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And so year 10 of this blog begins. Before I share with you seven unique book covers,  I will just give you a rundown of my Christmas week from pretty much a vanilla perspective.

Every year on Christmas day I do one thing,  which is something that I rarely get to do. I pick up one of my DVD collections and I binge watch it. Honestly,  I have about 20 DVD boxsets that I have yet to get through,  or even start for that matter. Most of them are British shows that you can’t get in America,  or if you can they are imports that will only play on a PC.

Yesterday I was trying to decide between Peaky Blinders and The Accused. Due to the violence in the former I decided that I would go with The Accused instead,  and man alive was that a good choice.

Now I haven’t finished all ten episodes yet,  it is a bit tough with a days worth of Premiership football today and then American football tomorrow where I am attempting to win my first crown in a 24 team dynasty league. Reached the final for the second year in a row and it will hurt this year if I don’t win it. Ironically this years final is a repeat of last year,  however my opponent lost two star players last week so this weeks matchup is about as even as can be. In a nutshell for me,  if Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson play lights out tomorrow then I will be in very good shape.

Anyway,  going back to The Accused. The premise of each episode is that they show you the defendant in the dock about to be sentenced,  and then they show you the events that led them to that point. In every episode there is a legitimate reason why the people do what they do that leads them to where they are,  but,  are the reasons legitimate enough to warrant them committing a crime? Episodes two and three were particularly enthralling,  and I guessed the verdict incorrectly in both of them. It is acting of the highest degree though with an all star cast of British talent. In fact if you are an Anglophile then I couldn’t recommend it any higher.

The only one that I didn’t get was the episode with Andy Serkis. Don’t get me wrong,  Andy Serkis is a brilliant actor  (Check him out playing Ian Dury in Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll)  and he played this role very well,  but his story is that he plays a creepy assed stalker whose crime begins by robbing the object of his desire to give his daughter a present. Compared to all of the other episodes,  it is like the lamest story line to commit a crime to start with,  but then the constant stalking is so creepy and you have no sympathy whatsoever for him like you do the other defendants. I think what the premise is,  like it is for all of the other episodes,  it revolves around how the actions of one person completely destroys the lives of their victims and more importantly,  their own families through their own selfish acts,  even if they think that they are doing it for their family. An exception perhaps is episode three where the lady herself is pretty much the victim throughout.

There are pretty much no Hollywood endings,  even in the cases where the defendant is found not guilty,  they have already destroyed a family somewhere. In fact the strongest part of each episode is seeing the defendants family and the victims family in the courtroom prior to the verdict,  which at times includes a victims statement.

Very powerful stuff and I highly recommend it.

Anyway,  enough of the vanilla stuff,  now it’s time for seven spanking book covers 🙂

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