Wednesday Special

Normally on Wednesday’s I post one of the classic pics from my collection, but today will be a little bit different, though you will still get three classic pics. This difference this time though, the pics are from my private collection, two of which have not been posted here before.

A friend of mine has started a new blog and she is someone who I have known and played with many times over the years, the real deal so to speak. You can find here new blog here SARA FIELDS  – DIARY OF AN EROTIC SPANKING AUTHOR.

Now, I do have some spanking pics with Sara, but before I share them, I want you to promise me that you will visit her blog by clicking the link above, a fair trade, right?

Sara has two novels out which I encourage you readers to buy. A Gift For The King was released on January 22nd. You can read an excerpt by clicking on the title and when you are on Sara’s site you can buy the book by clicking on it in the sidebar.

Sara’s first book, Claimed By The General was released on December the 1st of last year. Again, click on the highlighted text to read an excerpt from the novel and like the book above, you can click on the title in the right sidebar to buy it. Each Kindle book is less than $5 each so it should reach the budget of most people.

What can you expect from the books though? I have to be honest, I haven’t read them myself yet, but, I have read Sara a few times. If I was a betting man, I’m going to guess that the picture below of Sara herself should give you some indication of what to expect in the written word.


I’m actually surprised that I hadn’t posted that pic on my blog before. Obviously I meant to as I put my name on it. The reason for that of course is that I don’t want anyone laying claim to my intellectual property and making it their own. It is on both of our Fetlife profiles but I forgot to put it on here. So it should come as no surprise that the OTK hand spanking that preceded the blindfolded strapping is also a new pic for you all.


Remember the whole purpose of this post though, which is for you to visit Sara’s site to read about her own journey in the spanking world and to support her work by giving her books a look to see if you are interested in buying them.

There are numerous pics of Sara on this site, just click this link which will show you all of the posts that she features in on my site. In fact Sara features in one of my favorite pics that we took at a SSNY party one year. It was taken like a spanking selfie in a very cramped space, but the picture came out awesome.


3 comments to Wednesday Special

  • Thanks so much for having me! I love that first shot so much! It’s says so much in such a simple pose. Talk about a wild ride,that session…*wink

  • Dan

    Hi Richard…As always,I appreciate your stories and your pictures,and the pics of you and Sara Fields that you posted today are high class and professional. But I cannot recommend a spanking picture where the FACE of the spankee is so obviously HIDDEN from view. The pic with you sitting on your couch and spanking Sara over your knee,is almost an insult to the viewer. She is so determined not to show her face that she turns her head AWAY from the camera and ruins what would have been a quality pic.

  • NJSpank

    Thanks for the great post and referral

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