutting from years ago,  1925 in fact. This is one of my more in depth posts so I would recommend clicking the link to read the whole story and to see all of the pics accompanying this story. Read more….


Number 7:

A Different Time

On a personal note,  this was my favorite find of the year. In fact it was only posted in November,  so there is a pretty good chance that had it have been posted earlier in the year,  it might well have been the most viewed post on the site for the year. As it is though,  it at least makes the top ten so that we can get a second showing of it. Read more….


Number 8:

Hanging With Pixie

So my only real life tale from 2015 made it into the top ten,  which I am thankful for because it is a one of a kind pic,  a spanking with the Empire State Building in the background. I will be surprised if another one exists anywhere. This is another post where you should click the link as this is a story of the day that Pixie and myself spent in New York City. Pixie is just about the very best that the spanking world has ever produced,  as any of you who have EVER had the fortune to meet her will know,  even sweeter and warmer than her on screen persona. She is definitely one of the nicest people I have ever met and I am so fortunate to have her as a friend. Read more….


Number 9:

Are You There

Once again,  another picture of what I believe I am most famous for,  the ultra rare,  never before seen spanking pics. This time it is an old movie still which to my knowledge was a new entry to the screen spankings category. Read more….

Are You There OGLA BACLANOVA Spanked

Number 10:

A Collection Of Movie Spankings

Only posted two weeks ago,  but already seen by nearly 3000 people  (not including those who enter through the main page)  in that short time. This is another post that you should click the link on as there are 7 spanking pics in total that are included in this post. Once again,  all rare copies of which many will be new to you. By the time this one is done it will have over 5000 individual hits,  so there is a potential that this post might make the tail end of the 2016 top ten as well. We will see how it goes. Read more….


So there you have it guys,  one more year in the books of bringing you the rarest spanking pics that I can find. As I enter my tenth year of blogging be sure to hang around. I already have enough rare pics to post for years to come,  and I always find more than I can post every year as it is anyway. Plus,  I am back in the spanking fold having attended the SSNY Christmas party and a private party on New Years Eve. In a few weeks I will be going back to Las Vegas where I hope that I can grab a couple of spanking pics to share with you all from the 50 freaks weekend. Then of course we have the BBW weekend in April and there is also a certain friend of mine who has an appointment with the hairbrush outside of the parties,  and I think that you all know who she is 😉

Thank you for all of your support this past year as with years previous,  a happy new year to you all and I look forward to sharing my collection with you again in 2016.


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  • KB

    I just have to say… I have met Pixie and I totally agree you. She has to be one of the nicest and sweetest people I know. She has become a very dear friend of mine as well.


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