Windsor Wednesday Classic – 97

I’m going to try super hard not to mention my busy schedule,  after all,  who wants to hear the same story over and over and over again? 🙂

Before I start this week,  I do want to share something that tickled me pink this week. Being British,  we have a very unique sense of self deprecating humor. As an example,  for the uniformed top event at Boardwalk Badness next week I am going dressed as  “The Fatman Of The Opera”. Anyway,  last week I asked for opinions on my interview series and I got the feedback I expected. They weren’t for everyone but the majority liked them. But wait a minute,  it didn’t stop there,  oh hells no. Since the question was asked and everyone submitted,  almost daily I now get a  “No”  vote,  even though it was last week. Even better than that,  in answer to the question  “How can they improve”,  a week after the poll finished,  someone responded  “By not doing them”. I don’t know why,  but it made me laugh so much. I’m not sure if it is the pettiness that made me laugh,  the keyboard warrior? Whatever it was,  it totally made my day.

It reminded me of one of the funniest things I have seen written. On spanking tube one day I was having a disagreement with someone when all of a sudden an anonymous character appeared,  and their line was a classic…

“Hey Windsor,  I’ve seen your videos,  they would make an insomniac a narcoleptic”

I have this sick sense of humor,  you have no idea of the enjoyment I derive from such behaviour 🙂

Anyway,  onto this weeks spanking classic!!

Unfortunately I don’t have a year,  but I am going to take a pretty good stab at this being a traditional 1950’s spanking. Notice how the woman isn’t exactly protecting her bottom,  rather she is exhibiting some rather normal behaviour. Namely that of preventing her skirt being raised in public.

I’m going to stick this one in my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album as it fits what most of the other ones in that album look like.


And for those of you who like unedited versions of the pics,  unless of course you are the ones editing them and then that apparently is okay 🙂  Here is the full version that you will need to click on to see.



2 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 97

  • jimc

    I love the picture as she is laughing while getting spanked and even though she is making sure her skirt stays down I do think it is a great spanking. Thank you for taking time from your hectic schedule to share it with us. We do really appreciate it. Have a great day.

  • NJSpank

    Love this pic and her position
    Thank you


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